Friday, August 6, 2010

Splendid, Phase 5

I think I'll try to post some more China pictures tomorrow, but for today it's time for an update on my stitching project. So here's what it looks like right now:

Picture quality isn't the greatest, but you get the idea. I now have 22,524 stitches done out of a total of 34,144, so I am just shy of 66% complete. I decided to finish the mountains after my last post, so now the top four pages of the 12-page pattern are all 100% done. The mountains seemed to take *forever* because there are so many color changes, but I finally got them done. It was fun to watch them take shape as I worked on them, and to see how the grays and purples would work with the greens and yellows.

I started a little bit on the orange groves that will be in between the mountains and the foreground, but that's another section that will take quite a while to finish due to all the color changes. So next I'm going to do the foreground, which should go pretty quickly as it's only five or six different colors over a fairly large area. I already started some of that last night while Lee was playing Super Mario Brothers on the Wii; that pretty large patch of green in the bottom center is what I did last night (we were up way too late). But anyway, the foreground will be a nice break from the complication of the mountains and the orange groves. Once both of those sections are done, I'll go back towards the left and finish the leaves and then (finally) stitch in the oranges.

In case you're curious, you can see my previous progress posts here:
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I'm kind of amazed at how fast it's coming along, but then again, that explains why I haven't done much stamping at all lately :) I have been doing some reading though, thanks to my friend Sarah who is totally batting a thousand with her book recommendations. She's the one who introduced me to the Percy Jackson series (the movie is okay, the books are fantastic so I treated myself to the hardcover boxed set); and thanks to her I've also read Princess Ben and Bewitching Season, both of which I enjoyed thoroughly. It's wonderful to have a friend who is interested in the same kinds of books that I am; I tend towards the fantasy genre with quite a bit of sci-fi thrown in there (although my sci-fi is mostly Star Wars and Star Trek, I'm a geek and not afraid to admit it). Seems like lately I've been reading a lot of YA type stuff too, but who doesn't read Harry Potter? ;)

But anyway, I need to get up and get moving today. My goal for the day is to design Sarah's baby announcements (since he's now two weeks old) and maybe, if I'm lucky, design my Christmas cards too. Not much time to get those done since we're leaving the island before the end of September and all my stamping stuff will be packed up for a few months until we arrive in England. *And* I won't be able to to do much (if any) stitching, stamping, or reading really next weekend since we're climbing Mount Fuji. Wish me luck.


CCsMom said...

Wow, that is really something. Those mountains look just like the ones above Porterville.

Just got in from a wedding (Barry and Heather - Devlin's brother). It is absolutely raining buckets. Adam took his Vette so they could get pictures driving away in it, but here he has it OUT IN THE RAIN, completely detailed.

I said tonight that I can't wait for you to come to Texas! We will have a grand time. Love you!!! Mom

Giffysk8s said...

Christy, this is so pretty! Love the mountains~such pretty colors. Now if I only I were making any progress at all on my Degas. Haven't touched it since the end of June, and I'm not sure when I will. This "let's fix up the house thing" has turned into one big project after another. Whose idea was it anyway? LOL

So you're leaving by the end of September? Yikes! Have you been seeing any I'll-die-without-you dolls that I simply must have before you leave? And don't go looking for it, but if you happen to come across a pretty box, let me know. It may be my last chance ever to add it to my boxes-from-around-the-world collection.

Happy weekend!

Giffysk8s said...

BTW, I love your mom's profile pic!