Sunday, August 29, 2010

Warp Speed Ahead, Mr. Sulu!

Wow, Mom was faster that time than I was :) I said I wouldn't post again until she commented, and then she wrote back to me faster than I expected her to. Hehe!

At any rate, I'm back with some more China pictures; we're down to the last few posts now with these I think. Today I'll be sharing a lot of pictures from the Forbidden City, which were mostly taken while we were still moving because our terrible tour guide wouldn't let us stop for anything, not even to buy souvenirs (unless we wanted to buy the junk *he* was peddling!) We'd run through some parts and then stop and just stand for several minutes, which was weird...but it did let us get a few artsy pictures while people were taking potty breaks or whatever was going on to make us stop. Of course, You Don't Know Jack told us absolutely *nothing* about what we were looking at, so this post is pretty much going to be lots of pictures and little chatter from me. So let's get going.

Missy and Bennet in one of the gabillion courtyards you have to walk through before you even get to the Forbidden City.

We stayed in this courtyard for a long time (compared to the rest of the "tour") so Lee was able to take a few artsy shots. Pretty neat, huh? I love photos where you can see reflections in the water.

Proof that Lee and I were there :)

And that we walked a lot. Jack kept telling us that there's a problem with pickpockets so my backpack turned into a front-pack. Not that I had anything more valuable in there than our stash of TP.

We found a big green shishi dog!

And then Lee took a picture of our butts. When my parents visited us in 2008, Mom kept lagging behind and taking all these butt shots, so Lee figured he should get one of the rest of us in China. You can add this one to your collection, Mom! I think it's extra funny that our heads are cut off.

Another humongo courtyard.

Hm, this one came out a little too dark...

'Cause I like dragons.

Rooftop guardians!

Once we passed through most of the buildings and courtyards, we found ourselves in a small garden area, which is where the next few pictures were taken.

So there you have it, folks. You now know everything about the Forbidden City that I do, which is to say pretty much nothing other than it's huge and don't go there with a tour guide named Jack.

In other news, WE HAVE A TYPHOON ON THE WAY!!!!!! I'm so excited. I just want to say I've been through a typhoon is all, and I pretty much figured it wasn't going to happen given that we only have 23 more days left on the island. So yay!

Yes, I know I'm crazy, and I'm okay with that.


CCsMom said...

You know what they say -- be careful what you wish for. Hopefully you won't be totally blown off the island before your expected DEROS. You are too much.

Any my butt shots were not really butt shots -- they were BACK shots -- I never did focus in on the derriere (spelling?!!!) So there -- it was just that I caught you guys going forward ahead of me -- that's all. And besides, when do we get to see ourselves that way? Just so long as we aren't the subject of one of those "Look how fat America is getting" news shots where they cut people's heads off. How humiliating would that be?!!!

So looking forward to seeing you guys! Love you!

Giffysk8s said...

Well, YOUR butt shots are nothing to worry about! MY butt shots would be another matter entirely.

Jack needs to get another job. :)

Can;t wait to hear about the typhoon!

Giffysk8s said...

BTW, this is my favorite blog entry post title EVER!!!

Liz Guidry said...

I love the picture of the green shisha (sp?) dog! That will look great on a scrapbook page.