Friday, September 3, 2010

The Last of the China Pictures

You read that right, this is my last post of China pictures! So after we did the whirlwind tour of the Forbidden City, we went to lunch at this restaurant inside a hotel and had Peking Duck (not bad) and kind of crashed a wedding reception that was going on in the restaurant at the same time (kind of weird). Then the group was supposed to go tour a silk factory, but since we'd already done that (remember, it was one of the first things I posted about like three months ago) we decided to peel off and get a cab back to our hotel. By this time I had the cold that Bennet started out with and then shared with the rest of us, so I pretty much crashed in the hotel room while the other three did their own tour of the Summer Palace. So since I didn't get to go with them, your guess is as good as mine as to what's going on in some of these pictures.

**Edit** See how much I missed out on since I didn't go on this excursion...this is the Temple of Heaven, not the Summer Palace. None of us got to go to the Summer Palace. Oops!

Lee did say that after all their goofing off for the cameras, all the Chinese people standing around thought they were totally awesome and wanted to have their pictures taken with them. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures on our camera with the Chinese people who thought that Lee and Bennet were so funny, so all I have to go on is their word that that's what happened.

While we were in Beijing, we also hit up the Hard Rock Cafe:

Twice. You Don't Know Jack could not understand why on earth we'd want to go to the Hard Rock Cafe so we had to ask someone else to write down the name of it in Chinese so we could hand it to a cab driver to get there. (The only reason we tipped Jack at all at the end of our trip was so he wouldn't screw us over on our transportation back to the airport...otherwise, he woulda gotten nothing. We did write to the tour organizers after the fact and tell them exactly what we thought of YDKJ.)

The first time we went to the Hard Rock, Lee didn't come because he wasn't feeling well, so that's why we went back a second time. That, and after more than 10 days in China, a good ol' fashioned hamburger was pretty much heaven.

They had a live band called the Hurricanes both nights we went; they were pretty good. I do have to say that we were all totally riveted by the music videos they played until the band went onstage; there's a lot of those that I haven't seen since they quit playing music videos on MTV and VH1 like back in the '90s ;)

So there's me and my honey, and that's it for China! 'Cause I don't think we took pictures in the airport on the way back.

Oh, and by the way, *I* won the All-China Uno Tournament! Then Lee totally hammered us when we played Uno on our Fuji trip. :)


Giffysk8s said...

LOVE the pics of Lee being Goofy! Also love the last photo of your and your sweetheart. You are sooo cute together!

The sign with the panda and the guitar is way cool! Did you get a shirt there? We always get Hard Rock shirts for Keaton. Do you want a Boston one?

WOO HOO about the Uno tournament! Glad you won. That almost makes up for the bruised bum on Mount Fuji!

So now that you are done with your China and Fuji pics, what are going to post next? Can't wait to see!

CCsMom said...

So . . . you both look whipped in this last picture. Whew! World-wind trip of China, but how cool is that?!!!

Can't wait to see you. I think your next pictures will be Sayonara, Okinawa, or of the POOP (Peace Out Okinawa Party). Then comes the US pictures. You'll have to change your blog then . . . oh, now I'm getting sad.

Love you, love you!

Thoughts by B and M said...

After a long day with YDKJ, I'm amazed that all we could come up with were static movements in front of this temple! just felt good to be FREE from his grip on us at the Forbidden City! :)

And yes, the Chinese who wanted to take the boys pictures - were ladies and they were giggling the WHOLE time :p

Amber Hight said...

LOL you goober, I'm LOL'ing about your comment:D