Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hawaiian Sunset and Pearl Harbor

As promised, here we go with some Hawaii pictures. After a very long day/night/whatever of flying, we arrived in Honolulu on a Tuesday morning, and then we had to figure out a way to amuse ourselves until we could check into our room at 3 p.m. So we ate lunch and drove around a bit. We both took a nap after we finally got into our hotel room, but Lee woke up early enough to go take some sunset pictures while I was still comatose.

Our hotel was right on Waikiki and had its own private beach, which was awesome.

Unfortunately we didn't get out there to take sunset pictures any of the subsequent days we spent on the island. Lee did take quite a few pictures that first day but I figured I'd just share a couple :)
Our first full day in Hawaii, we woke up kinda early and drove out to Pearl Harbor, which was the main thing I wanted to see. We watched a video about the attack on Pearl Harbor (and if I'm not mistaken, it was narrated by Stockard Channing or else someone that sounds just like her) and then we took a boat ride out to the USS Arizona Memorial:

The white building is the memorial; it straddles the sunken ship so you can look off either side and see it right below the surface.

It still leaks about 2 gallons of oil a day, so I was kind of surprised how many fish we saw (although of course we didn't really get any photos of the fish, so you'll have to take my word for it).

This wall is engraved with all the names of those who died who were serving on the Arizona the day Pearl Harbor was attacked, most of whom are still in the ship. They do a neat thing for the Arizona survivors though; if the person wishes to be entombed on the Arizona after death, they'll send a diver down to deposit the ashes on the ship.

View from the other side of the memorial, and you can still see the rainbow from the oil in the water.

Lee took this when we got on the boat to go back to shore. Next up, we toured the USS Bowfin, a submarine.

We only took a few pictures from the top deck of the submarine, none on the inside. Just trust me when I say that it was so cramped in there, I'm glad I never served on one!

More Hawaii pictures to come in the next few days. :)


Thoughts by B and M said...

Yes! Hawaii pictures! LOVE that you visited Pearl Harbor! Can't wait to see the ones from the Helio Ride! :)

Lee said...

I got a really cool picture as we were leaving the Arizona Memorial where there is clear blue sky in a circle directly over the US flag and pole...looks like a perfect halo. Christy pointed it out to me, thought she would post that one, if any.

You'll like the helo pictures...1 word...rainbows!

jokinz said...

My hubby and I honeymooned in Hawaii and we visited Pearl Harbor as well. It was a very sobering experience.

Beautiful place to visit; horrible plane ride from the mainland! Our favorite day was when we rented a motorcycle and toured the entire island. Got to see more than just the touristy stuff that way. Also, I got to see a jackfruit in person down in Chinatown which made me very happy!

Is there still a guy that hangs around Waikiki making spray paint art? That was pretty cool too.

Zeus and Twinkle Haskins said...

I just love that place. WOW, you guys get to go to England now. How wonderful. When are you headed that way? We will be in Fort Worth for the week of Thanksgiving, will you be there then?