Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mike, Jack, and Sam

ETA: So Missy sent me the group photos from Sam's by the Sea and for some reason I *cannot* move them to the bottom of this post! I'm tired of arguing with it, so here they are out of order. :p Skip the first two photos, read the rest of the post, and then come back up here, k? 'Cause that's easier than trying to fix it ;)

Greg, me and Lee, and then below you have the last group photo of the four of us Baylorites.

K, so, if you don't want to be confused, start reading HERE!

Since Mom left me a comment already, I figured I'd post the last of my Okinawa pictures. So, my last day at work I didn't have a whole lot going on and I figured I might as well try to build a castle out of Starburst. Here's my first attempt:

The tower on the right kept falling down. I thought maybe that's because I left it open in the middle, so I built a new castle where I filled in the middle with more Starburst, but this one ended up kinda reminding me of the Alamo:

Except, obviously, this one doesn't have a basement *sly wink* By the time I left work that Friday afternoon, my (now former) coworker Dave was already deconstructing the Alamo for use as a snack. Heh. I willed Connie the contents of the Willy Wonka drawer (I was somewhat famous for having a ginormous drawer full of candy and other snack foods. This is why people were so nice to me at work!).

So what did we do the last week or two that we were on Okinawa? We ate out. A lot. I think we did the gustatory tour of Okinawa, and now my pants don't fit. Lee and I went to Mike's Tex Mex one day, and then I went again the very next day with Missy and Amber after our pedicure at Cocok's:

Know what I'll miss about Japan? Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty on toilet paper. This was at Mike's Tex Mex, cracks me up. Lee says he still just doesn't understand the whole thing with Hello Kitty...I almost got a Hello Kitty Hard Rock shirt in Tokyo just because that does scream Japanese to me, but then I got the regular one instead. Anyway. After Mike's, we went to Jack's, where they light your dinner on fire.

Big fire. :) Think he did it because I asked for mine to be cooked well done? Really, it only stays lit for a minute, so I did pretty good getting that photo. I think it's cool how you can see our chef behind the flames, too.

See, Missy and I were happy to be there. Bennet and Lee, on the other hand...

I don't know, maybe their golf game sucked that morning? Or maybe they're just guys.

The last Sunday night we had on Okinawa, we went to Sam's by the Sea with Bennet, Missy, and our friend Greg who has never appeared on the blog before. Lee and I both worked with him and he was kind enough to drive us to the airport when we left the island. So anyway, we all went to Sam's and Lee's hair caught fire.

Can't stand too close to the tiki torches, dude. Missy and I both got some kind of drink, I forget what it was called but it came with a piece of sugarcane in it, which was kinda fun and interesting to chew on.

Wonder if it counts as fiber, 'cause it tasted kinda fiber-y. Hm. Anyway, no matter what entree you get at Sam's, you get their soup and salad as well, so by the time your entree arrives you already feel like a stuffed turkey. Lee and I always laughed a bit because the waitress always makes sure that the icons on the soup bowls are facing the right way, and then they'll ask you if you want croutons in which case you get three. No more, no less. One time Lee got four and I think the waitress wanted to fish the extra one out but couldn't figure out how to do it without us noticing.

See, here's my regulation soup bowl with the regulation three croutons. I think it's some kind of gingery curry type something or other...whatever it is, it's good. I generally hate curry, and I still liked this soup.

So there's Lee and Greg. I'm thinking Missy must be the only one who got a group photo of all of us at Sam's, because I don't have one. I'm gonna have to email her for that...

So that's it, that's our last few photos from Okinawa. *sniffle* I will miss the island, I can tell you that. It's in the low 70s here in Texas and already I'm wanting to break out all my long-sleeve shirts. I'm going to freeze my bootay off when we get to England...


Sparkle said...

I had to laugh about the toilet paper! The food looks delicious!

Giffysk8s said...

Emma would LOVE that tp! I am surprised it's in Japan. I thought it was more of a Korean thing.

Looks like you had fun eating out! I am ROFL that you are cold in the 70s! In new England, people start wearing shorts and t-shirts as soon as it hits 50. After months of temps in the teens or even lower, 50 feels balmy!

You so should have made Lee "drop and roll" like we were taught to do in elementary school. Those would have been some funny pics! He's lucky nobidy doused his head with water. Hee hee.

I especially love your Starburst castle, though I was shocked, actually, NOT to see any Hershey's caramel kisses used as the spires on top! Guess you must have eaten those. LOL

Thoughts by B and M said...

LOVELY picture of us at Jack's Place...haha...good times though.

CCsMom said...

Yum! Yeah, well, we're eating our way through Texas now. So far I've been able to maintain the 15 pounds I lost before Christy got here. Not sure how, though. So glad she's here!