Monday, October 4, 2010

Revenge of the Cocok's Toe Photos

Seems like it's been forever since I updated this blog, doesn't it? Well, it's been a bit topsy-turvy for the last month or so what with moving out of our house on Okinawa, staying in Hawaii for a few days, and arriving in Texas. Then Lee and I were only here (here being Texas) for a few days before we had to drive to North Carolina since that's where Lee will be from now until the beginning of December to take a class. I, meanwhile, flew back to Texas yesterday and will be staying with my parental units until we move to England. Mom calls me her "boomerang daughter" but she seems to like having me here nonetheless.

So anyway, since Lee gave me the external hard drive with all our pictures on it (except no China jpegs, all I have is the raw photos from that which might make it difficult to upload those to a website so I can order prints, but I'll just ask Lee about that, I can ramble) I figured I'd catch up on posting pictures from our last couple of weeks on Okinawa. And of course, where else can I start but with the Cocok's with the Silent K toe photos? Turns out I was a little far behind on posting these, so I've got several. First up are my Wonder Woman toes!

That's Amber on the left, Missy on the right, and me on the bottom. We had these done in June I think, which is why we all went with red, white, and/or blue. Then I went back on July 5th with Connie and Amy from my work, and I got pretty pink daisy toes:

I really liked those, they were pretty and frilly and honestly more springy than summery. Next up, Amber and Missy and I did Mystery Toes again but Missy was the only one who took pictures of all three feets, and then Bennet DELETED the photos! But I did take one of just my toes by themselves, this design was one of my favorites ever:

After Missy dragged me part of the way up Mount Fuji (haha), Amber and I had our toes done (Missy would have gone but she couldn't make the appointment and had to cancel at the last minute).

Amber helped me pick out the lime green toes. Sorry there's so much glare on them, that was the best picture I had. What's funny is I have tan lines on my feet from those sandals since I wore them to Tokyo Disney Sea, you can kind of see the lines when I got Skittles toes!

I loved these, I thought they were fabulous. I don't have a picture of Amber's and Missy's, but we all got the same design. I got all the different colors (which is how it shows up in the book), Amber got hers all purple and Missy's were all pink. I think Missy posted a photo of how all three turned out together on her blog.
Which brings me up to the last time I got to have my toes done at Cocok's with the Silent K. *sniffle* Amber, Missy, Sarah and I went for my last trip on the last Saturday that we were on Okinawa.

I wanted to take more than just toe photos this time so I made sure to snap a few pictures while we were there.

Ready to see what we got????

That's Sarah on the left, and my Mystery Machine toes (a la Scooby Doo!) on the right:

And here are all four of us...well, our toes at any rate:

Amber on the left (really sorry that I didn't get a better photo of her design, it was pretty cool), Missy's Reese's Pieces toes on the top, Sarah on the right and mine on the bottom.

Hey look, I even had a photo taken with all our faces and not just our toes! Ladies, I miss all of you even more than I miss Cocok's with the Silent K!
Well, since I still have more Okinawa photos to post, not to mention Hawaii and a few North Carolina pics, this shouldn't be up here so long as to make Liz beg me to get rid of the toe photos :) I'll be back as soon as Mom comments on this one.


CCsMom said...

OK, so I left a comment . . . glad you are here!

Christy Lynn said...

Mom leaves better comments when I'm on the opposite side of an ocean from her. Hmph.

Giffysk8s said...

LOVE the toes pics! Wish I could find a place to get pedis like that!

Will email you later. Glad you are back!

Amber Hight said...

Miss you girl:(