Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting Ready to Move In!

We signed the lease on our new English castle this morning, and we meet with the landlord tomorrow so he can show us how to use the radiators and all that good stuff. Then all our worldly possessions (at least the ones we sent here from Okinawa) will be delivered on Friday! Woohoo! That means we're almost out of the hotel room, which is good because the bed here ain't doing my back any favors :p However, blog posts may be a bit fewer and farther between since I've heard it can take like a month to get the Internet set up when you get a house here. Guess we'll find out, and Liz may let me borrow hers periodically if I bribe her with scrapbook supplies.

We've also got a new car (sorry Dad, I haven't taken pictures yet). We got a 2001 black Honda Accord whom I dubbed Harry (as in Potter, not Prince, although he's pretty cute too). Dad found it online for us before we even left Texas, and thought it would be a good car for me because a.) it's a four-door; b.) it's an automatic when most cars here are standard, which I can't drive; and c.) it has butt warmers. And now Lee wants it for himself, so Dad, do me a flavor--find a car for Lee too so I can have Harry! We did see a FunCargo on the roads here earlier today, so Lee asked me if I'd take one of those over Harry. We'll just have to wait and see what our car #2 ends up looking like, and we may wait a while before we buy a second one just because moving and getting a house set up again are both expensive. Besides, I just started another Scarlet Quince stitching project so I can entertain myself at the house no problem once we get unpacked. Lee will just have to do the grocery shopping himself *sly wink*

Sadie and Vader should arrive here on Friday too, and if we work it right they won't even have to spend a single night in jail (a.k.a. the kennel). Can't wait to see my little fur babies again!


Giffysk8s said...

Yay! So happy for you! I know how much you are looking forward to being settled, especially to having Bee and Vee at home again.

I like your new SQ project. *wink*

I'll email you my SU order in the next day or so~need to take advantage of the sale! No rush on placing it, so don't stress over it, k?

Amber Hight said...

A MONTH? I refuse to accept that, you get down to the cable company and give the ole' "what for" if they try to tell you it'll take that long! I need my Christy fix!

I'm so happy you guys are going to be moving in this week, that's awesome! And little SAdie and VAder won't even have to be imprisoned, that's great! I bet you miss them!!

Amber Hight said...

BTW, I think you need to do this project:

CCsMom said...

Wonder if I can sweep up all this dog hair around my house and put it in with Sadie and Vader as they come over to you. Sometimes I think I'm wallowing in it, eating and breathing it. I KNOW it's incorporated into some of my crochet projects, unfortunately. When I wash them, LOTS of dog hair is in the lint trap in the dryer. So yeah, I WILL NOT MISS THE EXTRA DOG HAIR!!! But I will miss Sadie's sad eyes. She can play me like Emma did at Thanksgiving. Ha!

SO GLAD you got your house. See there -- TOLD you not to borrow trouble. I told my friend Paulette the same thing as she mentioned wondering what would happen if she got laid off. I can't imagine that, but the reason she said it is because your dad's boss's boss was "terminated" today -- no reason and he'd worked there for 25 years, which is one half of his life. He's got to be in shock. Here I go making an email message on your blog site. Should go on over to hotmail or facebook, eh? LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU. And the dog odyssey begins tomorrow. They just had their last meal at Casa Walker.

Liz Guidry said...

Don't worry everyone, Christy can come over anytime she wants to use my internet :) We have wireless, so she can just bring her laptop whenever she comes over. AND she won't even have to bribe me with scrapbooking supplies - bwhahaha!

Uncle Mike said...

Good morning from Alabama! Lee, your Mom gave me part of the blog address, and I got lucky figuring out the rest of it. While you both are enduring the European winter, your Aunt Linda is in the Republic of Panama basking in warm temperatures and balmy breezes. So I am home alone or actually the boys (KB & Buddy) are home alone.
They are great company most of the time. Grandma Bradford will be having eye surgery in the next few weeks to correct the double vision she has been experiencing for the past few months. Corrective lenses did not cure the problem.
The surgery will be a day surgery procedure.

Your new home looks big and roomy too. Linda and I plan to travel to Germany in May to visit our former German neighbors of four years. Linda does not like to fly so her comfort on the long flight will be challenging.

Your ancestors (the Bashams) came from the eastern portion of England. I believe the Suffolk and/or Norfolk areas still have Bashams residing there. When they set out for America I do not know yet but I suspect it was during the late 1600s or early 1700s. My great great great grandfather, Obediah Basham, fought in the Revolutionary War at the age of about 18. He was captured and was a POW for a short while.

Well, have a great day!

Uncle Mike

NomNom said...

SO excited for your new home. Especially after the others. This one looks to be just perfect.

And, dare I say i t again...ENGLAND!!!! Ok. That is all.

So glad your doggers will be there and hopefully come straight to a new house.

Alexis said...

Do they not do the 6 months mandatory kennel stay anymore? It was awful, I hope not. When we went over my grandparents took my animals because I couldn't bear it!

Good luck on moving in!!