Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happiness is Two Warm Puppies

I bribed Liz with some Bath & Body Works stuff so we're at her house stealing her Internet :)

We got our household goods delivered on Friday so we've been busy unpacking since then. And then around 5:30 on Friday afternoon (although it felt like Friday night since it was dark already) our dogs got delivered to our house. Woohoo! They made it through all the flights and customs stuff just fine, and were super happy to get out of their crates. We knocked off unpacking around 9:30 that night and all four of us crammed onto the loveseat for a while. It's good to have our whole little family back together again.

I've unpacked just about all the kitchen stuff unpacked while Lee was working in the living room and study. The study is going to stay messy until we get some of our stuff here from storage in the States...we asked to get a bunch of our bookshelves and our dining room furniture out of storage. I'm happy the kitchen is done though, that's always the biggest hurdle with moving. I'm working on my craft room now and Lee's pretty much done with the computer room already. After I finish the craft room the biggest chore will be getting all our clothes organized and put away. I took some pictures today of the mess in the house, but alas, the camera batteries are near death and I forgot to bring the camera with me so here's another picture-free post. I'll work on that next time :)


adifrog said...

I'm happy you're with your puppies again. Your priorities make me giggle: kitchen, then craft room, then the rest. Guess I can't say too much--my craft room was one of the first we painted. :) I'm looking forward to seeing how you've set things up.

Giffysk8s said...

I am so glad your puppies are home and survived the the whole ordeal. Hope your dad survived it, too!

GLad your kitchen has been resurrected. Now you can bake some of your famous cookies to enjoy while you work on the rest of the house.

How long does it take to get your furniture from storage?

Hope you get to have to have some down time today to stitch!

Christy Lynn said...

The craft room is probably 75% done now, so I should tackle the clothes and bathroom stuff. I really have a ridiculous amount of Bath & Body Works stuff :) Slowly but surely, we're getting moved in!

Vicki, my poor dad had the CRAZIEST week ever with his work and getting the dogs ready to fly, so he was pretty stressed. But they went through customs and everything no problems. Dad said the Continental folks complimented my organizational skillz when they saw all the paperwork. I'm just so happy to have them back!

Charisse said...

Yay for home sweet doggies!!!!!