Thursday, January 13, 2011

Splendid, Phase Done

I kind of didn't want to post anything new because I still get giddy looking at the pictures of our new house. It'll still take us a while to get moved in since we have to do a lot of paperwork and there's all the weird bank account stuff to do and all that yadda yadda, and until we move in I must confess that I'm a little scared that something will happen to keep us out of that house. Which would make me cry a lot because I don't think there's a cooler house in East Anglia. So I really hope that everything goes smoothly and we get to move in quickly.

At any rate, to give you something new to look at, here is my Splendid cross stitch, all done up and framed (click on the picture to see it larger):

Here's one from the other side since I couldn't decide which one looked better:

It's impossible to take a picture straight on of this since the glass makes the flash reflect, and if you don't use a flash then you see the reflection of the light coming in the back door. So angles it is. Anyway, Mom went with me to pick out the frame; I knew going in that I wanted a dark green mat since orange would have just been overpowering. The frame, though, has some orangey highlights that really pick up the orange in the stitching, so that worked out perfectly.

I am perhaps a little overly paranoid but since I really didn't want this to get damaged or, heaven forbid, lost in the mail, I left it at my parents' house. Mom hung it up in her family room and I think she wants to keep it forever ;) but she can only have it for three years (she has mentioned several times how good it looks on her green walls, though...). She's got all the rest of my framed cross stitch pieces too, and that's getting to be a fairly large number. It's too bad I'm so paranoid about mailing them though; they'd look smashing in our house whenever we get to move in. :D

Lee and I drove to Cambridge today to look at a car, so we've got to start making some decisions on that pretty quick here so we can turn in our rental car. So much stuff to do when you first arrive here! Can't wait to be settled in and start exploring a bit more...I think we may try to get out and take some pictures this weekend.


CCsMom said...

DON'T BORROW TROUBLE. Quit worrying about the house. It's yours and just think of it that way. I know, it's hard to imagine until you get the KEYS, but think positively.

Still haven't put my cross stitch back up where yours is now -- I need to do that because I like my cross stitch, too. Anyway, Dad is chomping at the bit wanting to see what you've posted on your blog, so I have to get up. Love ya!

Amber Hight said...

Wow, it's gorgeous, it really turned out PERFECT! Looks like a painting! I wish I had 1/8 your patience to do cross-stitching, every time I try it I mess up early on and get discouraged, lol! Well, if we're ever stationed together again, you're going to teach me YOUR way!!!

I'm with your mom also, don't think negatively, that house is as good as yours!

Giffysk8s said...

Christy, this is absolutely stunning! I LOVE the frame you chose! I am NEVER EVER EVER gonna let you see anything I stitch~this is PERFECT, and mine are so NOT perfect! That's what I get for stitching with a bum hand. :( But at least it keeps my hand moving and attached to my arm (if I don't use it, amputation is possible...blah!).

I'm with your Momma and Amber~don't be fretting about the house! Stitch instead, girl!

Thanks for posting these photos. I've been more curious than George!

Christy Lynn said...

The curtains in our soon-to-be living room and dining room are dark green, so this really would look fantastic in either of those rooms...maybe Mom and Dad can hand-carry it out here on their first trip to the UK???

CCsMom said...

Yeah, I was already thinking "carry-on". Hmmm.

Love ya!