Sunday, January 30, 2011

Stealing the Internet Again

I bribed Liz with a bowl from Japan. And a barrette. :)

We *still* do not have Internet at our house, and it may take quite a while before we get it set up. The company here is really slow to begin with, and then they had some kind of trouble getting our address correct and we can't seem to get it fixed. Argh. So I need to keep finding items with which to bribe Liz.*

We've unpacked just about all the boxes, so now it's just a matter of figuring out where everything should go (we keep shuffling stuff around) and pretty soon it should feel like home. We're even starting to put up a few pictures, although this house has a bewildering number of nails, screws, and hooks, some of which are in really odd places. We had two hooks in the top of the door leading to the master bathroom and no idea what they could have been used for.

Unfortunately, we haven't been doing so hot on the electronic front. We just got our TV set up today so we can actually SEE anything other than static, but that necessitated the purchase of a very expensive signal converter, which did not make Lee too happy. He hooked up a DVD player and it did fine, but when he tried to hook up our BluRay player...POP! Smoke issued from it, and Lee's ensuing comments were decidedly not G-rated. So now we need a new BluRay player, urgh! We did buy a UK-spec vacuum cleaner, which is totally *fabulous* because now we don't have gray carpet. It may be silly, but having a freshly vacuumed house makes me ridiculously happy. Still, in some ways the UK seems more foreign than Japan was since in Okinawa we could use all our own appliances with no converters or anything. Lee had to make me a Fahrenheit to Celsius chart to go with the oven, but I have successfully cooked dinner multiple times in that oven, so I call that one a win.

I apologize for yet another post with no pictures, but a.) I haven't taken any, and b.) I don't know where the camera cord is. If the weather is nice tomorrow, I'm going to try walking down to the church that's around the corner from our house and take some pictures out there. I also want to take some pictures around the house now that we've got our stuff moved in, so that's my task for next time I bribe Liz for Internet access.

For now, though, we're going back home to watch Red.

*I do not *really* need to bribe Liz, it's just become a running joke :p


Giffysk8s said...

Sorry about the BluRay player. :(

And I am totally willing to contribute to the bribes for Liz! I miss you!

Liz Guidry said...

hahaha! You can bribe with acompaning me to the various places where we can spend our husbands funds! LOL LOL!

Amber Hight said...

Oh Christy we just watched Red last night, AWESOME MOVIE! Bruce Willis is SUCH a BAD A$$!! Love that guy, he will always be beautiful to me!

Man that sucks about your blue ray, Billy would have been P.O'd too...well so would I, lol!

Charisse said...

YIKES!!! That sucks, but at least it wasn't the tv.