Monday, January 17, 2011

Visiting Bury St. Edmunds

We went to Bury St. Edmunds on Saturday to get cellphones (the local cellphone place charges crazy rates, so we were told to make the 30-minute trip up to Bury instead) and we didn't have enough time to explore the Abbey Gardens and cathedral, so we drove back on Sunday to take a few pictures. We may go back again in the morning sometime since Lee thinks the lighting might be better then; still, we got some fairly good pictures. But none of us because the only one we were both in turned out all blurry. So here's the ones Lee picked out for me to post here:

Hmm, he didn't pick any of the gate leading into the Abbey Gardens. Anyway, we went in through this really cool gate and then took this picture where you can see some of the older walls of the abbey and the tallest building is the new cathedral. It kinda looks like there are some private residences inside or on the borders of the garden, which is pretty cool. They have a rose garden but of course it's not much to look at this time of year; I'll have to go back when the roses are in bloom because I bet they'll be spectacular.

This is Lee's artsy shot of the sundial, but given how everyone says that England is so overcast all the time I wondered how much one could use a sundial :) But it looks cool!

Here's another view of the cathedral with some of the abbey ruins in the foreground. Most of the dates we saw were around the 12oos, so this place was built over 200 years *before* Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Mind-boggling, no? And there are people just walking all around and climbing on the walls and walking their dogs all around here.

Miss Vicki, this one's for you with the trees! This was right on the edge of the Abbey Gardens, I think it's a private residence. Quite a place!

The cathedral again from inside the Abbey Gardens.

We went out the gate again and onto the street, then walked a block or so down the way to take pictures of the cathedral from the other direction. And from this side the sky actually looks blue!

Not sure exactly what this building is; it was right behind the big part of the cathedral.

I took this picture; I liked how incongruous the bright blue door looks in all the weathered gray stone (do I get extra points for using words like "incongruous" in my blog?). It was a more vivid contrast IRL.

We walked back to where we parked the car (in a car park, which is what they call parking lots here) and Lee took this picture. This is the street we walked down to get to the cellphone store on Saturday, and there was a big produce market in the square a few blocks in, and a modern mall area just past that. Bury is a much larger town than where we'll be living (I think Feltwell only has a few tiny convenience stores and maybe two pubs, and that's about it!) but I'm happy we aren't living here. It'd take me forever to lose my apprehension about driving with all the traffic they have here. Still, we'll definitely be back to visit!


Giffysk8s said...

A million bonus points for using the word incongruous! :)

Wow, I didn't expect to see any shots of blue sky, especially in January. What a nice treat for you! These are all such great photos. The architecture is so cool! My favorites, of course, are the ones through the branches!

Looks like you had a fun Sunday.

Thoughts by B and M said...

I love england. I do hope we can visit these next three years! I LOVE the cobblestone walkways-roads- always have as well as the churches. (you can travel to Lincolnshire and see the church that was used in the DaVinci Code - it's stunning!)!

Keep enjoying the sites! :D

CCsMom said...

Wow. And the SIGNS are in ENGLISH!!! Hee hee! Quite a change from the Far East. And I KNOW you'll be back to take pictures of the flowers . . . that's you all over. But this is cool and I love the old cemetery. I am getting really excited about a trip over and you getting your house. So glad you like your car. Yay, it's all starting to work out, isn't it?
Anxious to send the doglets to you so maybe I can get rid of all the black dog hair. We've had to empty our vacuum cleaner canister 4 times per room. Yeah, that's TONS of hair. It's just incredible.

Anyway, so glad to get pictures. Love you1!!

adifrog said...

I can't get over hold old stuff is! It kinda cheapens the Texas philosophy of slapping a historical marker on anything that hits a hundred.