Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We Found a House!

Liz and I checked out another house yesterday, and later I went back by it with Lee, and to be honest Lee and I were getting a little discouraged about the whole house-hunting prospect since we just weren't finding what we wanted.

Well, that all changed today. Behold, our new house:

That's our rental car out front. Sorry it's not that great a picture; it was getting dark when I took this one as we were leaving. Anyway, there driveway goes up a little to the front of the house, and the garage is off to the right. There's also parking for another car or two on the left.

There's the front of the house, the garage side. Not sure what it is that's on the trellis to either side of the garage window, but it'll probably be pretty this summer. Want to see the inside? *giddy*

This is the living room; where Lee and the realtor lady are standing is doors out to a little conservatory (yes, a CONSERVATORY) and then another set of doors that go out to the backyard. I didn't take a picture in the conservatory; it's got a blue tile floor and the outer wall is all windows, so it would be good for plants. Hence why I call it a conservatory. And since it's tiled, it'll be easy to clean when the dogs come in with wet/dirty feet.

View from the other side of the living room and out the front window.

Here's the dining room, which is right next to the living room. There's a door off the side of the dining room to a small study:

It's actually a little unusual in shape; we're not 100% sure how or if our computer desk would fit in here, although we may put it upstairs in one of the bedrooms anyway. Haven't figured that out for sure yet. The wardrobe in here is included with the house. *excited*

I think I would have wanted this house just on the basis of the kitchen! It's by far the largest kitchen of all the houses we looked at, and it's bigger than what we had in Okinawa by far. Lots of cabinets, lots of counter space, room for a mini fridge (don't worry Adrienne, just keep reading), a dishwasher, and an oven. And we could fit a small table in there if we wanted to. *really giddy*

The other side of the kitchen, although I didn't take a picture of the middle of it where the sink is. On the left, that white thing is the dishwasher that had been pulled out a bit from where it goes in the cabinetry. That door leads to a utility room (picture later) where we can put a full-size fridge (see Adrienne, told you it would be okay!). I am so looking forward to getting in this kitchen and cooking!! At this point I'm kind of tired of eating out, you know?

I forgot to take a picture of the front entryway, but it's totally cute. There's even a little closet just inside the front door where you can put coats (rare in Britain) and it's got this cool thing to put shoes on, too. The entryway is pretty spacious, and there's a half-bath in there on the way to the kitchen:

From what I can tell, the Brits call this a cloak room, which I don't get since what does it have to do with cloaks? Anyway, this is the only bathroom on the ground floor. There are two different spigots, one for cold water and one for hot, but I imagine we'll get used to that. Lee says he likes the blue toilet better than the mustard bathroom from the bank house. *teehee*

Here are the stairs...there's a little area under the stairs, not a Harry Potter closet or anything, just an open space. I bet that one or both of the dogs will like to hang out under there (they like under desks and stuff). So let's go on upstairs!

This is the first bedroom I looked in, and I claim it for my craft room. I actually like the green-blue carpet. And guess what else it has!

A big honkin' closet. Woohoo! Hardly any houses here have closets, so this is real cause for celebration. *bouncebouncebounce*

This is the second bedroom on this side; maybe we'll turn it into a computer room? Haven't figured that out yet, but we will. The bedrooms are all on the large side for Britain.

I think we'll use this awesome room as a guest room; the opening on the left is where the bed would go. I think it still has a separate closet? Can't remember 100% for sure. But I like the built-in stuff, and it'll be nice for guests because they'll be able to put their clothes up and stuff. I bet I can decorate it up totally cute. *eee!*

I think this is the closet from that third bedroom, or else it's in the master but Lee thought the master didn't have one. Wherever it is, it's another closet.

Here's the ceiling in the room with all the built-ins. Pretty cool, huh? Even if this is our guest room, I'd probably still use the upper cabinets for storage.

This is the master bedroom; that gentleman talking to Lee is the owner of the house. He is extremely nice and said we could pretty much do anything we wanted with it--paint, put up pictures, whatever. *so giddy I can't hardly stand it*

Here's the shower in the master bathroom; it doesn't have a tub in here, but there's another full bath on the second floor with a tub in it. I didn't take a picture of that one since the light bulb was burned out in there, but how many bathroom pictures do you need anyway? ;)

Well hey, how about one more :) The sink and window in the master bathroom. There's also an "airing cupboard" where the water heater is with more shelves, and a little closet with shelves all in it for shoes. That's right Mom, I have an entire CLOSET for SHOES!!! This thing could fit even most of your collection! *bwahahahahahaaaaaa!!!*

K, back downstairs.

Here's the utility room, where the washer and dryer will be as well as the full-size fridge. It might be a little cramped in there when we add in the fridge, but ehh. Even more cabinets and counter space to fold laundry, and another door to the backyard.

And this back door has a doggie door in it for Sadie and Vader.

Excuse me, I think I need to go jump up and down for a minute. Again.

Ok, I'm better :D Lee also checked out the garage:

And the attic space, where he plans to put all our large boxes (we still have the original boxes for things like our tv and stuff).

And here's the backyard, which also has a little built-in grill in the back off to the left of the photo. There's a shed behind where I was standing when I took this, and Lee can put the lawn equipment in there. And that thing out there? It's a pool. Totally not a selling point for us, but just another unexpected bonus. The only problem will be figuring out how to keep the dogs off the tarp that covers it...if it was uncovered, I wouldn't worry about it since Sadie doesn't like water. We'll figure out some way to keep them away from the pool, but we don't leave them outside unattended really anyway. *about to pass out from the combined awesomeness of this house*

I'm so excited, as is Lee. We can't wait to move in. And another bonus? It's like five minutes away from Liz. Wow. This place couldn't be any more perfect!!!


Liz Guidry said...

EEEEeeeee!! I can hardly contain my excitement AND my jealousy!!! You scored big time on this one and I am so happy for you guys. I'm happy that YOUR happy. AND I won't feel guilty for forcing you to live in my village. Oh btw - welcome to my village!!! *jumps up and down*

Charisse said...

That is amazing. And...the fastest house hunting find I have ever heard of. And also...did I mention amazing?

Congrats on such a jewel!!!

Giffysk8s said...

Miss C!!!!! This house totally rocks! I am soooooo excited for you! Especially about the SHOE CLOSET!!!! When do you move into your new castle?

I must admit~the blue toilet vs. the green one would have sold me all by itself!

Can't wait to see it when it feels like home for you! Also can't to sleep in the room with the built-ins, hint hint!

Amber Hight said...

Wohoo!!! FABULOUS house Christy!! I adore it:) Looks like you guys got really lucky with all the extras that aren't common in England! HOORAY for you guys:) When do you get to move in? Is all your HHG there already?

CCsMom said...

Wow -- All I can say is WOW. So CUTE. I told Dad it just seemed to go on and on. Then I said, "I think I'll move." So cool! Dad was trying to show it to Sadie and Vader, but you know how they are about the computer -- they couldn't care less. But I am excited for you. It's all falling into place. Next . . . VEHICLES! Love ya!!! Mom

CCsMom said...

Forgot to say that I LOVE the leaded windows. And by the way, Mimi had a blue bathtub and toilet, remember? Too funny.

Sparkle said...

This is darling! I think the extra computer room should be your craft room. :)

Zeus and Twinkle Haskins said...

Hip HIp hooray! So excited for you guys. This is gonna be a great assignment. How lucky to go from overseas to overseas. Doesn't happen very often. I love the blue toilet. The uniqueness of this house is spectaculor. JEALOUS!!!! Congratulations and happy move in

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! So happy for you guys - closets and a huge kitchen and a hide-out under the stairs... sounds like heaven! Good start to your European adventure :-)

adifrog said...

I'm relieved about the referigerator! :)

Great house--can't wait to see it!