Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Stroll Along the Thames

Finally thought I'd post the last bit of London pictures...we're planning to go back in a couple of weeks so I'll have more to show then :) Where did I leave off, anyway? Oh yes, we took the Tube over to Westminster (I still can't hardly believe that I have been on the London Underground and casually leaned up against Westminster Abbey while I consulted my London guidebook...ok, I digress) and after that, we walked across a bridge over the Thames (not sure which one, Liz has my guidebook now) so we could get a better view of the Houses of Parliament.

Proof I was there, or that we have some mad Photoshop skillz :)

Taken from the opposite side of the river. Lee and I agreed that neither of us would ever like to swim in the Thames like Sherlock Holmes did (on one of our future trips to London, we will be going to 221B Baker Street!). My guidebook had something in it about "The Great Stink" when they couldn't open up a session of Parliament one year because the river stank so bad from all the pollution. I'm happy to report that it doesn't particularly stink now, just looks kinda dirty.

I forget what the building across the street from Big Ben is; the Tube station is at the far right end of this picture. Liz has my guidebook right now or else I'd look it up to see what that building is.

Anyway, on the side of the Thames opposite the Houses of Parliament is a Marriott Hotel with this cool lion statue out front of it.

And a cool-looking fountain was right behind where we were standing to take our pictures.

All the lampposts in the area are done up like this, which I thought was kinda cool. And a neat picture courtesy of Lee.

And here is the London Eye, Europe's biggest Ferris wheel. Is it just me or are these pictures kind of dark? That's what I get for not taking the time to edit these before I posted.

We thought about going on it, but it seemed kind of expensive so we gave it a miss this time. Maybe if we're back in the city on a day with REALLY great weather, we'll do it and see what kinds of fabulous pictures we can take.

I talked Lee into going to see one more thing further down the river, and he kindly consented to walking probably an extra mile for me (in a literal sense). So that's the Eye from the other side, and here's what I wanted to go look at:

Well, actually, that is to one side of what I wanted to look at, which was this:

Cleopatra's Needle, a genuine honest-to-goodness Egyptian obelisk in London. It has a mate in New York's Central Park, and there's a similar one in Paris, too, and one of these days I will get to visit the other two. Anyway, I must confess that the main reason I wanted to visit this one is because it's mentioned in Rick Riordan's book The Red Pyramid :) Darn, that picture is kind of dark too. Anyway, I enjoyed The Red Pyramid, but I absolutely love and adore the Percy Jackson books and probably my favorite Riordan book is The Lost Hero. I always did like mythology, I even took Classical Myth for fun in college. But back to the photos.

Hey look, it's my honey! Patiently waiting while I took a bunch of pictures of Cleopatra's Needle and the two sphinxes next to it.

The base of this sphinx was damaged in a German air raid in 1917. Kind of sobering to see that kind of thing, isn't it?


CCsMom said...

Me thinks you are missing the shi-shi dogs -- that's why you are taking pictures of lions and stuff. Ha!!! LOVED the tour. Can't wait to see it my own self.

How cool tomorrow is Friday. No, I decided not to take it off. After all, one of the three of my bosses is back in the office after having been traveling for 6 days, so I best meet with her.

Anyway, hope to talk to you this weekend. Love and miss you!!!

Liz Guidry said...

See - I TOLD you not to lend me ALL of your guidebooks at once ;)

Christy Lynn said...

Yes, well, there's also the part where I could have done some online research to figure it out, I was just too lazy :p