Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wandering Around the Cemetery

Back at Liz's house to steal the Internet again, but this time I have pictures! Today we had really nice weather, so I took the kiddos out for a walk around the village, and then when we got back to the house I grabbed the camera and headed up to the little church that's up the street from our house. I believe this is St. Nicholas in Feltwell, that's what the sign said anyway.

The church itself is pretty tiny, but the cemetery was surprisingly large. There were a lot of older standing tombstones, many of which were leaning at angles and sometimes leaning on each other.

The first group of headstones I looked at all seemed to be from about the 1930s. I saw several graves like this one:

Quite a few of the graves had fresh flowers on them, and I liked that this one had snowdrops growing in it.

I thought these three looked really neat. I looked at them from both sides and they were too weathered to read anything on them.

This was the back section of the cemetery, so basically those houses overlook the graves. Which is kind of peaceful, I think.

In the back corner, they had this small section for Royal Air Force graves. I started to look through but didn't go through them all because it was so sad--all the ones I looked at were from either WWI or WWII, and all of these men died when they were in their 20s.

After I walked through the cemetery, I came out on the other side of the church and took a few photos from the front.

I was about to leave when I walked past this headstone, which is the oldest one I saw that I could read the date on it, I think because the way it leans the rain hits the back side. I don't known if you can see it if you click on the picture, but it was from the 1860s.

After I finished taking pictures here, I walked down the street to a little convenience store and just looked at what they had. I read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe when I was a kid and have always wondered what Turkish delight is, so when I saw it there today, I bought it. I bit into it when I got home and it pretty much tastes like I would imagine floor wax encased in milk chocolate would taste like. Not buying that again.


CCsMom said...

Pretty funny about the Turkish delight. I took a nap this afternoon -- I mean, what do you do when there is a bonus snow day? The wind is absolutely HOWLING outside. But it's nice and sunny. It just means that any sleet that was on the ground is now ICE because the temperatures keep dropping -- here in TEXAS of all places. Gotta love that global warming. So you will be exploring this weekend? Good for you!!! Have fun. Love you.

CCsMom said...

Forgot to ask -- do they still use the church? Doesn't really look like it.

Giffysk8s said...

Turkish Delight. Ick. But I love The Chronicles of Narnia!

Cool cemetery! When you come visit me, I'll take you into Boston to the cemetery where Ben Franklin is buried!

Love the architecture of the church!

Thank Liz on behalf of all your peeps. :)

CCsMom said...

I was going to say something about the grass being so green there, too. Isn't that something? Do you ever get ice and snow? I need to look this all up on the internet, I guess. But I loved the pictures. Still at home today because of the weather.