Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Have No Witty or Interesting Title for This Post

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone :) Hope you're all wearing green...I've got on my Baylor University 100th anniversary Homecoming shirt and some shamrock socks with pink Eskimo Joe's pajama pants. Being an alumna of a university whose colors are green and gold comes in handy at St. Patrick's Day, I have several shirts to choose from.

Anyway, I thought I'd post a few more paper crafting projects today. I'd like to take pictures around the village as spring is definitely on its way now, but it's been really overcast and kind of icky for the last several days and I'm hoping for a sunny day. Since I haven't gotten one yet, how about a sunny card instead?

This card is dedicated to Liz, who gave up coffee for Lent ;) I made it for this week's sketch challenge on Splitcoast.

I've also done some scrappin' in the last week or so.

Here's a bunch of goofy pictures of us bowling. I kind of worry that I made this page too busy, but I was trying to get it to be a high-energy and fun layout since the pictures are so goofy. And then I made something completely different:

I love how this one turned out. It took me *forever* to narrow down my pictures since I printed out FIFTEEN pictures from this road trip...and I'm still thinking about doing another layout with the rest of the pictures. They were all so gorgeous!! Liz saw these pages when she came over here yesterday and couldn't believe how blue the water was. Since it took me so long to narrow down the pictures, I decided to use one of my favorite scrapbook sketches to put the layout together. I've used this sketch twice before but I think all three layouts look different, what do you think?

This was the first one I used the sketch for; the pictures are from when Missy and I went on a tour to a place where they hand-make kokeshi dolls and ceramic shisa.

These photos were some of the first we took when we moved to Okinawa; it was another gray day when we went on the Ferris wheel but I think the red background paper really makes this layout pop.

Lee's been working some really crazy hours this week; he went in really early this morning, came home at lunchtime and then went back in this evening and probably won't be back until tomorrow morning. So I'm in the computer room, blogging on the laptop while I upload pictures to Winkflash on the Mac ;) I'm hoping to order some England photos in the very near future so I can scrap those while the memories are still fresh in my mind, and since I haven't printed out photos since the spring of 2009 I've got quite a few Japan photos to catch up on as well. The last couple of days I've spent *hours* on the computer trying to sort through our photos, deleting duplicates and ones we don't need. I did the England ones first since we don't have a zillion of those yet, and now I'm working back through Japan. Big project but it'll pay off in the end when we can find any photo when we want it.

My alarm clock radio is set to a classical music station, so I was listening to that this morning while Lee was getting ready to go in to work and heard a beautiful Haydn symphony. I'm not 100% sure I wrote down correctly which one it was (and bless the man on the radio for saying what it was right afterwards) but I think I got it close, so I've got a Haydn CD in my Amazon shopping cart. I'm a bit of a classical music nerd after being in band for seven years :) Tchaikovsky is one of my favorites, and I have all 9 of Beethoven's symphonies which I really like too. Oddly, Mozart doesn't really do anything for me, and I think this is the first time I've really listened to much by Haydn but I loved what they played on the radio this morning. I am also partial to movie scores; I'm mildly obsessed with the Star Trek one and the Princess Bride score has long been a favorite as well as The Last Unicorn. I also enjoyed the score for the Percy Jackson movie, although the books are better than the move by a factor of a gazillion. Anyway, told you I was a music nerd.

Right now I'm listening to my Beatles playlist, which always puts me in a good mood. My all-time favorite Beatles song is Strawberry Fields favorite band has always been the Bangles. I told Lee I was so proud when we were in London a couple weeks ago and he started singing "I'm going down to Liverpool to do nothing" which is a lyric from a Bangles song...and he gets extra points since that one wasn't one of their singles :) I have a goofy picture of me walking like an Egyptian at our wedding...well, it's at my parents' house or else I'd post it here for your viewing pleasure.

Anyway, I think that's enough rambling about music; I'm going to tackle some more pictures. Hope you all have a wonderful St. Paddy's.


Giffysk8s said...

LOVE your layouts! I need to make a few more birthday pages for one of the baby scrapbooks I made (Alexa had a HUGE party with an owl theme, so that's why I bought the owl punches and stamps). I think I will use this layout, if that's ok with you. :)

LOVE the kokeshi factory pages! You knew I would, huh?

And now I am really loving that stamp set on your card. It has been on my wish list for sooo long, and for some reason, I keep leaving it there. I am so buying it next time! BTW, do you even drink coffee? LOL

Sorry Lee is working so much, but I am glad you are keeping busy. I have been stitching like crazy~I am so stoked about the irises! The purples are fabulous!!! I may just have to post another pic so you can see them.

Enjoy your music!

Christy Lynn said...

As always, Miss Vicki, feel free to CASE anything I post on the Internet :) I'm flattered you think I'm worth CASEing.

I don't drink coffee...I do like that stamp set though, and I have been drinking tea more often (vanilla caramel truffle, yummmm!) but I got the set by was put in an SU order I did for myself last year by mistake, so I called SU to tell them I had an extra item and that I was sending it back. They thanked me and told me to keep it!

I finished the grid on The Quarry but haven't started stitching yet...this photo sorting project has captured my attention for the moment :)

Thoughts by B and M said...

I'm wearing a Baylo shirt is nice perk, huh! :D Seeing layouts of memories we've had makes me miss you guys all the more...

Giffysk8s said...

Worth CASEing? Are you kidding? You are my inspiration when this old grandma brain gets stuck! I am a"busy" scrapbooker~funky layouts, embellishments, etc. It's fun, but doesn't always fit the theme. I love yours because they are neat and balanced yet really eye catching and pretty~and they really show off the photos, which is the whole point!

I didn't think that you drink coffee. That tea sounds yummy! I love caramel anything. But I do need that stamp set! Guess that means another order won't be too far away. Shh...don't tell Rick. LOL BTW, the first box came yesterday. Can you believe I haven't opened it yet?

Good for you for finishing the grid! I still haven't done it~I feel your misery as you do it, and that scares me off, ha ha! I am having so much fun stitching the purple irises. Purple makes me happy. :)

Taking Indy to get is stitches out today. Tomorrow, Keaton and his girlfriend, Tina, are coming home~his 21st birthday is on Sunday. How can that be??? Our new dining room chairs and new fridge are being delivered tomorrow. Brennan comes home next week, though I have to go to MGH for tests. Hopefully I will feel well enough to do something fun with him.

Like the way I hijacked your blog for a personal conversation? LOL

Happy weekend!

P.S. Sorry I deleted the first message~saw a few typos after I posted it! :)

Christy Lynn said...

Miss Vicki, this entire blog is a personal conversation! Mostly between you, me, Amber, Liz, and my mom :)

CCsMom said...

Yes, the ocean and sky REALLY ARE that color in Okinawa. It is absolutely gorgeous there. I was looking at my Okinawa photos the other day and remember the 2nd time we went to Hedo Point? It was raining when we started out, but then the weather got better -- the blue in the photos gets deeper and deeper the longer we were there. I could have stayed there watching the water for HOURS.

Ms. Vicki, I use cross stitch to embellish my scrapbooking. I plan on using it extensively in the Okinawa vacation book -- that's why I haven't started scrapping that one yet. I'm busy stitching embellishments for it. I have one or two larger pieces, but most will be little ones here and there. Joan Elliott has oriental designs in several of her cross stitch books. Using them in scrapbooks is super because they are flat. Since you can only have so many framed pieces or pillows, this is the next step. Christy and I are both cross stitch crazy!

CCsMom said...

Oops, I meant BOLO Point, or Camp Zampa (isn't that what you call it, Chris?). That's where the light house is, not Cape Hedo.

Liz Guidry said...

hehehe - I love my card (and I miss my coffee!)