Monday, March 28, 2011

My Scrapping Process & Other Schtuff

Helloooooo blogland! I have had a very productive day, let me tell you. I did a P90X workout (I started the program last week, I think my biggest problem is going to be eating right...), uploaded a bunch of pictures to Winkflash so I can order some more for my scrapbooks, finished up a layout, did five loads of laundry and a load of dishes, *and* I'm currently cooking dinner--homemade lasagna. Oh yeah, I'm rockin' today!

We had a very low-key weekend, just stayed around the house. But we did get another room painted last week; our dining room is now a pale sagey green color. Here's what it looks like right now:

K, so as soon as we finished painting the dining room, Lee took all the stuff out of the study and we're going to paint that next. So the dining room is a total wreck at the moment.

But the walls are green! It's a little paler than I thought it would be, but I still like the color. Had I known it was going to be this pale, I might have gone for the darker shade, but I think this looks fine as-is so it's going to stay that way.

We also got a second car, can I get a HALLELUJAH?! We picked him up on Friday afternoon.

That's Ron the Rover. It's pretty much impossible for me to get a picture of him where he's parked right now, but he's your basic 4-door sedan...he looks black in the picture but he's dark blue. Our black Honda Accord is named Harry. I wanted to name this car Luna, but Lee informed me that he was a boy. Then I suggested Dumbledore, but Lee said that would be cruel (not sure why, but okay). Lee is going to drive Ron and I get Harry.

On Saturday, I also finished up another layout with more Cape Hedo pics:

I had so many pictures that I just loved from that day, I couldn't help doing a second layout. It's funny, the more *I* like a layout, the fewer comments it seems to get in my Splitcoast gallery. As long as it makes me and Lee happy, that's what counts, right? 'Cause we're the ones who will be looking at it twenty years from now. Anyway, I started another layout yesterday and finished it today, but I thought it might be interesting to show you a bit what my process is.

Usually I pull out the set of pictures I want to work with and some cardstock (which may or may not be the color I end up using for my page base), and then I look through my sketch binder for a layout idea that works with my photos.

So while I was working on this yesterday, I tried out a couple of different layouts and took pictures of them so I could remember what they looked like when I went back to choose the one I liked the best. I don't know why I didn't think of doing this a long time ago, it's not like I'm wasting film ;)

I looked at my blog posts from the 2009 cherry blossom festival and discovered that one of the photos (lower right corner in the above picture) was a vertical shot, not horizontal. Oops. So I looked for a sketch that accommodated two vertical shots.

Most of the time I choose a layout and then figure out how I want to do my title, but this time I knew exactly how I wanted the title so I did it first and then looked for sketches that would fit it.

I don't necessarily follow the sketches slavishly; basically I'm looking for something I can springboard off of and sometimes my finished layout is quite different from the sketch I started with. Anyway, this last one is the one I more or less went with...I did change a couple of things before I was done with it though.

I just thought that my grid paper was kinda cool-looking when I finished my title letters :) You can see the marks of several other projects on there too, heh. Looks like I've been doing a lot of pink and red lately.

And here's the finished layout, you likey? I do!! The title letters show up better IRL than they do in the photo; I traced a lettering template onto white cardstock, cut the letters out, and then sponged them with four different shades of pink (Pink Pirouette, Pretty in Pink, Regal Rose, and Rose Red, if you're interested). It's funny, I had originally picked out Lavender Lace for my page base and then when I was shopping for layout ideas I put them all on Pretty in Pink instead. But then I decided that was TOO pink, so I went back to my first idea with the lavender instead and I liked it much better. Oh yeah, "sakura" is the Japanese word for cherry blossom, hence the title.

I ordered some photos which I should get sometime this week; until that happens, I've only got pictures for one more layout in this album. I do, however, have a zillion other pictures I could work with...I have lots from my parents' visit to Okinawa, I still haven't started our honeymoon scrapbook, and I've got tons of pictures of Sadie and Vader all printed out. The one really nice thing about being so far behind with scrapping is that I can just go with whatever inspires me on a particular day, and there's no chance that I won't have *something* to do. Ha!

For now though, I think I'll eat dinner and work some on my stitching project while I watch some TV. I kind of have a problem switching back and forth between stitching, scrapping and reading--I tend to do a whole lot of one and ignore the other two depending on my mood, but I'm trying to make progress with all three right now. Wish me luck. TTFN!


CCsMom said...

I LOVE the swirly thing you did behind that one picture. Aren't these colors absolutely GORGEOUS?!!! Great job, Chris!

Love you! Mom

adifrog said...

I couldn't believe you inked the title letters yourself. Pretty!!

Amber Hight said...

Love those layouts, but the Sakura one is my favorite!!!! SO gorgeous:) I love the two-toned letters!

Oh, and Ron is quite a dashing boy! I bet you're happy to have your own car now:)

Liz Guidry said...

Now that you have Ron, I can't force you to go to places you don't want to go *sniff*

CCsMom said...

I'm wondering where those places are that Liz says you don't want to go . . . ?! Are you being a party pooper?

Christy Lynn said...

To tell you the truth, I don't know where it is she's talking about that I don't want to go. Lee kind of laughed because the first day I had a car, I drove up to base with Liz anyway, so me having a car isn't necessarily making me go places solo.

Liz Guidry said...

I didn't necessarily mean any place specific ;) I just like hijacking you!!! LOL