Saturday, March 19, 2011

Signs of Spring

We had a totally gorgeous, sunny Saturday in England today. Didn't go anywhere or do anything really, but I did finally take some pictures of the daffodils growing around the village, starting with the ones in my backyard:

Which have been fighting with gravity and are apparently losing. Either that, or they're acknowledging me as their queen.

Anyway, I think I waited just a little bit too late to take pictures today as the light was fading too fast for me to do the circuit that I usually walk with the dogs (I took them out around 12:30 today and had two different people tell me "good morning". So I'm not the only one who says that regardless of what time it is) so I just walked down to the church.

This is the *other* church in our village, St. Mary's. I posted pictures in February of the smaller church, St. Nicholas's; St. Mary's is a larger church but a smaller graveyard and Lee still thinks I'm a little weird for wanting to wander around graveyards and he might be right about that, but I think they're interesting.

Couldn't decide which picture of the church I liked better, so you get both. St. Mary's has several patches of daffodils (most of them not in the graveyard) so I headed for those.

I liked this one since it's yellow with an orange center, but I didn't get the focus really sharp on this. And since daffodils kind of point downwards and I didn't have a partner to prop them up for me to photograph, I had to do a weird crouchy thing to get pictures and it's harder than it sounds.

See, this picture I like quite a bit. It was taken through the ironwork on a gate; the blurry diagonal line and the dark bit up at the top of the flower are parts of the gate but I don't think they detract from the flower in this picture.

Here's a shot from a little further back; I liked the heart shape on the gate. And yes, that is a gravestone in the background, but I stayed on the pathway the entire time rather than wandering through the gravestones. I can see several of them from outside the church grounds when I walk by with Sadie and Vader, so I already know that a lot of the gravestones are weathered to the point that they're not really legible, so I focused instead on the flowers.

Believe it or not, this one was right next to a trash can; good thing I took this one so close up so you can't tell that from the picture :)

There's a little separate section on the corner of the church lot that's fenced off by itself and has a small monument to the local men who died in both World Wars, so that's where I took these last two pictures.

And at this point the "golden light" of late afternoon was pretty much gone, so I walked back home. Both of the village churches are only a 2-3 minute walk from my house, just in opposite directions. There are daffodils growing all over the village; I used to see crocuses here and there but they've already gone. I'll have to remember next year that they only last a hot minute so I can get some pictures of them too.


CCsMom said...

I LOVE how the trumpet in the middle of the daffodils is ruffled. Looks lacey. Just makes you feel good, you know? We went out to look at the huge moon tonight. It is gorgeous. Tried to take pictures, but you know . . . they didn't turn out at all. Oh well. The 2nd picture of the church is the one I like best with the angles!

Giffysk8s said...

I am sooo envious that you have flowers already! Yesterday was the first day of Spring~and we got 3" of snow! I cannot wait for April so I can go see the tulips in The Boston Garden. You would love to see them~so many different colors! I can take photos for hours (except that people with me usually get bored long before that).

And no, you're not weird for wandering around graveyards. That's entirely different than hanging around them! I get that you like the history and architecture of them~I do, too. It's not like you're pulling up a chair to sit and stitch for awhile! LOL

adifrog said...

I looooooove daffodils! I planted the yellow and orange ones by my mailbox.