Monday, March 7, 2011

We Discover the Perils of Using Starbucks as a Landmark in London

So on Saturday we did our monthly trip to London (can you call it a monthly trip if you've only been twice? Regardless, we plan to *make* it a monthly trip) and this time we met up with some of Lee's coworkers/new friends. But first we had to find them since they went by train and we took the Tube. So Lee and Chuck called each other about a zillion times while we all tried to figure out where the other people were.

We'd both gotten to the Tower Hill area, but since Lee and I had arrived about 20 minutes earlier than the other group, we walked around just a bit until they got there. When the other group arrived, they found a restaurant for breakfast and told us to look for a Starbucks next to this big hotel, then turn around and look for red awnings. So we found *a* Starbucks next to the hotel in question, turned around and saw awnings across the Thames, so we hoofed it over the Tower Bridge. You know where this is going, right?

Yes, I wanted to sing "London Bridge is Falling Down" (or the Fergie song...) but this is a *different* bridge ;) From the looks of the map in my guidebook, London Bridge is the next one down (although this is a newer one, there's one in Lake Havasu City) but we didn't go see it this time around.

Hey look, I was there! Lee kindly edited pictures for me so this one looks much mo' bettah than real life ;)

So, we get across the bridge and walk like a half mile down the shore to the red awnings and guess what? It's not the right restaurant. So Lee calls Chuck back, they talk some more and figure out that we both started out on the same side of the river, so now Lee and I are on the *wrong* side. Much more walking ensued, but we figured we were going to be on the bridge anyway so we might as well take some pictures, right?

Yep, pretty cool. There's some kind of museum or something that you can supposedly go into, but of course we didn't have time this weekend to do that what with walking back and forth all over London :p So we got back to the Starbucks where we started, only to discover that there are TWO Starbucks next to that gigundor hotel, and that while Lee had been using boats on the Thames as landmarks, Chuck had been looking at boats in St. Katharine Docks and there was much confusion all around. In the end it took us 45 minutes to find the other four people, and I'm beginning to think that my lack of navigational skillz may not really be *that* bad. Heh. So I'm using this rare opportunity to give Lee grief about his lack of navigational skillz, even though I know he's really much better than I am :p But I'm curious how long it would have taken for Chuck's wife Katie and me to get us all in the same place.

Last photo before we finally found the other group...they have these phone booths *everywhere* in London (almost as many phone booths as Starbucks!) and when Lee suggested taking a picture with one I hopped in before he even finished the sentence. This one, however, didn't have a phone, just some holes in the side where the phone used to be attached. You can just kinda sorta see Lee taking the picture in the reflection on the time we go to London, I'm going to wrest the camera away from him because a.) he needs to be in more pictures 'cause he's cute, and b.) I like to take pictures too.

Next time: the Tower of London!


Giffysk8s said...

I was so excited when we saw one of those red phone booths in Bermuda (which is British owned and ruled, of course), and it even had a working phone!

Love the bridge photos! Were you freezing outside? How cold was it?

So what did you guys do after you found Starbucks?

And I agree with both a) and b). :)

Liz Guidry said...

Great pics - I need a phone booth pic!! Maybe this weekend!

CCsMom said...

Yay, a phone booth pic. Pretty funny. Can't wait to see all of this in person. And Dad just got home, so I got on the computer to read your blog post before he got here. Ha! Love you!