Monday, April 18, 2011

I Have ADHD Today

Seriously, I haven't been able to settle down and finish *anything* today...except for a load of dishes, and I don't really think that counts. I've spent a good portion of the afternoon in my craft room (which is still in need of a catchy new moniker) but don't really have anything to show for it except for one simple little card and a couple of half-finished layouts.

But let's start with what I did *last* week, shall we? I'm part of a swap group with other SU demonstrators, and so last week I made two sets of swaps. Behold the first one:

Ok, I've never really been able to work the collage thing before, but I was really pleased with how these came out. I used all five stamps in this stamp set, which will be in the upcoming mini catalog. I stole the layout from this card I did a while back:

This is one of my favorite cards ever, is it wrong to be so tickled with my own stuff? Nah, 'cause if it wasn't fun to look at the end results, why would stampers spend so much money and time on this hobby? Anyway, I made 14 of the swap cards and so I used several different patterns for the backgrounds.

I had three separate sheets of double-sided paper and so I just used whichever side happened to look more interesting on each little piece. This paper has some really big designs on one side and smaller patterns on the other side, so sometimes the big design side just didn't work when it was cut apart and sometimes it looked cool.

Next up I did something bright and floral:

I'd had this sketch printed out in my sketch binder for ages and I know it came from a blog somewhere, but I have no idea where. Anyway, I liked how these came out too but the nautical one was my favorite of the two. I also used a couple different patterns on this one:

So that was last week. All I got done today was a quick card for the Clean and Simple sketch challenge on Splitcoast:

I colored in the stamp with markers, stamped it on my cardstock, and then used markers in darker shades to add a little detailing. I like how it looks. Since this is the Clean and Simple challenge, I just left the background as plain cardstock. No bulky embellishments, so this card will be easy to mail...and it should go out in the mail later this week to a friend of mine who has been battling cancer for over a year.

So, let's move on to the ADHD part. My friend Vicki just got back from a Caribbean cruise, which made me ever-so-slightly jealous, and since I couldn't go with her I thought I'd start the scrapbook from the one Caribbean cruise I *have* been on, when Lee and I did a Disney cruise for our honeymoon. So now I have four unfinished pages. Grr.

Like my pajama pants? This layout is mostly done; everything is stuck down, I just need to add some embellishments and journaling. I've got a smorgasbord of big, bold floral stamps to use in this book, but I need an ink refill for one of my ink pads before I start stamping out some flowers for this layout. This book is going to be pretty simple in design: white background for all the layouts and a set number of colors to work with (each section will be color-coded). I'm keeping the embellishments to a minimum, pretty much nothing but the Mickey punches and the aforementioned flower stamps. So once I get that ink refill, theoretically I can blast out a bunch of pages and get this album finished. We'll see how that works in real life.

And here's the layout that is causing my ADHD today, the only thing that's done is the pictures are matted and the title has been stamped. It needs borders on the outside edges and the flower embellishments and for some reason I just can't get in the groove today. I was hoping that if I took a break to make the CAS card, that it would put me more in the mood for paper crafting, but no dice. So I'm thinking I may go stitch instead...I've made a *lot* of progress on my stitching project for the month, which is a big part of why I haven't finished a single layout for my scrapbooks. Oops. Wonder if I can churn out 10 pages to make my goal for the month...


CCsMom said...

You know, I got that mini catalog and what I like is the HOSTESS set. Figures, huh?

It was over 90 degrees today. I'm sitting at the computer at nearly 8:00 p.m. and I'm sweating. Brother. I got a few things for you, but I don't think I'll get them ready tonight to send. I just need to veg tonight. I've been very busy at work.

LOVE seeing your progress. Hope you are doing fine -- didn't hear from you via email.

Love ya!

Giffysk8s said...

I think it's quite funny that I inspired you since I am ALWAYS stealing YOUR ideas! LOL Glad you got to get scrappy and stitchy!

I took a bazillion pictures on our trip. I spent all day today doing laundry from our trip and working on my Easter cards which will most certainly be late. Maybe tomorrow I'll get to start looking at our trip photos!

Charisse said...

There is no need to ALWAYS be productive. I think you a re fine. And if something is not holding your attention, there is probably a good reason as to why that is. Just do it when it comes to you. :)

I have a new blog now. Would love for you to stop by sometime. I shut down the old one because I just couldn't be hampered down by who that person was that started that blog so long ago. :)