Saturday, April 30, 2011

Take the Fair Face of Woman, Part 1

So for the month of April I concentrated on cross stitching and thus I didn't finish a single scrapbook page the entire month. Here's what I was working on this month in my cross stitch project rotation:

This is another Scarlet Quince pattern of course; I actually bought this one at the same time I got the pattern for my Splendid orange crate label. I'd love to have a similar design for an apple crate label, wouldn't that be cool?

Anyway, to get back to my fairy, the name of the painting is taken from the following verse by Charles Ede:

Take the fair face of woman, and gently suspending,
With butterflies, jewels, and flowers attending,
Thus your fairy is made of most beautiful things.

Pretty, huh? Usually I'm not one much for poetry but I liked that. And here's what I've got done so far (if you click on the photo you can see it bigger):

Oh yes, I have been stitching like a madwoman this month. I did the grid for it and then managed to do 9,510 stitches, which sounds like a lot until you factor in that it's only about 7.5% of the 126,000 stitches to complete the design. I finished almost the entire first page and bits of three other pages; it went pretty fast because so much of it was just plain black without any other colors. Of course it slowed down a lot when I started working on the window to the left and the first of the butterflies on the right, but the shading already looks completely gorgeous and this will be spectacular when it's done in about a zillion years.

My fairy isn't the only lady who thinks wearing butterflies on her head is cool, though.

Yeah, I think my fairy lady does it better. Festive, though. This is Princess Beatrice, who also wore the most-mocked fascinator at yesterday's royal wedding:

Ok, first of all, it either looks like a giant bow or possibly some really weird antlers, and second, the color itself is pretty blech. At least her sister wore a pretty blue even if her fascinator is ugly too. Dad says it looks like all these women got Gibbs-slapped on the back of their heads and that's why these things are perched on the front of their noggins (if you don't watch NCIS, you have no idea what I'm talking about and you should really start watching it, great show). WHAT is the deal with those things anyway?!

I do have to say that Kate looked fantastic. One of the fashion commentators on TV here said she was disappointed that the newly-minted Duchess of Cambridge didn't go for something more daring, but it was her WEDDING, not a fashion show. I think she did exactly right, she worked with the designer to come up with a dress that fit her fashion sensibilities and she looked every inch the princess and fashion commentators are lacking in brain cells. Hmph. Kate reminds me of a girl I went to college with...anyway, I wish the newlyweds all the best.

Now I just can't wait till MY prince gets back home, been lonesome here without him!


Thoughts by B and M said...

The moment I saw the butterflies in your stitch pattern - it immediately reminded me of Beatrice and her butterfly hat...and then intern, her crazy wacky wedding hat. I mean seriously?????????? It's outrageous! There were several that were just silly - but what I want to know - how do they stick them on their heads comfortably?????

Christy Lynn said...

I'm thinking comfort probably has nothing to do with it. If comfort were paramount, then high heels would never have become the fashion ideal.

Amber Hight said...

So those things are called Fascinators? That's fascinating...*sorry, couldn't resist*
Yeah, that butterfly one is ugLY! It looks like the butterflies on that Martha Stewart cake, lol! I think maybe they wear such big ugly hats to see what'll get them on TV, lol!

And OMG that stitching project is going to be amazing! You have so much patience, I wish I would have made you teach me your way of cross stitchign while you were still here!!! I love it, but always screw up, ALWAYS! And it's usually irreversible:(

Giffysk8s said...

Wow, you weren't kidding when you said you'd stitched a LOT of black! She is going to be so pretty! Which project is up next in the rotation?

Those fascinators are so silly yet simultaneously intriguing. They do look Gibb-slapped. I wonder what a second Gibbs-slap would do! LOL No wonder the Brits always look so somber and serious. They can't move their heads! How many freaking pins must it take to keep one of those things on your head?