Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wisty Wisty Wisteria

We now know what kind of plant it is growing on the front of our garage: wisteria!

When we first moved in, Lee pruned the trellis rather energetically, so our wisteria is pretty sparse compared to the voluminous canopies arching over the doorways of at least three houses I walk past every day with Sadie and Vader (who are currently lying under the desk and trying doggie voodoo to make me take them out for a walk RIGHT NOW).

I got a good deal on a comforter for our guest bedroom (you know, the one that doesn't have a bed in it yet) that has purple in it, so I kind of want some purple floral pictures to hang on the wall in there. Just got paint today, so sometime before Lee gets back the guest bedroom will be painted pink. Yep, it's going to be a girly guest bedroom.

These pictures just aren't really grabbing me though; maybe if we go to a garden in London on our next trip I can find some more picturesque surroundings. I just wanted Mom to be able to see the wisteria so that's why I took pics of it.

I should take pictures of some of the more luxuriant wisteria arches in the village but I don't want people to think it's odd for me to be out doing things like that. However, I did take a picture of a plant in my next door neighbor's yard...

I think it's a gigundor lilac of some type. It's also got a pervasive perfume! I also walk past a couple other plants like this one, one of which has white flowers, and they're all smelly. Not necessarily bad smelly, just strong; certainly better than the cow poo smell that's pretty common here since we're more or less surrounded by farms.

In other news, Spiderpocalypse has yet to commence; on Sunday night Sadie found a spider in the living room and played with it till it joined the choir invisible. I didn't count the legs to see if it was the one I maimed or if it was one of his friends though...and while I appreciate my fearless spider warrior Sadie doing her part to avert Spiderpocalypse, I worry about a spider biting her. I don't even know if they're poisonous--the fact that they're spiders is sufficient to warrant their destruction in my opinion.

Lee read my last blog post and he says I'm a drama queen. I'm sure I don't know why he thinks that.


Thoughts by B and M said...

I'm sure B would say the same thing - because my reaction to the spiders, and other critters would be the same as yours! :) BTW, stealth blog has been updated! :)

Giffysk8s said...

Well, I am so glad that the mystery plant turned out to be wisteria because it's purple and that pretty much makes it perfect! And I say go ahead and take photos of your neighbors' plants. It's not like you're peering in their windows or anything!

Well, you are Queen of your castle, and if anything dramatic should happen in your castle (such as a very dramatic spider limping off of center stage and refusing to die even though you nearly beheaded him), then I guess that makes you Queen of the drama, too. So technically Lee is right~he just mixed up the word order! LOL

I think you need to stitch purple flowers for your guest room! My Monet would be perfect. Or that pattern I have of the Japanese vases with purple flowers. I may need to hand deliver the pattern, though. :)

CCsMom said...

Hi, Kik! Sorry I've been absent this week. It's only Thursday and I am absolutely exhausted. Hmmm, wonder if I'll make it through Friday. Got TWO bouquets of flowers for Admin Assistant "week". They are nice. Love your wisteria. I'm jealous. They don't last long here in Texas. Love you!