Friday, May 20, 2011

Flowers, Squirrels & More Statues

Amber said to try writing before posting pictures, and whaddya know, it works. I was in the habit of putting up all the pictures and then typing around them.  Anyway, back to Kensington Gardens; we did eventually find some flowers to photograph.

And a fearless squirrelly denizen of the gardens.  There are signs everywhere telling you not to feed the squirrels and pigeons, but people do anyway judging by how fearless the squirrels are, you could tell they were angling for a handout.

Lee took this most excellent picture.  I'm impressed, and maybe slightly jealous of his skillz.

We saw a big monument at the edge of the garden, so we went to go check it out, and it is Queen Victoria's monument to her husband, Prince Albert.

There are statues on the four corners of the monument, each for a different continent; this is Africa.

Here's Asia...I kinda debated putting this up here since she's a bit deshabillee and this is a G-rated blog, but the statue is out there for everyone to see....

There's the center of the monument.  Prince Albert looked so wide from the back that at first we wondered if he was Buddha.

This is the Europe statue, and all the people have crowns.  I want a crown.

And here's the America statue, with the buffalo of course (my high school mascot).  I kind of wonder how accurate the clothing is for each of the statues though; somehow I don't think that Native Americans wore Grecian-style flowing dresses.

Back in the garden, this was a rather odd-looking flower; it was kind of fluffy looking.

Doesn't he look like he's going to launch himself at us unless we give him food?  We moved on before we could become the subject of the next news expose, When Squirrels Attack.

These poppies were actually more orange IRL, but they turned out redder in the photo.  Anyway, after we walked allllll over Kensington Gardens, we got lunch at Bella Italia and both had truly redolent garlic breath for the rest of the day, it was awesome.  Then we went to the Sherlock Holmes museum but those pictures will have to wait for next time; I took them on the little camera and all of these are on the big one.  So anyway, we finished up the day by heading to the National Gallery which is located in Trafalgar Square.

You can't really tell from this picture, but this ship in a bottle is truly massive--I'd say at least six or eight feet long.

Lee insisted on setting the timer on the camera to take our photo, so we're the dark almost-silhouettes with the fountain bursting out of our heads.  Hmph.

Dude, they've got naked statues all over this city!

One of the lions...people were climbing all over them; I saw someone sitting on a lion's back for a picture.  I'd like to go back to Trafalgar Square when we've got more time to spend there taking pictures; we wanted to get into the gallery before it closed.  This is another totally FREE museum in London (awesome) but it's all paintings.  No photos inside, so you'll have to take my word for it.  It's truly amazing to look at these paintings, some of which were done 400 to 500 years ago, and they're still so brilliant and beautiful and some of them are HUGE.  Like, 12 feet tall huge.  We only had maybe 45 minutes in the museum so we'll have to go back again, and I'll take notes on which paintings I like particularly so I can share a bit more (I'm sure I can find the images online somewhere).

So next time, Sherlock Holmes Museum.  For now, I'm off to go walk two annoying little dogs (love you guys!) and run some errands.  TTFN!


Giffysk8s said...

Once again, you managed to capture such beautiful skies! So much for England being dreary (or so I've heard).

Regarding naked statues: you ain't seen nothin' 'til you've been to Italy! (I am sure that grammar is driving you crazy, hee hee!) We even saw them at the Vatican. And like you, I seriously doubt Native Americans wore Grecian dresses. :)

The flowers are amazing! LOVE that shot that Lee took! It would great in your purplelicious craft room!

Rick thinks the ship in a bottle is cool. I think every little boy needs a ship in a bottle. Maybe big boys do, too.

What do the lions signify?

Can't wait to read about the Sherlock Holmes museum. I would love to go there!

All six of us will be in England for three days next July. I need to start making a list of your adventures so we can decide what to see. Your blog is the BEST travel guide ever!

Christy Lynn said...

Lol was more cloudy than the gardens pictures would have you believe. We got sprinkled on as we left the garden, but at least it didn't pour down rain. Okinawa still holds the prize for rain in my book!

CCsMom said...

OK, so those are AMERICAN grey squirrels who are taking over for their much more sensitive local red squirrel cousins. In fact, the British are attempting to stem the population explosion of those grey squirrels. I believe the reds are smaller, but they have tufts of fur that come up from the tips of their ears. The greys are rounder and their tails are fluffier. But yes, you caught some illegal immigrant squirrels in your camera lens. Ha! Well, you know, at least those Grecian American Indian ladies have BOTH of their boobs covered, right?!!! I kinda liked that merman, though. Funny. Can't wait to see some of these things when I come visit. I just loved the buildings in the background of that picture of you two in front of the fountain. Have you ridden on a double decker bus yet? Hope to talk to you this weekend. Love you!!!

CCsMom said...

I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the bee picture. The colors are awesome and it captured how fuzzy that bee is. Isn't that camera something?!!! The photographer weilding the camera isn't bad either . . . !

Amber Hight said...

AWesome pics, those statues are SO amazing! Naked or not, love 'em;) The squirrels are cute too, I miss squirrels! Will you send me a boy and girl squirrel so I can populate Okinawa wiht these adorable critters? ;) Yay, can't wait for the Sherlock Holmes tour!!