Monday, May 23, 2011

The Game is Afoot

As promised, pictures from the Sherlock Holmes Museum, which is naturally located at 221b Baker Street in London.

When the original stories were written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Baker Street's numbers didn't go up to the 200s so the address was fictional.  The street did, however, have a number of boarding houses like the one described in the story as Holmes and Watson's abode, and the current museum is in one of those.  It's quite narrow, squished in between other businesses and I don't know WHY I didn't get Lee to stop in the Beatles store just down the row; I forgot about it before we left for the Tube station.  But I digress.

Since the inside is pretty small, we had to wait a few minutes before we could go in (they only let a certain number of people in at a time).  The man minding the door was dressed up as a Victorian era inspector, and you could get your picture taken with him while wearing a deerstalker cap and holding a pipe...we saw several people put the pipe in their mouths and that was enough to convince us we didn't need to go near it ;)  Anyway, we went inside and up a narrow staircase to where the study and Holmes' bedroom are located.

Here is the table in the study, featuring a bowler hat, magnifying glass, and of course Holmes' pipe.  That kind of pipe was not mentioned in the stories; it came to be associated with Sherlock Holmes due to a stage actor who used that kind of pipe when playing Sherlock Holmes so that his face wouldn't be obstructed by it.  Likewise, the deerstalker is also not in the stories as Holmes' signature headgear; he wore a variety of hats.

Here's Lee in ol' Sherlock's bedroom.  One thing that struck me about this house is how incredibly squeaky the floors were--absolutely no way you could sneak up on anyone in there!

Brass bust of Sherlock Holmes...don't know why we didn't have someone take our picture with it, but there you go.  The museum is decorated with "mementos" from Holmes' cases, plus a few mannequins acting out scenes from the stories (you'll see those in a minute).  But the funniest thing was the letters to Holmes on display.  I particularly liked this one (click on the photo to enlarge it so you can read it):

There was another letter from an American boy saying that if Holmes ever had a case that took him to America, please call on him, particularly if the case involved fish or dinosaurs since those were the boy's specialties.  The book of letters was on a table underneath this:

The Hound of the Baskervilles.  He was pretty humongous.  One of the signs on the wall mentioned that in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories, dogs are rarely mentioned in a positive light and are more often attacking someone or something of that nature, so they speculate that ACD wasn't a dog fan.  So maybe I wouldn't have liked him if I'd met him in real life; I don't trust people that don't like dogs, heh.

A couple of the mannequins on display up on the third floor, where Watson and Mrs. Hudson would have had their respective rooms.  Unfortunately I haven't read the original stories in a long time so I can't tell you which one this pair is from.

This one, however, I can identify--Holmes' archnemesis, Professor Moriarty.  The mannequins were kind of silly but they did have creeptastically real-looking eyes.

And that was the museum.  Not a lot to it, although Lee was a little surprised that a fictional character even has his own museum until I pointed out that Harry Potter has his own theme park.  Anyway, the Sherlock Holmes museum was kind of silly on the whole, but hey, now I can say I've been there.

And here's Ree in the Baker Street Tube station while we wait for our train :)

On our way to Trafalgar Square, we came across the Texas Embassy, so had to take a picture.  It's a steakhouse...hey, when Missy and Bennet come out here maybe we can try it :)


Thoughts by B and M said...

Dear Mr Dead Sherlock Holmes...

haha - truly hiliarious!

And a steakhouse near the "TX embassy"...FANTASTIC! :)

Giffysk8s said...

I'm with you and Missy~that letter is so hilarious!!! Makes me miss being a teacher and having the honor to read stuff like this of all of time!

Even though SH was fictional, I still think the museum is cool. I may drag my entire family there in 2012! Emma will want a photo of her kissing the dog. :)

And for the record, there is no freaking way I would EVER put that pipe in my mouth! EWWWWWWWW!!!!!

Now I want to read the SH books again. I'll blame you when I stay up too late and am tired in the morning, LOL!

adifrog said...

That was definitely written by a middle schooler.