Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Godric's Hollow

Yesterday, Bobby and Liz were kind enough to let me tag along on a drive to Lavenham, which is where some of the background shots for Godric's Hollow in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows were filmed (and now I need to go back and watch that part most carefully to see if I recognize anything). Anyway, Lavenham is kinda known for their crooked little houses.

Wikipedia says that the houses were built with green wood, which warped as it aged and that's what makes the houses crooked. I think it's kind of akin to being in a real-life ToonTown or something of that nature, that's what it reminds me of.

It was kind of hard to get good shots of the crooked houses since the streets were pretty packed with cars and a lot of the crooked isn't like on a 45-degree angle or anything ;)

Quite a few places still have banners and such adorning the buildings in honor of the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Ok, this one you can see that it looks like someone tried to draw a straight line without a ruler.

We turned off High Street down this one since we thought we'd be able to see more crooked houses down here. "High Street" is like the equivalent of Main Street in Britain, seems like every village has its own High Street.

Back on High Street, we saw this house festooned with lots more wisteria than I have. Our flowers have already started to fade; wisteria seems to be one of the plants that doesn't bloom but for a hot minute.

And I finally got a picture of a thatched-roof cottage! The pub right down the road also had a thatched roof; they're kind of common around here actually, I just hadn't gotten a photo of one since I usually see them when we're whizzing by on the road and there's no place to pull over. They usually seem to have some kind of mesh or netting over the thatch, which I imagine keeps it from blowing away and helps keep animals from nesting in it.

We walked all the way to the church, and when we first got there it was kind of cloudy but I think the clouds really add to the ambiance in the photo, don't you?

The sun came out by the time we left the church...they had a secondhand book sale inside the church so I came away with three books for three pounds, one of which was Shakespeare's The Tempest, which I've been wanting to read since I started stitching Miranda.

The first place we visited in the town was the Crooked House Gallery and the lady who worked there asked us if we were familiar with the crooked house nursery rhyme. Liz was since it was in a book of nursery rhymes she read to her daughter, but I don't think I'd ever heard it:

There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile.
He found a crooked sixpence against a crooked stile.
He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse,
And they all lived together in a little crooked house.

I got a postcard with the rhyme on it for my scrapbook :)


Amber Hight said...

I've heard that poem! How cool!
Okay, I'm totally loving those crooked houses, how fun! Lucky you to get to see all these cool houses and castles! Glad you guys had fun:)

Giffysk8s said...

I've known that poem since my own childhood, but had no idea on what it was based. Cool!

So did you feel like you were walking crooked by the time you left? Kind of like having sea legs after sailing! LOL

Looks like a fun day. Now I need to watch that part of HP again, too.

Liz Guidry said...

Good idea to get a postcard with the rhyme on it for the scrapbook! Glad you had a good time with us :)

CCsMom said...

How fun! And yes, I do remember that poem -- I was into nursery rhymes when I was a kid. And I still remember a song from kindergarten and 4th grade. Funny how certain things stick with you. Looked like a wonderful day.

I'm late this morning . . . I've gotta get with it, but thought I'd check your blog for anything new first. Love you!!!

Lee said...

Ok, no one said anything about it but I'm going to. That second to last picture is AMAZING. I freakin love the clouds!!! I showed it to some of the folks here and they were like ohhhh, and ahhhh. I'm double excited because I know that photo isn't edited in any way...since you don't know how to do that yet :-).

I can't wait to blow that up and frame it.

Giffysk8s said...

Ok, Lee called it~my bad for not telling you how awesome that pic is! I could claim that I am clairvoyant and KNEW Lee was going to say it, and I didn't want to rob him of the opportunity to tell his sweetheart how awesome she is! But the truth is I rushed through my comment and neglected to say it for myself. But you know I think you're awesome and so are your photography skills!

Christy Lynn said...

To tell the truth, I did edit it just a teensy bit...Lee showed me how to do "shadow protection" on the Mac, so I adjusted it a bit so the detail on the church would show up better. But I didn't do anything to the color...still, guess that only makes me half as awesome! ;) Thanks Lee and Vicki.

Tanya said...

Okay, this town is too cute! I love it!

Terry said...

These pictures are all awesome! I've read so many romance novels over the years that are based in England and it's pretty cool to know places like that really exist! Love your pictures! And I've heard of that rhyme also.