Thursday, May 5, 2011

One Year Ago Today

I had to laugh at Lee saying he thinks I post more when he's gone because he must be a computer hog. The truth is, I post more when he's gone because I know he's checking the blog to see what I'm up to. I don't have any trouble getting on the computer when he is here, 'cause I can blog while he's at work ;)

Bennet, Missy, Lee and I left for our trip to China one year ago today, so I thought it might be fun to post some favorite pictures from our trip. So here we go!

You can't go to China and NOT see pandas, and we lucked out--thanks to the World Expo in Shanghai, the Shanghai zoo had a bunch of extra pandas on loan from other zoos so we saw more than a dozen.

K, I just think this is a sweet picture...Bennet and Missy when we were on our way out of the zoo.

Ah, the first of what became several running jokes on our trip...PIXIU!!

I just like this picture, taken in the Yuyuan Gardens in Shanghai. Our tour guide, Jessica, said I was the only person she'd ever had correctly guess that the reason there are two parallel hallways here is because one is for men and one for women.

Here we are on our way up into the mountains around Guilin, but we got delayed by a rockslide.

Getting ready to climb into the mountains...what IS it with Missy and climbing/stairs?! First this, then the Great Wall, then Fuji. Oh, this is the edited picture, Lee used to have an antenna:

Lee kindly edited some pictures for me before he left because I spent DAYS uploading China pictures to Winkflash so I can order prints. Days, I tell you.

Here we are near the top of the mountain.

At Rosemary's, our favorite restaurant in China!

Bennet and Missy playing Uno with us while we wait for the Li River cruise to start...we played all over China and even taught our Guilin tour guide, William, how to play.

I think this was Lee's favorite part of the trip, the river cruise...we had I think over 200 photos from this 3-hour trip.

Our second running joke...MERGE!!

We figured out the secret to riding tandem bicycles on the city walls in Xi'an...the back person starts pedaling while the front person walks the bike along until you gain enough speed to balance properly. I didn't realize how low my seat was though, my knees were killing me by the end of our 8-mile ride.

Bennet and Lee posing with a couple of terracotta warriors.

Visiting the terracotta army in Xi'an was MY favorite part of the trip. We studied this for a good long while in one of my history classes in college, so getting to see it in person was almost a surreal experience for me.

And here's our favorite picture from the entire trip! I got a huge photo collage frame in Texas, intending to put China pictures in it, and this will be the 8x10 in the center. Too bad I had to leave it in Texas...

By the time we got to Beijing, we were getting a little more creative with our photos.

This is Bitter Bear Face, which happened when I saw the million and a half stairs we had to climb up and down on the Great Wall (or as we like to call it, the GWOC)...not just once, but TWICE!

At the end of the marfon...I'm smiling 'cause it's over ;)

Here we are, excited to reach our destination because our tour guide and bus driver in Beijing had no idea where they were going. Enter the next running joke..."TEN MORE MINUTES!" Yeah, a 20-minute trip took two and a half hours!

Everybody was kung fu fighting!

I just liked this picture, Lee did a great job on it. I think this is from one of the zillion courtyards before you actually get into the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Our Beijing tour guide, Jack, also known as You Don't Know Jack (YDKJ). He looks confused because he has no idea where we are or what we're doing.

Lee and Bennet at the Temple of Heaven, the last place we went on our trip ('cept I didn't go, I was sick with the Merge at this point).

What a trip it was. So, Bennet and Missy, we need to plan our next adventure...I'm thinking Italy!


Giffysk8s said...

I am so LOL about Lee's antenna! Kind of reminds me of a propellor hat. :)

I remember all of your fabulous pics of the terracotta army! Those were some of my faves from this trip. Were the elephants/bridge from the same trip?

When you scrap these, you should put the "kung fu fighting" photo next to the panda photo. Title: Kung Fu Panda. Ha ha!

Yes, Lee did do a great job on the courtyard photo! I always love water reflection photos.

And now I am LOL over YDKJ! Hilarious!

Just FYI: if Bennet & Missy don't want to go to Italy with, I'll go!

Christy Lynn said...

Miss Vicki, I think you're talking about Elephant Trunk Hill, which we visited in Guilin. I'd already picked over 20 photos for this post so I didn't do any elephant shots :)

Thoughts by B and M said...

italy.....ITaly....ITAly....ITALY...ITALY...ITALY (saying it in a chant-like-tone)!

We're IN!

CCsMom said...

Wasn't that the most awesome trip -- with good friends and you saw so many things. Think how blessed you have been!!! And the good times just go on and on. Can't wait to hear about your trip to Scotland later this month.

Have a wonderful day. I'm putting together your box for shipment on Monday. Love you!