Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Grimes Graves

*grumbles* I lost count of how many tries it took me to get photos uploaded for this post.  Anyway, on this try I got 9 out of 10, which was definitely the best by far, so I'm just gonna go with it, 'cause grumbling at the computer screen isn't going to make it do right.  Why yes, I am ever so slightly technophobic.

So anyway, like two and a half weeks ago Lee and I went up to Norwich and on the way we stopped at Grimes Graves, a Neolithic flint mine that's actually not too far away from our house.

There's one small building where they have an interesting exhibit about the mines and their history, which covers several *thousand* years.  But really, the area looks pretty empty, one big uneven field with lots of sheep (Neolithic sheep!).

'Cause there's sheep everywhere in Britain.  This is where haggis comes from.  And itchy wool clothes.  But the lambs are so cute I want to take one home.

Each of those little depressions is a filled-in flint mine, which the Neolithic miners used to make things like axes.  They dug the mines over 30 feet deep using deer antlers as picks, so it's pretty amazing to think how many holes they dug, and how deep each one was, with such primitive tools.  I got a postcard at the shop that shows Grimes Graves from the air, it looks like a giant grassy Eggo waffle with sheep sprinkles.

So after we went through the little exhibit, we got to go down in a mineshaft.  And we got hard hats!

The miners would dig one main shaft down to the layer of flint that they wanted, and then would dig several galleries radiating from the main shaft.  For the first one, they had to haul all the rubble up to the top of the shaft to make space to work in, but for each subsequent one (ooh, big word), they'd put the rubble into an earlier gallery that had already been mined.  Lee was really impressed by how much work that must have been; but as I said, these people weren't spending time surfing the Internet and Googling themselves, so they had time ; )

Yeah, I know:  it's a hole.  But it's a really *old* hole!

And there's our patented self-portrait, so you can see me in my cute little hard hat.  Is it just me or do I look really surprised in this picture?

After we climbed back out of the mine and said goodbye to all the sheep (and, alas, gave back our hard hats), we continued on to Norwich and Lee bought all the pool supplies that Pablo has put to such good use.  Then we walked around the town, which is pretty sizable.

I think that's one of the churches in Norwich...well, I forget which exactly, but I liked the picture : p

We went up to the castle ('cause doesn't every town in England have a castle?  Ok, most of them) and were going to pay the admission to look around, but they told us that since it was late in the afternoon, if we waited 20 more minutes we could get in for one pound each instead of six since we'd only have like a half hour to look around.  So off we went and walked around the castle a bit, and I took this picture of the cars because the juxtaposition of ancient castle and modern automobile is amusing to me.  Then we walked back towards the mall under which we had parked, and suddenly decided we'd had enough culture for one day so we went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean:  On Stranger Tides instead of going back to the castle.  Hehe!  I liked it, but I think I may have liked X-Men:  First Class better, which we'd seen the night before.  And what's up with movie titles featuring colons?


Lee said...

Oh No!!! I have a hunch back. You can now call me "Pablo...The Hunchback of Feltwell who cleans pools instead of ringing bells".

Christy Lynn said...

What hump?

Oh yeah, you're not a big Young Frankenstein fan like I am. You're missing out, Eye-gore.

Giffysk8s said...

Once again, you took some fabulous shots of blue skies and clouds! I love those!

LOVE the hard hats! This is one of my favorite self-portraits 'cause you just look so darn cute. :)

We liked Pirates, but we haven't seen X-Men yet. I don't get the colons, either, so I simply refuse to use them in this sentence. Ha ha!

And Pablo, hunch back or not, you seem to be a superb pool boy. Don't think your sweetheart wants to trade you in for a monster any time soon. :)

CCsMom said...

I LOVE the juxtaposition of the cars with the castle. Looks like they've pulled up to park after a long day at work and just need to put their feet up on the old footstool. Ha! And I think it was dark in the cave, so you were trying to keep your eyes open wide -- doesn't look like you're surprised. Looks more like you are excited! But cool pictures.