Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hello, my name is Pablo...The Pool Boy!

So...Christy and I (really just me) have an ongoing joke about Pablo the pool boy. I'm a gentleman (yeah right) so I won't discuss it with the ladies, but feel free to nag Christy about it until you get the goods (insert evil cackle here).

Anyways, as I'm sure you all know, we have a pool in our back yard...in England...which still makes no sense. It was apparent that this pool has been neglected for several years. Regardless that it was well covered, it still had MANY things growing in it and moving no less when we took the cover off to inspect it. As soon as we removed the cover we were swarmed by mosquitoes. Here's a picture several days after the cover was removed (after the bugs died down).

Now, I'm one of those people who treats the unknown with enthusiasm. I know NOTHING about pools and therefore I was bound and determined to learn something while I had the opportunity, since we probably will never have a pool again. I did some studying on the subject and once I got a decent grasp of what I was suppose to do, I was off to the races...only to find that the pump was shot.

NEVER FEAR...I'm also a tinkerer in my spare time and was able to fix, yes FIX, the pump and I upped the output too :-). Now it can spray water over 20 ft!

So, I got the chemicals, got the pump working and look what happened...

OMG!!! Blue (or sort of) water! So here's the phase where all the bacteria and algae were screaming in pain because I dumped almost 3 times the normal dose of liquid chlorine into the pool (hey, I'm horrible at chemistry and figured more is better in this case)...and I was right so nyeh!

I let this cycle for a day and then did some clarifying of the pool. Here's the end result...

TADA...clean, clear pool. All I have left to do is vacuum the junk off the bottom and we are ready to go swimming. Sadie's going first since I don't like cold water.

Mom and Dad, be proud...after getting a Masters degree, your son is now qualified to be a pool boy.

- Lee


Giffysk8s said...

Dear Pablo,

It appears that you are a man of many talents! It was quite Harry Potterish of you (had to throw a little something in for Christy) to turn a disgustingly green and slimy looking pool into an almost enticing aqua one (well, it looked enticing until you said there is junk on the bottom). And it didn't even require any gillyweed~just the good old Muggle "more MUST be better" problem solving strategy. ;) Though I still doubt you will ever get your sweetheart (meaning Christy, of course, not Sadie) into that pool. She doesn't like cold water and there is NO WAY she will let her feet touch whatever is still clinging to the bottom. However, now that the pump squirts more than 20' I am sure you'll be able to get her wet anyway. :)

And as the mom of two adult kids currently earning Masters Degrees, it is good to know that they will always have job security~assuming they are willing to become pool caretakers in England.

I always enjoy your posts, Pablo, especially ones displaying your photos! Even though the pool still needs to be vacuumed, you managed to get good shots with reflections in the water (love water reflection photos!). I especially like the reflections in the green water. Funny how they look better in that one! So see, algae isn't ALL bad.

I assume that Miss C is living it up with her dad. I bet he was mighty impressed with your pool magic, too!

Have a good week, Pablo!

Hugs from Christy's goofy friend, Vicki

Giffysk8s said...

Christy, Pablo spilled your secret: there is a "must hear" story about Pablo the pool boy. Now it's up to you to spill the deets! Your peeps want to be in the know! LOL

Lee said...

The stuff on the bottom is just dirt and I managed to vacuum most of it up this afternoon. Yes, I fully intend to get Christy in the pool. I think I'm going to build a water heater to add inline with the pool pump system. I haven't gone to the drawing board yet, but it doesn't seem that hard to do. Mostly just need to find an efficient way to transfer heat to fast moving water (thin copper tubing probably).

Giffysk8s said...

Pablo, hope you know I was just razzing you. You can ask your sweetheart: I've told her that you're her pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. :)

Amber Hight said...

LOL Lee, you're a nut! Hey that pool looks fricken awesome though, I'm coming over to swim!! You did a great job getting it cleaned up! One day, after you get experience being a pool boy, you can be promoted to Christy's Cabana boy!!!
I'd love to see Sadie get thrown in that water, isn't she the big water chicken?

CCsMom said...

Wow, Lee -- I am impressed. Looks FABULOUS! Now if you had temps like we've had here in Texas, you'd be in that pool from the time you got home to bedtime. Whew, has it been a scorcher. If I had that in my backyard right now, I'd be in it. But yes, I am greatly impressed with your skills. Christy got a good one!!!

Liz Guidry said...

hahahaha! The pool looks great. Autumn and I will be over this weekend to try it out. ;)

Lee said...

Feel free!