Thursday, June 30, 2011

Playin' in my Craft Room

Seriously, I need a cooler name for my craft room.  I'm jealous of my mom's friend Robin, her family calls her craft room the Robin's Nest.  How come I can't have a cute name like that for mine?!  Everlasting love and eternal glory to whoever comes up with a cool name for my craft room!

So anyway, I've been playing in here for the last couple days, so I'm going to share some projects with the most recent one first.  My friend Kelly is getting married this fall and she was working on centerpiece ideas; she's got a bunch of mason jars that she's going to fill with branches and fall leaves, but she wanted a medallion kind of thing to go on the sides of the jars.  So here's what I did:

K, since I was playing around, I also did what could be a fall wedding invitation, just for funsies.  Kelly hasn't ordered her invites yet.  Anyway, the initials on the medallion are gold-embossed; I wouldn't keep the eyelets that color but I couldn't find my gold eyelets (which bugs me, 'cause I *know* I've got some of those around here somewhere!).  Kelly, this is just an idea, I could change up the colors however you like.  If you click here you can see the Stampin' Up colors I use so you could pick out what's closest to the rest of your stuff.  The eyelets would probably be too small to fit multiple strands of raffia through; I'd suggest just doing one strand and tying it in a bow between two medallions on each mason jar if that makes sense.  Or we could just say no eyelets and punch bigger holes : )

In addition to that little project, I am once more working on baby books!  I never do just one book at a time, and this time it's Tiana and Sarah who are both pregnant with kid #2.  Sarah gave me a list of requests for her book, and one thing she said was that she loved the November layout for the last book, but wanted it for September this time.  Behold:

I changed up the colors in the stamping just a tad; I thought the tree was a little too dark the first time around so I used a lighter shade of brown, and I went with a more vibrant red for some of the leaves.  Sarah said she loved the colors on the original one, so I'm lucky that I found some more of that patterned paper on SU's clearance rack 'cause I was out of it before.  But since it's my favorite pattern out of that pack, and I have hoarding tendencies, I used some different paper and colors for the other one:

I wanted to see what it would look like with this old Apple Cider paper I had a ton of : ) I used the brand-new color Island Indigo for the title on this one, I got the idea for that from the teal base on the other layout even though there's no teal in the patterned paper.  I think it works.

Last week, the day of the coffee, I ran up to the craft room and whipped out my first-ever name frames for a couple of brand-new babies.

I think they turned out pretty cute for something I rushed to get done.  Next time though I think I'd put the paper in front of the glass so the bow doesn't get smooshed.  I did the one on the right first and was able to self-correct on the second one to put the name a little higher to accommodate the bow without obscuring the letters.

K, so here's a few cards too.

I sent these out to my Stampin' Up customers earlier this week.  I think this butterfly is my new favorite stamp, and I so love the sentiment set too.

This one I did for a challenge on Splitcoast and then just never uploaded it.  I pulled out two of my older sets, it was fun to play with them again.  If you're into this kind of thing, all the details are in my Splitcoast gallery.  Well, the two layouts will be in there pretty soon, at any rate ; )

Lee got tired of waiting for me to finish this blog post so he's making dinner (I was totally going to do that, but he's hungrier than I am!)  so ta-ta for now!


Giffysk8s said...

I like your strategy: blog until dinner's ready! LOL

LOVE the butterfly card! Love the colors. Love the ribbon. Love the embossed panel. Can I possibly say how much I LOVE this card???

Love your ideas for Kelly!

Fab job on the scrapbook pages See, this is why I always copy you!

Amber Hight said...

Ooo, you have been a BUSY LITTLE BEE! These are just awesome, love the scrapbook pages! That's so cool that Tiana and Sarah are preggo again, congrats to them!
Oh, and I'm glad you like the frame, I think a picture of you and your brother are perfect for it, lol! I miss you too, my girl! I can't wait till we're both in the states and I can come visit you, I need my Christy Fix! Also...I'll pontificate on a name for your craft room...

Anonymous said...

I'm FAMOUS on the world wide web!!! How sweet of you to mention my little Nest room :o) I kinda like Christy's Creation's since you're soooo creative/blessed in so many avenues of the crafting world! Did ya get to skype your mom today? I spoke with her briefly Thursday night she sounded wonderful (of course). Sorry your dad wasn't 100% when he came over. I bet he was tickled to see you guys :o} Happy 4th Honey~bless you and your honey for all he does for our GREAT country!!! Robin

Liz Guidry said...

I think you should call it 'Christy's Cave'. Then you could shorten it to C squared (because I am a math nerd).

Christy Lynn said...

If I wanna be all Star Wars geeky, I could call it Christy's Craft Cave--Peace Out. So it's C-3PO. Yep, I'm a geek.

Giffysk8s said...


Anonymous said...

How about Christy's Corner or Christy's Craft Corner?? I'll keep thinking! T