Monday, June 6, 2011

Rare Breeds

We had a beautiful weekend during which we did a whole lot of not much in particular : )  Well, Lee did some yard work and we finally got a mattress for the guest room so once we lugged that up the stairs, I set up the room and it looks SO cute, if I do say so myself.  Will take some pictures once I get a few things up on the walls in there and the living room.

But today it's rainy.  Sadie cracks me up, she doesn't much care for getting wet and I let her out in the backyard this morning to show her it was raining.  She was out for all of two seconds before running back inside, and then she looked at me all expectantly as if to say, "Well, I want to go for a walk so make it quit raining!"  I think it's quit right now though so I may have to take her as soon as I finish this post.

In fact, today's weather is kinda like it was where I left off with the Scotland pictures; after we left the Loch Ness area it was still drizzly on and off, but it wasn't actually raining when we got to the rare breeds croft, which is basically a farm with some funky animals.

We didn't take pictures of any signs saying what kind of animals any of these are and what makes them funkier than their more mundane cousins, and there was no one working the croft while we were there, but I think it's safe to say this sheep is in definite need of a good shearing.  Looks kinda bedraggled, doesn't it?

I tried to lighten the exposure on the picture above so you could see the horns on the sheep (?) in the back, but ehh.

Maybe I didn't look hard enough, but this donkey seemed perfectly ordinary to me.  Other than being pretty stinky and wet, I mean.  Lee made me pet him so he could get my picture.

This little pony was almost as wide as she was tall, with cute little short legs like a Dachshund.  She came up close to the fence to see if we had any treats for her.

And Lee did get a picture of the gorse!  This is the same stuff that was at Urquhart Castle that smells like Banana Boat.

Look, a Heeland Coo!  Also known as a Highland Cow to those of us who are not possessed of nifty Scottish accents (one dude at a cafe told me something was "nae bootha" and there are not enough letters in the Roman alphabet to accurately spell how he pronounced "bother"...the accent is what made me have a teensy crush on Oliver Wood in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone [don't tell Lee I said that]).  That little sheep? goat? whatever was so funny, no way was it climbing out of the hay rick to come see the people at the fence.

This coo did come right up to the fence to see if the grass was any better in that direction; several of the kids in the tour group had ripped up handfuls to feed it (and he did take the grass right out of their hands, bet that at least one of them got coo slobber all over their hands).

I wonder how they can see through the fringe ; )

This nanny goat in the next enclosure was the only one who came up to the fence to see us.

And that was pretty much the end of the rare breeds croft.  Lee took lots more pictures but I think these were the best of them, and had the most different animals (funky or mundane).

We walked from the croft back out into town on our way to the pub for dinner.  The whole area was gorgeous, but from what I can tell *all* of Scotland is gorgeous.

The pub where we had dinner was called the Loch Inn and the food was absolutely FANTASTIC.  Lee and I both had steak & ale pie and then (because Sarah had talked it up so much) split some sticky toffee pudding, so I will blame Sarah that my jeans seem to be shrinking again.  I took a photo of the pudding but somehow forgot to upload it here, will try to add it on the next post.  Anyway, other people got fish & chips (you know I hate fish, so sorry, will not be eating that anytime soon), lasagna, or macaroni & cheese, and from all accounts everything was totally yummalicious.  I wish I had a black hole in my stomach like Lee does,  he can eat anything and everything and not gain weight.  Lucky man.

Our last stop of the day was the Scottish Commando memorial (a rare breed of a different sort).  We had stopped briefly in the morning but it was pouring down rain, so our fearless leader Cindy took us back by there again as it was only 10 minutes from our hotel.

More Harry Potter goodness up next time!


Giffysk8s said...

Okay, you know I am going to tell you how much I love the photo taken through the trees! LOL

We have a little local farm with funky, dreadlock-haired animals, just like those goats. The farm even has donkeys and bison that way too. Of course, when we lived in Boulder, we saw tons of people with dreadlocks. I think I prefer them on livestock. :)

The pudding sounds delish! Especially since I haven't eaten for 18 hours, and won't get to eat for another 8 or so. Off I go to MGH for the fun tests. I'd much rather be in beautiful Scotland!

Can't wait to see the upcoming HP goodness!

CCsMom said...

Didn't get to comment last night because we went out to dinner with the A Team before they take off for Vancouver. They are excited. LOVED the pic of the cow with the heavy bangs. I guess it's like that shaggy dog -- somehow he's able to see his way around. Isn't that hilarious?

Going to take tomorrow off to take Dad to the doctor -- I am hoping they can patch him up enough to come see you. He's in a whole lot of pain.

Gotta run to work. Love you!!! Mom

CCsMom said...

By the way, is that 3rd picture down showing a 2-headed animal? Sure looks like it. Can't see where one begins and the other ends!

Christy Lynn said...

Oh, did I miss the picture of the rare breed 2-headed sheep/goat thing? Dang! I thought all the animals were Muggles!