Thursday, June 23, 2011

Updated House Pics

Apparently Lee thought it had been too long since I last blogged, so he hijacked the blog under the pseudonym of Pablo the Pool Boy : )  I didn't even know he was doing anything till he called to me, "Hey, if I want to say 'nyeh nyeh, so there', how would I spell 'nyeh'?"  He wouldn't let me see what he was writing until he was done with his post.  And I didn't even have to coerce him or anything, he just decided to blog on his own...I think he wanted to show off the amazing pool transformation.  And he did do a great job, so kudos to him.

Anyway, I thought today I would share some pictures of how our house looks now that we've gotten all but two rooms painted (I would love to paint those last two as well, Lee doesn't want to take apart the computer desk and turn me loose in the computer room even though we already have paint for it, and up until we got all that heavy furniture I had been planning to just paint the master bedroom next time he was out of town without telling him first but now I can't move the furniture by myself).  I argued with Blogger for 20 minutes trying to get all the pictures to show in the right order and orientation but finally got it more or less how I want it.  So, we had our first guest last weekend (my dad) and here's the guest room all gussied up:

It was raining yesterday afternoon when I took the pictures, so the color doesn't look quite right, but the walls are really a delicate pink color.  We got the mattress just a couple of weeks ago, we were worried for a bit that it wouldn't get here in time for Dad's visit.  He said we picked a good comfy one.

I'm thinking I want to put a silver-framed mirror in that space above where the little desky thing is, above the flowers.  Whatcha think?

Lee and I finally got around to hanging up a bunch of pictures this weekend (ok, so really I told him where and he actually did the hard part) and this one is up in the guest room.  I got this watercolor print at a bazaar on Okinawa, thinking I might give it as a gift, but I liked it so well I kept it instead : )

And here's the furniture that we got for the master bedroom, I never posted pictures of it after we got it last month.  When we move back to the States and get reunited with our own bedroom furniture, this stuff will be guest room furniture, but for now we're using it in the master bedroom.  That's Juan the Mexican Polar Bear on the bed, he's been with me for over 15 years now.

I picked this set of furniture because I liked the octagonal handles on the dresser.

Next up is the living room:

Sadie insisted on being in the picture.  That's our accent wall, which isn't quite so fluorescent blue as it looks in the picture, although it is pretty vivid.  It really makes the fireplace stand out as a focal point in the room.  I wanted the other walls to be kind of a honey color to match the bricks, but they didn't have the shade I wanted so we ended up with ivory.  It looks okay, but wasn't exactly what I had in mind, know what I mean?  But we're not repainting it again.  We did hang up some pictures above the couch though, so excited about these:

There's a wall sconce in the middle of the wall above the couch, so I did two little collage groups, one on either side.  The England side is on the right, and the photos are the church in Lavenham, Big Ben (of course), and part of the Queen Anne statue in front of St. Paul's Cathedral in London.

Here's the Japan collage to the left, featuring the Golden Pavilion, us on top of the lighthouse at Cape Zampa, and one of the Bill Clinton shi shi dogs (this set was put up to commemorate President Clinton's trip to Okinawa for a G8 summit or something).  Can't seem to find where I might have blogged that particular shi shi dog photo before, but it is one of my absolute favorites.

This is our first purchase of English furniture...we got this whatnot at a bazaar last month (I remember that Laura Ingalls Wilder always called it a "whatnot" in the Little House on the Prairie books).  It's from the 1940s.  Isn't it *awesome*?  And doesn't it just fit in that corner like we planned it like that!  On the top shelf is one of my Japanese tea sets, my Jim Shore Maleficent (the villain from Sleeping Beauty) is on the middle shelf, and on the bottom is this cool little ceramic dragon thing my mom gave me, a vase Lee bought me in Murano, Italy, and a little pink Ryukyu glass vase.  And there's Sadie's noggin in the corner.

Here's how the dining room looks now that we've got it painted, pictures hung up, and the furniture is here (we got it at the end of April after we painted).  The poster on the left is The World by Night, a cool satellite composite image of all the lights on Earth.  It's funny, you can tell where big cities are like Dallas/Fort Worth.  I don't think Okinawa shows up too much though, I'd have to go look again to see.

I just think it's kinda amusing to have a movie poster from Breakfast at Tiffany's in the dining room.  It was this or my Princess Bride poster, but that one is staying in the study.

So Lee and I worked very hard to get the house completely spic and span (not that we're total slobs, I try to keep it clean enough that I wouldn't be mortified if someone dropped by unannounced) because I hosted this month's coffee here last night, so we had like 20 ladies over here.  My new friend Katie co-hosted with me, and we did a trifle bar:

Found this idea online where you make a bunch of stuff that could be used in a trifle and let people build their own concoctions.  We had angel food cake (I know my dad is indignant I made angel food cake the day *after* he left), brownies, banana bread, blueberry muffins, chocolate pudding, butterscotch pudding, vanilla pudding, vanilla creme, strawberry Jell-O, orange Jell-O (no one seemed to eat the Jell-O, I'd leave it out if I had it to do over again), blueberry pie filling, cherry pie filling, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, bananas, chocolate chips, marshmallows, nuts, and maraschino cherries.  I totally forgot to cut up the kiwi and put it out.  Everyone seemed to like it pretty well, so I call it a success : )


Liz Guidry said...

wtg, christy! I'm sure your wives coffee was great :) I hope your dad is feeling better and that we catch up soon!

Giffysk8s said...

Oh my! I love it ALL!!! First off, that guest room screams my name! It has purple, green , and kokeshi dolls!!!

Love the colors you chose and love your furniture! I can't wait to see it all in person! Hopefully Lee will me in. :)

My favorite things are the collages. Your mom does beautiful cross stitch work! They are perfect with the photos. What a cool idea!

I love the vases, too. Lee chose such a pretty one for you!

You can come help me decorate my house anytime. :)

CCsMom said...

I am IMPRESSED!!! LOVED the picture collages. That's PERFECT. Yes, the black frames set them off. The photos are just super. I love the Big Ben one and you know the one of you two on top of the lighthouse is one of my all-time faves! Everything looks so nice. I know you've had a ball decorating, painting and getting everything together.

This weekend I WILL FINISH that dining room of mine -- even down to the curtains. It will be spectacular. I already have your peacock hanging back in its place. My little bluebonnet painting is going to look awesome on the wall -- the color (olive) makes the colors in that painting just pop. I am so pleased because home decorating is just NOT my thing.

Can't wait to see your place with my own eyes. Oh, I haven't seen the pics Dad took yet. I'll have to remember to bug him about that.

Love you!!!

CCsMom said...

I have to say, too, that I absolutely LOVE that watercolor picture you put up in the guest room. Can't wait to see it in person. GLAD you kept it for yourself. It's GORGEOUS! Gotta run to work. Love ya!