Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Frivolous Wishes

Yesterday I did some yard work...weeded until I got tired of that, and then mowed the rest of the weeds ; )  As I was doing that, I thought how nice it would be to have some kind of garden fairy who could keep all the weeds out of the yard and give us lots of pretty flowers and stuff.  And then I wished that all my socks were the same height because I hate a pair of mismatched socks.  So if any of you happen across any wish-granting genies, wish for something silly and frivolous like I did.

Guess what?  I've been hard at work the last couple of days making more pages for Sarah and Tiana's baby books, so that's what I'm sharing today.  I've got more done on Tiana's book than Sarah's right now; I'm waiting for a couple of things to come in to work on some of Sarah's layouts.

Here's Tiana's February layout, I know she likes that little truck.  I think I made the piece with the truck a little too big...might go back and tweak it a little before I send it off to Tiana when the book is done.

This is Sarah's February work in progress; I need some smooth 12x12 Pink Pirouette cardstock before I can finish this one.  I'll stamp some big flourishes on the background when I have that.  I used Lucky Limeade for the green color but I wonder if it's a bit too dark...I may switch it out for something else and re-stamp the Eiffel Tower panel, we'll see.  These colors are what Sarah is using to decorate her daughter's room and will match the bedding she has.

I think this might be my favorite layout of this batch...well, this one or Sarah's May : )  I know I've said it before, but I do so miss Crushed Curry, I think it was such a fabulous yellow.  Anyway, since Tiana is now living in the Southwest, I thought it would be fun to have a cowgirl page for her book.  I was at first going to use some more muted colors but that just isn't Tiana, so I found that awesome pattern in the Razzleberry Lemonade paper pack and went from there.

I colored in the medallion with markers to match the patterned paper, stamped it and punched it out.  I used that same medallion stamp on the background.  Finally re-inked my Whisper White craft pad for the first time since I bought it, that's got to be at least six years ago.  Don't known why I didn't do it before : )

Here's the cowgirl panel, I like how this looks.  This was actually the second iteration (first one below)...I had to redo it so that the bronc would be offset a bit and look better with where I stamped "Wanted".  The two stamp sets I used on these pages are Wanted and Bronc Buster, I love 'em both, and now they both fit in one single DVD case 'cause I unmounted them.

My first try at the bronco panel, which was fine but just not quite as I wanted it.  Sometimes it takes me a couple of tries before I get things just so.

My other favorite layout...I fixed the stars on the right page, there's one that didn't stick where it was supposed to and I didn't notice it before I took the picture.  Sarah said there's a big eclipse next May so she requested something celestial with pastel colors.  Well, the colors aren't technically pastel I don't think, but I think she'll like this nonetheless.  I used Lavender Lace for the page base, Ballet Blue for the photo mats, and the patterned paper is Regal Rose from an old retired paper pack whose name escapes me at the moment.

When Sarah asked for something celestial, I thought of this stamp set, Stardust...but I don't own it, Mom does.  And because my mommy is so cool, she sent it to me for use on this layout.  All I got done on baby books yesterday was coloring in the sun and moon with colored pencils.  It took a lot of different colors of yellow, orange and red for the sun, lots of layers of color too.  I did the sky around the sun in purple just because I like orange and purple together.

The moon was faster to color because it's smaller than the sun and also not all the different sections and stuff.  The moon is pale gray with some lavender shading; both the moon and sun have blue eyes.  And of course I've got some more flourishes for Sarah : )

I managed to get this layout done for Tiana's book in a single sitting, I wanted something bright and orange.  The colors on the photo look darker than they are IRL; it's really overcast today so the colors aren't photographing quite right.  Trust me, it looks better in person.  Anyway, the butterflies on this layout are from a really old stamp set called Flutterbies.  I had another small butterfly cut out and was thinking of putting it below the journaling block, but then I decided that it was fine as-is and took it off.

I think I'm done with baby books for the day.  I'm going to watch The Last Unicorn and work on my stitching until time to make dinner.  Hope you're having a great week out there on the interwebs.


Tanya said...

wow! I love the celestial bits, I love the second cowboy, and I think the truck part is sized to perfectly balance the journaling square. :) These are amazing gifts!

Giffysk8s said...

Love ALL of the pages! I especially like the butterflynpage because I know Emma would love it! You have really been jamming! I miss you. :( I'll try to Emil you tomorrow. Have a great Wednesday!

BTW, I would for something frivolous such as stamping ink that sticks to my paper but not to my hands. And maybe for weather fairies that could turn the humidity into something magical like beautiful birds or rainbows.

Giffysk8s said...

P.S. What's that medallion stamp?

Liz Guidry said...

My fave one is the eifel tower one! Love that color combo.

I would wish for a scrapbooking fairy. She would catch me up and use my supplies and finish them to my liking (having awesome psychic powers, she would know what I liked). When she was all done, she would organize all my scrapbooking items neatly and then be released back into fairyland until I became hideously overwhelmed by scrapbooking again in a few years. The End.