Monday, August 1, 2011

The Accolade, Part 1 and Miranda, Part 2

So I changed my mind.  I was going to post the pictures I used for Missy's clock, but it's the first of the month and that means it's time for an update on my stitching projects : )  I even have two today, since I never did an update at the end of June/beginning of July when I was working on The Accolade.  Here's what it will look like in about a zillion years when I finish with it:

Pretty cool, huh?  I first saw a cross stitch pattern of this painting like back when I was in high school and liked it, so I was excited to find such a beautiful rendition at Scarlet Quince.  Then I did my first order from them and ordered two different patterns and not this one : )  But at last, I have started on it.  Sort of.

So this was the most difficult of my four current SQs to start:  that window in the upper left corner has about a gajillion color changes, and this far in it still hasn't resolved itself to being a window...still looks like a golden brown smear.  Seriously, in the first 10x10 block, there are more than 30 different symbols to contend with, and I was going cross-eyed even with the grid lines and coloring in as I go on the chart.  So sadly, I only managed to complete 1,058 stitches on it out of 150,000.  Yeah, that's less than ONE percent done.  Well, hopefully next time it comes up in the rotation, it'll go faster since last month I had to do the grid on this.  Wanna see how pitifully small the stitched section is compared to how big the design will be in a zillion years?

Ok, I tried to be smarter than Blogspot and figure out which pictures it would rotate funky directions, and I only got 1 out of 3.  But I don't feel like arguing with it this morning so it's going to stay like this.  It's funny, our dining room table stayed pretty much completely clear for like 3 months and in the last two weeks I've started using it, which means I have random stuff piled on it.  Up in the top of the photo is the scratch paper and embossing powder from when I was working on cards last week (have to emboss in the kitchen since the heat gun requires the transformer to work).

Anyway, in July I started the rotation over and I'm back to Miranda, which I last worked on in January.  Here's what she'll look like eventually:

She will take far less time than The Accolade because she's only (only, har har) 39,894 stitches compared to 150,000, and I managed to do over 7,000 stitches on this project in July.  Behold, Phase 2:

I wish the colors were better in the photo 'cause it's really pretty IRL, even though all I've done is the background and a teeny bit of her hair.  I always try to finish up for the month with as few random bits of white in the stitched portion as I can manage, but sometimes it's hard to avoid the confetti look (until the piece is pretty much done!).  She is now 31.6% finished (yes I am a dork, I keep track on a spreadsheet...hey, makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something!  Well, maybe not on The Accolade yet, that one's still a teensy bit depressing) with 12,605 stitches done.  I kinda hate to put her away for a few months but it's time to move onto the next project in the rotation:  The Quarry.  That one is Lee's favorite of the four I'm working on so I can't skip it : )

When I embarked upon my crazy idea to work on four different Scarlet Quince projects in rotation, I came across the idea to have a place to park threaded needles to save on time when switching colors back and forth.  So I got a piece of foam board and cut it in pieces, labeled each piece for the corresponding project, and I have the floss labels from Scarlet Quince that I stick on the foam board and then stick in the threaded needle.  I've bought like a zillion needles since I have so many projects going, but I do like how it's working so far--so much easier if I discover I missed one or two stitches in a particular symbol when I don't have to dig out the thread colors, re-thread the needle, do two stitches and put it all back.  I added quite a few colors to my needle park for Miranda this time around...I only have one color on The Quarry so far but I'm sure that will change this month.

I usually watch TV or movies while I work on stuff, to the point where I feel a little weird if I don't have something to work on while I'm watching TV.  So this month I got through a season and a half of Veronica Mars, plus assorted movies, mostly in the cheesy 80s or action genres.  Yesterday I watched Splash and Supergirl (which is a pretty silly movie, I do have to concede that point to Lee, but I still like it) and then Lee watched the first part of Superman with me--the original Superman movie with Christopher Reeve, which still has its moments of cheese but we both love it.  Lee's favorite part is where Clark looks at a phone booth and then passes it up when he's looking for a place to change into his tights.  I just love watching him be all fumbly and ignored when he's in his alter ego of Clark Kent.  You kind of don't think about it, but Christopher Reeve had some pretty good comedic timing.  Still, my favorite Lois of all the Superman incarnations is Erica Durance from Smallville.  Hope we get to finish up watching Superman tonight, if Lee gets home early enough.

Well, I've got a list of things to do today before I can sit around watching movies.  Floors need to be vacuumed, dogs need to be walked, dishes need to be washed.  Ahh dishes, the bane of my existence.  Just kidding.  TTFN!


Giffysk8s said...

Oh, I LOVE it when you post your stitching photos!

I know what you mean about feeling depressed over the small dent you've made on The Accolade. I feel like that with my Degas, which I haven't even touched since January. As soon as I finish these irises, I will switch back to that one. I have never done a grid before, but I may go back and grid the remaining parts of that Degas (which means most of it). I think it would make it easier to stitch. Now I just need to muster the courage.

LOVE Miranda! I haven't started mine yet. I have no idea where I will put her when she's done. But that's a problem I can deal with later. I just love that pattern! But I seriously cannot work on more than two patterns at once without becoming discombobulated. I don't know how you can do four. You are the Jedi Knight of cross stitching. :)

I love your idea with the foam board. I usually just park on my fabric, but that makes for a mess~too many colors sticking out and it gets distracting.

I like to stitch while I watch the Sox games or my cop show DVDs. NCIS, The Closer, and Law & Order are my faves.

Hope you're having a great day and that the bane of your existence has taken care of itself! :)

Christy Lynn said...

None of my chores has taken care of itself...well, I walked the dogs, but the others are still undone. The dishwasher didn't actually use the soap last time it ran, so I had to run it again and hope it works this time, and the vacuum cleaner isn't sucking up the hair for some reason. Since I am not at all mechanical, that one will have to wait for my dear sweet honey pie to get home and look at it. On the upside, now I can go work on crafty things!