Monday, August 22, 2011

Hawaiian Flowers

We had a very low-key weekend...went to see Cowboys & Aliens (kind of...meh) on Saturday and did a whole lotta NUTHIN' yesterday, which was fantastic.  I spent a lot of the day cross stitching and watching DVDs:  Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade, Ghostbusters, and several episodes of NCIS season 2.  I may have overdone it with the NCIS though, I had a dream last night that I worked for Gibbs.  And as much as I love Gibbs and Tony on TV, I think if I knew them in real life I'd have to strangle them : )  That said, in my dream, Gibbs said I was smart so that's something.  At least he didn't smack me on the back of the head.

So anyway, since we didn't go anywhere interesting this weekend and I don't have any more baby book pages to share yet (which will hopefully change this week), I thought I'd go back to more Hawaii photos.  What I'm going to post next time I don't have anything going on, I don't know.  But for today, here's some pictures of the flowers in the garden of our hotel in Honolulu.

'Cause I love purple : )

I think this is pink ginger.  I just think it's cool-looking.

The bird of paradise is an elegant bird, it likes to be seen and it loves to be heard...and now I have the Tiki Room song stuck in my head, heh.

And there's a gecko.  Why is it that I'm totally terrified of spiders and bugs of all kinds but geckos don't bother me at all?

Well....I like pink ginger.  And I had two good pictures of it : )

And there's us in Hawaii!  I wanna go back to Hawaii sometime.  Lee didn't get to go see a volcano the first time, that means we've gotta go back again, right?

K, I'm off to do something productive in my craft room.  And do more laundry.  And hopefully next time I'll have something new to share, 'cause I've only got enough Hawaii pictures for one more post, ha!


Giffysk8s said...

Love all your pics! Makes me want to go back to Hawaii, too. When you go, can I go, too?

BTW, Gibbs is right. :) Guess what I'm watching right now. LOL

CCsMom said...

Be careful on your trip. "Have fun storming the castle!"