Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Leeds Castle, Part 2

K, so you guys liked the Leeds Castle photos more than the Hawaii photos, I woke up to 3 comments this morning : )  And I noticed in my sidebar that I've got some new peeps and even more amazing to me, these are people I've never met IRL...I'm honored you guys think I'm entertaining enough to read my lil old blog!

Since I know Mom has seen the last blog post thanks to her comment, I'm gonna move forward and post the rest of our Leeds photos.  Well, not all of them, but the second batch of the ones I do want to post.  So after we went through the dog collar museum (yep, still weird), we walked through the garden a little bit and you KNOW I took some more flower photos.

Here's a thistle, one of the emblems of Scotland.  I got the new Stampin' Up stamp set Nature's Pace mostly because it has a thistle in it...haven't used it yet but I will.  Lee thinks this looks like a weed.  I was surprised how tall it is, there were some thistle plants that were taller than I am.

Cheery sunflowers.  Or daisies that look like sunflowers.  Whatever, they're still cheery.

I liked this one because it kind of reminds me of a powder puff (not the PowerPuff Girls, a powder puff).

I took two pictures of this flower...I liked the vivid color on it.  Above is my shot, below is the one Lee suggested.

After we perused the garden a bit, we went to the maze and wandered around it for a while.  Lee will tell you that I stink at navigating but I was just wandering around for the fun of it and trying to avoid the puddles.  Lee got us to the center by cheating (looking *through* the hedges).

There was a French family in the maze at the same time, so I was kind of listening to the mom who was already in the center as she gave directions to the kids.  My French is still terribly rusty, but at least I could tell what she was talking about.  There's a big grotto in the center of the maze so the French maman was on top of that, also where I took this picture from.  I tried a few pictures inside the grotto but with the low lighting and lack of tripod none of them turned out well.  They had a recording of a guy reciting lines from Rime of the Ancient Mariner playing in the grotto; I remember studying that in school (and not liking it overmuch).

We left the maze just in time to see the bird show.  The last private owner of Leeds Castle, Lady Baillie, had a thing for birds, so the castle has its own aviary (we didn't go through that though).

Lee's favorite bird was the Macaw.  I think it's fun to watch birds but I've never had the yen to own one myself.  Anyway, after the show, we finally went inside the castle.  I didn't take hardly any pictures in there, but here's one I did grab:

Lady Baillie's shoe collection : )  I liked her yellow dressing room too, it was a nice warm shade of yellow.  I think Lee is slightly afraid of my liking yellow walls as I told him once I'd like to have a yellow kitchen with white cabinets.

We were just about ready to head back to our car when it started raining heavily again, so we hung out for a few minutes and Lee took my picture so that I have proof that I own a totally awesome Goonies shirt!  Then Lee led us down the wrong path and we walked through a ginormous sheep pasture before we turned around and walked back to find the correct path back to our car.

On the plus side, our detour gave the weather some time to clear up a bit so I got one more nice shot of the castle exterior:

And we saw the peacock again, who was busily preening its feathers.  We tried whistling at it to make it look towards us, with some small success:

And then people walked behind us and looked at us like we were crazy for whistling at the peacock.  Whatever, people.

After our visit to Leeds Castle, we drove down to our hotel in Folkestone and settled in for the night.  Fear not, I have more castle pictures to share soon!


Giffysk8s said...

Love all of your flower photos! I especially like the thistle, mostly because I've never even seen a photo of one.

That shoe closet is too cool! Brittany would be so jealous.

Can't wait for more castle pics!

Thoughts by B and M said...

Ah yes. A Missy Approved Excursion. Love stairs - and your goofy pictures! Nice work with the camera, C - impressive!

CCsMom said...

LOVE the picture of the peacock. I mean, just look at the composition! And that thistle is interesting, isn't it? I've always thought they were strange flowers, but I guess it's the intricacy of it that draws me in.

Tired this morning. I have to remember to ask my boss for Friday off (I had emailed him, but I'm betting he didn't really see it). If I have that to work toward, I think I can make it through these last two days . . .

Love you!!! Mom