Friday, August 5, 2011

Missy's Clock Photos

I'm kind of working on some cards for the Dare to Get Dirty challenges over on Splitcoast, but at the moment I'm procrastinating and that means it's a good time to blog : )  So today I bring you the photos I used for Missy's clock birthday present.  You can see the clock itself if you scroll down a couple posts; I'll wait.

Back with me?  Ok, good.  All four pictures in the top row are from China, one from each city we visited, starting with the pandas we saw in the Shanghai Zoo:

I still think that's a pretty amazing photo, Lee took it.  Although I'd like to claim credit for it myself : )

Here we are in the mountains near was either a photo from this day or when we went on the riverboat cruise, but this was a fun shot with all four of us and the lady in the cool dress so it won.

Know what I discovered when I was looking for pictures for the clock?  We have no shortage of photos of Bennet and Lee goofing off together; here with the terracotta warriors in Xi'an.

And here's the best picture from the whole trip, all 4 Baylor Bears on the Great Wall.  I could have put in the photo of me pouting about all those dad-blasted stairs, but no way could I NOT include this one.

The two photos on the left side in the middle are from our trip to Sapporo; this is us on top of Mount Moiwa with more snow than I have ever seen before in real life.  (If I could count "not in real life" snow, then maybe Hoth had more...maybe.)

And here we are looking very nervous with the tiger pacing back and forth at the zoo in Sapporo.  That glass did not look heavy-duty enough to withstand a tiger who really put his mind to getting out, so Lee had to do some convincing to get Missy and me to go stand over there in front of it.  He could not, however, convince the tiger to stand still, so all you see is a blur.  With stripes.

The two photos on the right side are from our trip up to mainland Japan to climb that stinky mountain.  I was looking for photos that would make Missy smile and/or laugh, so I had to go with this one of the four of us crammed into our tiny alcove to sleep for the night.

The day after we got back from the stinky mountain place, we went to Tokyo Disney Sea, Missy's first-ever experience at a Disney theme park.  So I made sure she got some Minnie Mouse ears.

The bottom four photos are all from Okinawa since that's where we had most of our adventures together : )

These are the mini motorbikes at Round One; Lee said I should crop it to just him and Bennet since they were looking at each other (sorry Missy, those squares on the clock were SMALL!)

And here are Lee and Bennet, striking the Captain Morgan pose (obviously I was able to crop myself out of this one for the clock).

All dressed up at Okinawa, we shoulda got Lee and Bennet some hats like those.

And lastly, one of the things I miss the most about friends.  HA!  You thought I was going to say Cocok's with the Silent K, since that's where this photo was taken (it was my last trip to Cocok's, *sniff*) but I miss these gals more than foot massages and wicked cool-looking pedicures.

I thought about doing a little sign that says "Time to visit Lee & Christy!" for one of the photo openings but I had too many pictures picked out to do that.  I also had one orchid shot and a cherry blossom photo that didn't get used.  I was pretty pleased with how the clock turned out, I may have to buy another one for us : )

Ok, no more procrastinating...I have GOT to go make at least two cards.  Later, gators!


Giffysk8s said...

Christy, I love this whole clock idea, and I love the photos you chose! I still laugh at the one of the little alcove where you slept on the mountain. You have to be REALLY good friends to share such tight sleeping quarters! I am afraid you would never do that with me~I snore and would surely make you hate me! LOL

And if you ever want to see a TON of real snow, come visit me in January some year! Then you'll see real snow! LOL

Thoughts by B and M said...

It was tight sleeping quarters. It was almost like "1-2-3" and we'd all roll over at the same time.

Christy - Thanks for such an AMAZING birthday present! I hope we get to see you soon as it is Time to see you guys! Miss you SOOOO much!!!

CCsMom said...

i just LOVE the expression on that panda's face. He looks highly intelligent. Ha! Isn't the water just amazingly BLUE, BLUE, BLUE in the Captain Morgan picture? This whole thing is just GOOD TIMES, isn't it? I still remember a lot of the good times I had there when we called Okinawa our home. Just think of how many places and things you've been able to see!!! All I can say is, "Wow!" I sure do miss you -- seems like ages since we talked. Wonder why that is? Hopefully this weekend. Love, Mom

Liz Guidry said...

Such a thoughtful birthday present! Great picture choices. I had never seen the picture of you all dressed up together at Okinawa World or the last one with your friends.

Amber Hight said...

Love all these pictures! But especially the last one of all us girls:) I sure miss you guys!!! I saved this picture to my computer;)

CCsMom said...

OK, I was looking for a new post . . . one that you promised you'd do when I talked to you yesterday. Well, I know you are busy. I'll check again later. Love you!