Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ooh, SHINY!!!

So guess who's getting that cold now?  Lee tried really hard not to share it with me, but I started to feel the effects on Sunday night.  Luckily I haven't had it nearly as bad as Lee, probably because as soon as I started to feel crummy I rested a lot and took it easy.  I think I spent all day Monday on the couch watching movies like Goonies ("HEY YOU GUYS!!!") and then yesterday it took me most of the day to go to the doctor (more thyroid stuff {thyroid is fine, so now we're going to try me taking vitamins to see if that helps with the fatigue issues}, not my cold, although I also had my right wrist X-rayed since it's been hurting me more and more lately, the X-ray tech refused to take the last picture 'til I said "cheese" and this is a really long parenthetical aside), eat lunch, and do the grocery shopping.  I kind of putted around and didn't get home until almost 3 in the afternoon.  Waiting at the doc's office gave me time to start re-reading one of my more recent favorite books, Percy Jackson and the Olympians:  The Lightning Thief.  I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again:  FABULOUS book.  Way better than the movie.

So anyway,  on to some photos.  When we were in Nottingham on Saturday (and really, I think it's so cool that we got to go to Nottingham!!) Lee was teasing me that I'll be walking along and suddenly it's like "Ooh, SHINY!!!" and I've disappeared to go check out said shiny object.  Saturday's shiny objects were flowers (big surprise, huh?), specifically the most magnificent group of hydrangeas I've ever seen.

Maybe it doesn't look so magnificent in this picture, but this was only about half the bushes, and they all had flowers in different colors.  You can alter the flower color by controlling the alkalinity of the soil, so someone has obviously worked very hard on these hydrangeas to produce a veritable rainbow of flowers.

I've been partial to hydrangeas since my wedding.  The day that Lee asked me to marry him, I bought my first bridal magazine (and we also went to see The Santa Clause 2:  The Mrs. Clause, wasn't that appropriate?) and in that very first magazine I found the inspiration for my bouquet.  The original photo had sweet peas, not hydrangeas, but sweet peas weren't in season in October when we got married, so my bouquet was hydrangeas and it was beautiful.  So now you know why I like hydrangeas so much.  Plus, you know, *purple*.

Anyway, when I saw these hydrangeas, of course I had to go take lots of pictures of them.

The colors ranged from really pale (one almost white, you'll see it further down) to such saturated colors you'd think that they were painted, Alice in Wonderland red roses style.

Love this color of blue, isn't it pretty?

I have a bitty potted hydrangea on my kitchen windowsill, and when I got that Lee looked up how you can make the flowers change color.  The blue and pink are pretty much on opposite ends of the spectrum so I'm kind of curious as to how the mysterious gardener could have changed the soil chemistry for two adjacent bushes so significantly.

Yeah, I like purple.  I took lots of purple flower pictures : D  I had purple hydrangeas in my wedding bouquet, but the florist had to paint them to get them really vibrant purple.  Maybe she shoulda talked to whoever grew these.

I like this one with the fuzzy hydrangeas in the foreground.

I didn't mess with the color at all on this photo, so you can see how bright pink the flowers were.  Pretty amazing.

See, here's the white one I was talking about.  I have no idea how you make a hydrangea turn white.

So here you can get an idea how tall some of the bushes were, and how big the flower heads are.  I'm standing up, the ground is more or less level, and that bunch of hydrangeas is on a level with my head--I'm 5 foot six or so.

All the hydrangeas were next to the Museum of Nottingham Life (we didn't go in) at the base of Castle Rock, except this one--we walked back around and up the hill to go back to the "castle" and I saw these on the way (Lee:  "There you go again, ooh SHINY!!").

Well anyway, I think I'll go clean up my craft room so I can actually find my stamping space.  Why is my craft room always in disarray?  Oh yeah, that's right:  it's creative clutter.  Ta-ta!


Giffysk8s said...

Okay, so you had to know that I was going to go all nutsy over this post! I think you should do a little collage with these and hang it in your purple guest room. The variations in colors are so pretty!

A few months ago, we ripped out all of the ugly bushes along our front porch and planted 5 or 6 hydrangeas. We wanted to see what colors bloomed before we started messing with the soil. We had the same thing happen: adjacent plants with completely different colors even though they are all the same variety. There are specific varieties which will only bloom a certain color (maybe that's how the museum has some white plants), but you know I had to have the purpley ones. LOVE these photos!

And BTW, I didn't even know that florists paint flowers. How did I not know that?

Giffysk8s said...

Forgot to say that I love the photo with you in it! You even wore a coordinating color. I am going to print this one so I have a pretty picture of you. Emma always asks about you, so now she can see you. :)

Christy Lynn said...

Really, Miss Vicki? I looked at that picture and thought hmm...maybe I should start wearing makeup!

CCsMom said...

Aren't those something else? I love them so much because they come in BLUE. Yeah, the daisies at my wedding were dyed blue, but they put blue food coloring in the water and it sucked it on up into the petals. Weird, huh? My favorite is the one you are standing next to with the combo blue and purple. LUCIOUS!!!