Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Playing in the Dirt Pile

So a couple of weeks ago, the Dirty Dozen on Splitcoast hosted this year's Dare to Get Dirty challenges and I played along in a few of them, but since I got that cold I never uploaded what I made.  Well, better late than never, so here's some stampy goodness for you today.

K, so this one wasn't for the DTGD challenges, this is the card that I posted a while back saying I thought it needed something I added the flowers : )  Much better, although still not my most favoritest card ever.

I've had the French Foliage stamp set since last fall and this is the first time I've used it...oh wait, don't tell Lee that : )  Anyway, I think I'll make some more fall cards with it this year, it's such a pretty set.  On this card I used the gold Shimmer Spray that SU sells, first time I've tried that too.  I really liked the effect on the card, not quite so much on the bathroom wall where I accidentally sprayed it, hehe.  Luckily the wall is tile so it wiped right off.

I love these mermaid stamps.  I tried a new-to-me technique called marker layering to color them in; I like how it looked on their hair but not on the tails.  I think this technique is better for smaller areas.  The one on the right I colored with blonde hair and a reddish tail so she looks like Madison on Splash (which I had just watched when I colored her in).  I tried to do red hair on the middle one but it turned out much browner than red...she's kinda supposed to look like Ariel.  And the black-haired one on the left was just for funsies.

One of my friends here just found out she's pregnant, so I made this for her.  Also not one of my favorite cards, I think the sketch was just too fiddly for my taste.  I'd put some punched-out flowers on here but hated it, so ripped them off and put on a Prima instead.  The button was actually cuter than it looks in the photo, it had just a bit of glitter in the center.

Unfortunately, this one is for a friend whose dog just passed away.  I hate making cards like this, but I think this one turned out very nicely.

And here's what I've been working on today:  Kelly's wedding stuff.  The invitations are practically done (I ran out of ribbon for the last 10 or so, but that will arrive tomorrow) and I just emailed Kelly this picture to see what she thinks of the medallions for centerpieces and the tags for favors.  The eyelets are actually a muted gold color,  not sure how well that shows up in the photo, but it looks good with the fall colors on here.

As soon as I finish the wedding stuff for Kelly, I'm going to attack the baby books again.  I got some new patterned paper and a few stamps in the mail last week so I'm rarin' to go!  Y'all have a great day out there on the Interwebs.


Liz Guidry said...

I love love LOVE the mermaids! If A ever has a mermaid themed party, can I borrow those? Beautiful coloring - your days coloring in books were well spent. :)

CCsMom said...

I was thinking the very same thing Liz said in her first sentence when I opened the area to comment. Ha! The wedding invitations are just lovely. And I really like the fall look on that first card (I think it was the first one -- the one with the French stamps). Yes, very nice.

Still hotter than a firecracker here, but looking at the fall stuff makes me have hope. I bought some things for the school drive at work, crayons and such, so yeah, I'm getting in the mood for a little cooler weather! Don'tcha just LOVE it?! Wish you were here to go to Rosa's with us. Love you!

Amber Hight said...

Oooo, yeah I love those those mermaid cards, you colored them up beautifully! All the other cards are perfect too, I miss stamping with you!! BTW, you are NOT chopped liver. You are Filet Mignon with loaded mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli, baby!!! :) LOVE YOU!