Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Quarry, Part 2

Wow, three posts in as many days...I think that's a record here at Snapdragon : )

I know I said castle pictures but it's the end of the month and that means it's time for progress pictures on my Scarlet Quince stitching projects!  Woohoo!  Oh, check out their two newest designs, both with umbrellas--very pretty.  Anyway, I was a very busy little stitcher this month (which explains why I haven't worked on baby books in a while, although I did finish all those wedding invitations) so here's what this month's project will eventually look like:

I did a bit of Googling on Julian Onderdonk, the artist who painted this work, and found out he was an Impressionist who lived in San Antonio, Texas, which explains the bluebonnets.  Reminds me and Ree of home, I love bluebonnets.  So without further ado, here's how far I've gotten (click for a larger view):

Lots of progress since Part 1!  I admit, the first week and a half were pretty boring this month as I was just working with that off-white color all over the top.  Sure it goes faster than a lot of color changes, but it's not as much fun to do especially since it's such a pale color.  For some reason I feel like I get more progress done on the butterfly fairy since the big swatches on that are in black.  At any rate, I did finally get to some more interesting bits (I was so excited to get to some blues and greens) and I managed to put in a whopping 10,766 stitches this month.  I'm now at a total of 12,166 and 9.29% completed (only 118,802 more to go!).  I worked hard to get the entire first page completely finished, and I've got about half of the second page done as well thanks to the sky going so fast, plus bits of three other pages.  I also worked with *lots* of different symbols once I finished the sky:

I ended last time with just one lonely needle on The Quarry's needle board, and now it's the most crowded of the four projects.  This is also why every time I go to the craft store I buy a bunch more needles...luckily they're only $1.30 for a pack of five.  I think my biggest problem is going to be keeping all the floss untangled, though so far it's worked out okay.

This piece is different from the other three I have in rotation:  it's Impressionist whereas I tend to favor the Pre-Raphaelites (I read some about them on the font of all knowledge, Wikipedia), it's the only horizontal one, and it's the only landscape where the other three all have people in them.  It's kind of fun though because at first it doesn't look like *anything* and then suddenly you can see a tree.  I'm thinking of working down and then across on this one so it won't take twelve years before I get to work on any of the bluebonnets.  For now, I'm dusting off the butterfly fairy once again and preparing to work with lots of black.

If you're curious, while I was stitching this month I watched (well really, kind of listened to while stealing occasional glances) the rest of Veronica Mars season 2, seasons 1 and 2 of NCIS (plus part of season 3, I watched all of the Kate episodes), a few other shows on TV, and a variety of movies including both Ghostbusters, Goonies, Robin Hood (Prince of Thieves *and* Men in Tights), A Knight's Tale, and Superman IV.  That one was on TV and we couldn't help but watch it (ignoring the fact that we have it on DVD and I don't think I've ever seen it before).  Lee and I both laughed uproariously when Supes repaired the Great Wall of China by staring at it and all the bricks flew back into place.  Good ol' fashioned '80s cheese, I love it.  Lee isn't quite as fond of it as I am, but we're both game for a good action flick.

Enough yakkin' from me, I'm going to go take my kiddos for a walk and hope they are less crazy than yesterday.  Cheers!


CCsMom said...

Oooo, I'm the first one to comment! On my way to the hospital, but just wanted to check on the off chance that you did post and I was rewarded for the effort! Wow, I am impressed with how much progress you've made!!! I love it when you said all of a sudden a tree popped out. I thought back about that gorilla I was making for Dad and how once I did his eyes, he was staring at me for the rest of the time -- all of a sudden, "he" was there. It was a weird feeling.

Like I said, off to the hopsickle and I'll tell Dad you said hello! (AND WATCH "THE KING'S SPEECH". You'll love it!!!) -- Love you, Mom

Giffysk8s said...

Christy, I can't believe how much you've accomplished! You amaze me! I know how you feel about getting to the bluebonnets. That's how I felt with my irises. Couldn't wait to get my hands on those purple threads!

I like your needle board. Still haven't done that. It looks so handy! I wonder if Emma could resist touching it. :)

I decided to grid the remaining sections of my irises just in case I make any more mistakes (which I am sure to do). It was soooooo boring! But I know it will be worth it.

Ok, you MUST (please oh please) email me and tell me why your dad is in the hospital again!