Monday, September 19, 2011

Merlin's Stone Circle

We got back from our road trip late yesterday afternoon.  When we rolled into the driveway at the kennel to pick up Sadie and Vader, my iPod started playing "Who Let the Dogs Out?" by the Baja Men, which I thought was pretty hilarious : )  We had some really great weather the whole time we were gone; we only got rained on a bit when we were driving home yesterday and other than that, we mostly got pretty blue skies and fluffy clouds in our photos.  Lee's going to be a little cranky that I posted pictures before he got to edit any of them, but Mom really wants to see photos and that coupled with my own impatience trumps Lee's desire to photo-edit.  Hee!

So, our first stop on Wednesday was Stonehenge.  We're planning to take my parental units to see it in November when they visit us, but since there's a chance Lee won't get that time off we decided to go see it on our way to Cornwall because a.) now Lee can say he's seen it and b.) if I'm driving my parents without him, I at least know where I should be going.

It's really windy on the Salisbury Plains where Stonehenge is located, and that makes it feel a lot cooler than the temperature would lead you to believe, so we were glad to have our jackets.  Mom, it's gonna be FREEZING in November, trust me!

To be honest, since we couldn't go inside the circle, seeing Stonehenge was kind of anticlimactic.  We can't do an inner circle tour with my parents either, since they don't do them in November, so we'll have to go back a *third* time to take pictures from the inside.

One of the fallen stones in the center.  I bought the guide book but I haven't read it all yet...I'll save all the historical stuff for when I have more impressive pictures to share.

We thought it might rain on us when we stopped, but luckily the clouds cleared out a bit as we were walking around the site so we got some good sky photos.

The birds aren't under the same no-touchy-Stonehenge restrictions that people are.

Hey wait, this one looks like that picture from earlier...I took like 50 pictures or so at Stonehenge but they kidna all start to look alike after a bit.  : P

Just 'cause I like the sky in this one.  And then I took the same shot but horizontal instead of vertical.

The road right behind this stone is the one we came in on, the A344 goes right next to Stonehenge.  Other than that road and another one that forms a triangle with the A344 a bit further away from Stonehenge, the landscape is mostly grazing land for sheep, so it's nice not to have ginormous skyscrapers and other modern structures in photos of Stonehenge.

Yeah, I didn't write a lot on this I said, I'm saving all the historical part for sometime later when I have cooler pictures.  But I will explain the title of this of the legends that sprung up to explain the construction of Stonehenge says that it was magically transported to England from Ireland by the great wizard Merlin to commemorate a huge battle between the Britons and the Saxons (King Arthur's victory at the Battle of Badon Hill, perhaps?) so that's my Arthurian connection for this weekend's trip.  Funny thing is I didn't know that story till after we got there : )  That story doesn't explain how it was first built at Ireland, and there's the problem that King Arthur's time was about 2500 years after the construction of Stonehenge.  But, as you will see, my mantra for all things King Arthur-related is "Let's not let the hard facts of history get in the way of a good story."


Thoughts by B and M said...

I wanna go to stonehenge too!!!!!! You'll be well travelled to Stonehenge! :)

CCsMom said...

AWESOME!!! Can't wait. So didja "feel" anything -- like electricity or anything? Hmmm. Gorgeous pictures!