Thursday, September 22, 2011

More from Old Wardour

Back again with more pictures, mostly from the inside of Old Wardour.

Just 'cause I liked the curve of the walls and the interesting perspective.

Carved lion above one of the doorways.

It was difficult to take this picture since it's kind of backlit, but I think it turned out kinda cool in the end.

View of the courtyard from one of the upper floors, facing down towards the back of the castle and the lake.

I think this was part of one of the ruined towers.

Caught Lee in another picture : )

This is the "ancient" stone grotto on the castle grounds, it's a manmade cave that just looks kind of cool.  Not too far away from it, the owners of the castle moved a 4,000-year-old stone circle onto the castle grounds for more ambiance.

I like that word, ambiance.  It's so...French.

Again, the lighting was wrong to take a picture from this side of the castle, but I had to try it anyway.

And this one you can actually see the castle instead of just a silhouette.  I would not have minded another hour wandering around the castle and grounds, but we had to leave so we could make it to the coast in time to check into our hotel and make our dinner reservations.  We're planning to take my parents out to Old Wardour when they're here in November anyway so at least I get to go back : )

Next up, more King Arthur stuff.  Or possibly a baby book update, I haven't decided yet.  For now, I'm off to take my sweet little doglets for a walk.  Or maybe get into trouble shopping on the Bath & Body Works website.  That Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin stuff just looks so good...


Giffysk8s said...

The lighting may not have been "right," but I love the photos with the shadows. It adds so much ambiance (me being French, ha ha). I like photos that don't look like postcards. You've given me the castle bug~hope to see at least one when we're there.

BTW, the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin is wonderful!

CCsMom said...

So could you actually walk up inside of this castle? Like a floor or two? Seems like at least one of the pictures looked taken from an elevated position. So cool. Can't wait to see it!