Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Return of the (Jedi) Baby Books

Tiana and Sarah probably think I've forgotten all about them and their half-finished baby books, but at long last I have returned to them and have lots of goodies to show today.  I've decided to concentrate on Sarah's book because she's due first, so the first several pages are all for her.  Behold!

If this one looks familiar, it's because I posted the in process photo of it a while back; had to wait to get non-textured cardstock for the page base.  Now it's all done and pretty-ful.  Well, I think so anyway.

I had to get the Simply Scrappin' Kit in the current Stampin' Up catalog just for that patterned paper, I just lurve it.  I thought it would be fabulous on some St. Patrick's Day pages.

Detail shot of the clover bouquet...the stamps I used on this aren't SU (shhh!) but Flourishes, and they're acrylic rather than rubber.  As cute as the images are, I much prefer my rubbah.  I tried stamping the bouquet in craft ink and embossing it, but apparently my Garden Green craft ink pad is really, *really* juicy so it didn't work.  Six tries later I gave up and stamped in classic ink, then colored with colored pencils.

Hey look another non-SU stamp!  Rubbah-dultery all over the place.  The super-cute animals in the umbrella are by Whipper Snapper (and they *are* rubber, hurray!).  Want a closer look?

As always, if you clicky da piccy it gets bigger.  I've done a LOT of coloring recently, and I've come up with a process that seems to work for me on SU's Whisper White cardstock.  It's so smooth that the pencils don't blend too well on it, so I've started laying down a base of a light color (lightest pink on the bunny, a yellow for the bear, etc.) then coloring over it with two or three darker colors until I get it how I want it.  The base layer of pencil seems to help with color blending.

And here's evidence that I am completely nuts.  I stamped the umbrellas directly on the page base, but they didn't come out as clearly as I wanted them to, so I stamped them again on Whisper White cardstock and then cut out the whatever you call the part of the umbrella that isn't the handle and glued them individually onto the layout.  Time consuming but it looks nice!

I was excited when I *finally* snagged the old retired SU set Fintastic on the Buy-Sell-Trade boards at Splitcoast.  I did an ocean theme layout for Sarah's first baby book but of course I wanted this one to be different, and since baby #2 is a girl, what could be cuter than this girl mermaid?  That patterned paper is actually from a really old set I got, probably some of the first SU patterned paper I ever bought, so I was happy to use up some of it on here.  It really seemed to work with my mermaid.

Detail shot of the mermaid.  I colored her and the clam in with colored pencils, masked them off with a Post-It Note, and sponged the sea and sand around them (actually part of the sand is colored in with pencils and then it kind of blends into the ink).  I probably could have done this without masking since the wax of the colored pencils resists ink, but I didn't color in the clam's eyes and I didn't want them to be the same color as the water.  And I'm crazy.

See how crazy I am?  Lee came home yesterday while I was cutting out this little piece...wouldn't have been so bad if it weren't for that space between the mermaid's hair and tail, and all those curlicues in her hair.  Glad I only had to do that once.

And here is Tiana's only layout in this parade of pages, but trust me, her day is a-comin'.  Just after I finish up Sarah's book (still have six layouts left to do for hers).

Closeup of the ohmygosh-squishy-cute leprechaun bear (again, Whipper Snapper).  I used the same colors, papers, everything as on Sarah's March layout, but I moved the pieces around a bit so it still looks different.

More baby schtuff, these are name frames and no I didn't spell Leo wrong, it's supposed to be Lio.  I used SU's retired Choo Choo for Lio's frame and Up, Up & Away on Liam's, and figured out after I glued everything down that I need to leave more room on the edges because the frame covers up the margins.

A couple of cards using some brand-new goodies from the SU holiday mini catalog, I love all the fall stuff!  There's Vicki's birthday card on the right (I waited to post this until after she got it) and a card I made for Kelly on the left when I sent all her wedding invitations to her.  This was a sketch challenge on Splitcoast a couple weeks ago.

And finally, here's a card that I hated to make.  I hate doing sympathy cards, and this one was for a double whammy--a friend of mine lost her dog last week and her mother this week.  I can't imagine what her family is going through.  I CASEd this card that I found in the Splitcoast gallery when I did a search for "sympathy".  I think if I had it to do over I'd use a sentiment that wasn't quite so wide, and leave off the dark purple ribbon as I think it's distracting.  I do like the pink flower with the pearl in it though.  Think I might finally break down and get SU's Thoughts and Prayers for more sympathy stamps, because no matter how much I'd rather not, I know this isn't the last sympathy card I'll make.

Anyway, Lee and I are off into the wild blue yonder tomorrow morning, so I probably won't post pictures until Sunday evening at the earliest.  So for now, I bid you a good night.

P.S.  And if you're wondering why I titled this post "Return of the (Jedi) Baby Books", it's because in my mind, the word Jedi *always* follows the phrase Return of the.  It just does.  May the Force be with you!


Giffysk8s said...

I am always in such trouble when I see any of your layouts! They always cost me money because I LOVE what you do and need to make it, too! I am just about to start two baby books myself and I totally LOVE that shamrock bear! I am so off to find it!

And I knew exactly why you inserted "Jedi." :)

I had lots more to say about your pages, but I have to run. Have an awesome trip!!!

CCsMom said...

Oh, these are SO CUTE. I especially LOVE the mermaid pages and the Eifel Tower. So cute. Yep, I bet you put just as much work into these, if not more, than I do with the crocheted blankets.

Have a great time on your trip. Love you!!!

Charisse said...

I just love your cards and Baby Books. But I have to tell you - Lorelli has been on a Star Wars kick and Return of the Jedi made me chuckle out loud!!