Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tintagel, Part 2

I was waiting for my mom to comment on the last post before I added another one, but I still got nothin' from her so after putting on sackcloth and ashes and wandering around the village wailing for an hour, I decided to do a new post anyway : )  So here's the other half of the pictures from Tintagel, which I am posting while eating DoubleStuf Oreos for breakfast (thank you Missy!) and listening to the Bangles.  I know my mommy loves me even if she hasn't commented on here, 'cause she went to Barnes & Noble and got me the BRAND NEW just released Tuesday Bangles album, which she promises to ship to me (I was going to order it on Amazon, but the BN one has two exclusive tracks and I couldn't pass that up, Bangles fan that I am!).

Oh yeah.  Pictures.

This is a ruined wall on top of the headland which the guidebook says may be the remains of a medieval walled garden, although it's a bit odd to have a garden in such an exposed place and so far from the keep.  Those wacky medieval folks.

Here's Lee on the Danger Cliffs...seriously, they had signs all around the headland that said Danger Cliffs, so we figured that must be their name.  Kind of like the last set of cliffs was White Cliffs.

As we were going through all the pictures the first time, Lee commented on how many of my photos seem to lean just the tiniest bit, most of them to the left but this one seems to be leaning to the right.  Wonder why that is?

Here's Lee falling off the Danger Cliffs : )

Hanging on by his fingernails!  Really, there's another set of rocks under where he's standing so it just LOOKS like he's dangling over the water.  He just thought it would be a funny picture and remind my mom of the time she thought I was going to fall in the Grand Canyon (I didn't).

Hmm, this one leans to the right as well.  Anywha, this is a view from the headland over the gorge between it and the mainland, and the village in the background.  You can see some fields divided by hedgerows way in the back (if you click the pictures you can see them enlarged).

Here's the southern side of the Danger Cliffs.

This is the curtain wall that I showed you in the last post, but taken from above and the opposite direction.  I like how the light is hitting just the top of the wall all the way down.  Behind the wall you can see the ruins that are on the mainland.

Another shot of the curtain wall, aimed more towards the water.  That big building in the upper right is the Camelot Hotel; we heard about it when we were looking for a place to stay but all the reviews were negative for that place.  Sure it looks cool, and it's close to the castle, but the rooms are tiny and prices are ridonkulous.  We really liked the place we ended up staying.

This is the inside of Merlin's Cave; we waited for low tide to go down to it since it was kinda underwater when we arrived.  The cave goes all the way through the headland close to the narrowest bit that connects it to the mainland, so that's why you can see the light coming through the back of the cave.  We did walk into it for a ways but decided against trying to get all the way to the other side.  In the interests of full disclosure, I have to tell you that Lee took this picture and the next one.

This little waterfall is across the way from Merlin's Cave.  There's a small stream that we saw near the visitor center when we first arrived, and this is where it goes.

One more shot of the bit of land that's across The Haven from the Tintagel Castle headland.

And there's the headland and just a small fraction of the stairs we climbed.

We climbed up a bazillion more stairs to go see the mainland side ruins and this little dude caught my attention, so I took his picture.

These are the southern Danger Cliffs as seen from the mainland.  That dark spot might be where Merlin's Cave lets out, I'm not sure.

Last picture for Tintagel.  I hope you enjoyed your tour!

If you made it this far, I have a funny story for you.  Lee's on a business trip for a few days, and he left early yesterday morning, and I told Tiana yesterday afternoon when we talked that the spiders were going to start invading the house since he's not here.  Sure enough, last night I was in the kitchen unpacking the box of Oreos and canned pumpkin from Missy (thank you Missy!) and a ginormous arachnid strolls across the floor in there.  As you know, spiders totally freak me out, so I don't even want to get close to kill them.  I looked at the full box, then at the spider, and the proverbial light bulb went off over my head--I so totally dropped that box right on top of the spider and squished him dead.  I was even brave enough to pick up the box and make sure he had joined the choir invisible, and then I smack-talked him as I deposited him in the trash can.  Booyah!


Amber Hight said...

LOL! I love your spider story, you show him! Although if I were you, I'd have deposited him outside. He's still inside your house if he's in your garbage. Maybe he was just playing dead and is planning revenge when you least expect it!!! Silly girl;) Heehee...

Love the pictures too, I totally want to visit and have you be my tour guide:) Love and miss you!

Christy Lynn said...

Trash went out to the curb last night, he wasn't in the house long after his squishing!

Giffysk8s said...

Ha ha about the spider! I think someone should make a movie about you. Call it Arachnidbusters, play Bangles music in the background, and set it in Merlin's Cave. I'll get Steven Spielberg right on that. :)

Speaking of Merlin's Cave, I immediately scrolled through this post searching for the photo of the cave's interior. I've been anxiously waiting for it. I wasn't disappointed!

I love the photo of the seagull. That column is wicked (Boston speak for awesome). Wonder what it used to be.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos of the English skies! You always seem to capture such beautiful clouds. I like the juxtaposition of the dark rock against the white clouds. So cool!

Knowing that you like the Bangles, I wonder if you ever liked the Go-Go's. Jane Wiedlin, the guitarist and songwriter of the Go-Go's, is a lifelong family friend of Rick's.

Enjoy your Oreos! What are you going to make with the pumpkin? Some of those infamous cookies? Can I hop on over and have some?

CCsMom said...

So I'll comment on this here and go to work to read the blog. Can't comment at work. That's my problem. I did see the pictures of Lee hanging off a cliff. There he goes, making his mother-in-law nervous again -- ever the daredevil. Ha! Can't wait to read all about it. Have a meeting at 8:00 -- WHO schedules a meeting at 8:00?! I always start at 9:00 for the VP's. At any rate, gotta get on the road. Love you!!! And I am keeping up with these.

Liz Guidry said...

Well poo - I just know I commented on this. Guess blogger is messing up again :(