Saturday, October 1, 2011


After we left Tintagel, we were going to the Arthurian Center when we came on a bit of a traffic jam, which seemed a bit odd since we were out of the town and the only things around were fields and a few houses.  When we got up closer we saw what was causing the delay--an Irish setter was weaving through the cars looking for all the world like she was asking for help.

Now, I have a real soft spot for dogs and it tears my heart out to see one on the road, worrying that it's going to get hit by a car, and so I convinced Lee to stop.  He pulled into the next available driveway about a hundred yards away and that Irish setter high-tailed it right for us like she knew we were there to help her.  Luckily she had a tag on her collar that had a phone number on it (note to self:  get tags with a phone number on them for my kiddos), so Lee called the number and as it turned out, we were sitting in the driveway of the Irish setter's house.  So a kid came out and let her in the gate and we continued on our way knowing that we had helped out a sweet little girl dog who couldn't figure out how she'd gotten out in traffic.

The Arthurian Center was a total waste of time, so I'm convinced we were only on the road to go there because we were meant to help the dog.  At least the admission for the place was only 3 pounds apiece, but it was still pretty lame.  They did have a tacky little board done up (I could have made something better with my paper crafting supplies) listing several of the recent King Arthur books and movies and giving a short critique of them.  They pretty well castigated the movie version of Marion Zimmer Bradley's The Mists of Avalon, which I almost got a little huffy about until I remembered that I wasn't a huge fan of it either.  Yes, she made Morgan le Fay into a much more sympathetic character, but I hated how Guinevere was totally useless and Arthur really wasn't much better--he definitely did not come off as a king of legend in that story. 

But anyway, I think I'll give my own list of Arthurian critiques at a later date.  Suffice it to say we were not at the Arthurian Center for very long before we went back to Boscastle, the picturesque little town where we stayed in Cornwall.  We had enough light left to walk around and take some pictures around the town before dinner.

This totally looks cool, but I think I'm just as happy that my house doesn't have this stuff all over it.  I wonder though if it works like insulation...well, right when we got here the lady from the house rental agency mentioned that a lot of houses with the ivy all over them have issues with mice, and mice are pretty much only cute in Disney movies.

This narrow inlet leads into the town's teeny harbor, and this shows you the difference the light makes.  This photo is just about a silhouette because the light is in the direction we shot the photo; the next one was taken within a few minutes of this one but with the sun to our backs.

And there's the town.  We found a path that went up in the hills so we went up there to take pictures, even after all the gabillions of stairs at Tintagel and walking around all day.  The one bad thing about little English towns like this is that a lot of the shops don't open up until 9 or 10, and they close at 5 or 6, so after spending most of the day at the castle ruins we didn't have a ton of time to shop around (we have LOTS of fall birthdays in our families, and I do Christmas shopping year-round).  There was also a museum of witchcraft within two blocks of our hotel but we didn't go in...figured we'd rather get some good sunset pictures of the town.

Lee's getting pretty good at finding a place to set the camera down and then setting the timer to get both of us in a picture.  Which is extra-good because when we ask people to take our picture for us, a lot of times they're intimidated by our camera since it's not a little pocket-size point and shoot, and then we end up blurry.  So now Lee finds a place to put the camera and I go stand in frame and have like six pictures taken of me while he makes sure it focuses right and then we get our picture together.  Voila!

I thought it was pretty cool there's a dude out there, sitting on a bench on the hillside and reading the newspaper.  Much more interesting place to do that than the kitchen table would be.

Lee took this 'cause he liked the lichen on the rock.  That is lichen, right?  Whatever, the yellow stuff.

Know what?  I think Lee took all the pictures for this post.  I took most of the photos up until we got back to town, but I gave him the camera here.  It gets heavy after a while.

I like the colors in this one.  I sat down on some rocks and watched the waves while Lee climbed all over taking pictures.

I know this one is really similar to a picture I posted earlier, but I liked the rocks on the left side of the picture in this one.

We walked back into town when we got hungry and ordered food at an outdoor cafe kind of place.  It was nice weather to eat out in the little courtyard, and Lee took this picture of the flowers hanging up on the wall just 'cause he liked them.

Last picture of the town.  We spent two nights in Boscastle at the Riverside, which we really enjoyed.  I think we both would have been completely happy to spend all five of our road trip days in Cornwall, but after two nights we packed up and drove north towards the Midlands, which, although pretty, just wasn't quite as awesome as Cornwall.


CCsMom said...

I will post on here FIRST this time. I LOVE the pictures and will come back to the story. I'm listening to you typing right now . . . and talking. We're on SKYPE, but you wanted someone to post first, so here it is. AND YES, we are out here reading what you are writing. LOVE YOU!!!

Giffysk8s said...

I'm with you~you were meant to rescue the doggie before she got hit by a car!

What a bummer about the super lame Arthurian Center. It's name implies greatness, doesn't it?

The ivy looks cool but eeewwwwww about the mice! Some of the older buildings near Harvard look like that. Out here, they say that rats nest in the ivy. They are even worse than mice! Unless, of course, they can cook like Remy in Ratatouille. :) (Hope I spelled that correctly.)

Totally love the silhouette-looking photo of the harbor!

I can't wait to read your list of Arthurian critiques.

Hope you had a great weekend!