Monday, October 17, 2011

Finite Incantatem!

Bonus points if you caught the reference in today's post title : )

So, I often talk to my parental units on the weekend via Skype, and on Sunday my dad told me they'll be here in like 30-some-odd days and I told him all the stuff I need to get done before then (Sarah and Tiana's baby books, Christmas cards, and various other projects).  Dad said he didn't think I'd be able to get it all done before they arrive, which I took as a personal affront.  So after ingesting a magnificently huge amount of Peanut M&Ms, I've run around for two days in complete hyperactivity/borderline panic mode and today it paid off--I finished all the pages for Sarah's book!!!  Now I just need to get them put into the album and get it mailed off, hopefully by the end of the week.

Anyway, instead of just sharing the latest batch of pages, I thought I'd put up all the pictures so you can see the whole book from start to finish.  Here ya go.

Sarah sent me some scrap fabric from the bedding that will be in her daughter's room, and it's got a lot of hot pink, lime green, and white in it, which led to me picking the patterned paper on this page.  The left side will be the first page in the book and the right side will be the last page.  Took me a lot longer to figure out what stamped images to use and I'm not 100% sure about what I chose, but it's done (FYI, it's the hummingbird from Elements of Style, the butterfly from Strength & Hope, and flowers from Vintage Vogue, all SU stamp sets).

Sarah found a crochet pattern for a SUPER CUTE little pumpkin hat, and I sent it to my mom who made said hat for Sarah, who was just tickled pink over that hat.  So I figure that several of Leora's first pictures will show her modeling said hat, and that's how I picked the color and green for the hat, pink for Leora, and the brown 'cause it went with the other colors.  The pumpkin and basket of leaves in the upper right corner are from a cute SU stamp set called Give Thanks; I always liked it and it's been a long time since I last played with it, but it seemed right at home on this layout.  The baby pram (look at me, all British) is from Baby Bundle.  After I did the layout I wished I'd stamped something on the background but I wasn't going to attempt to take it apart to do that.

I have no idea why this picture loaded sideways, so, um, tilt your head?  I'd posted it before anyway, so you can see it oriented correctly if you click here. November is the first of the month layouts because we think Leora will arrive in late October.

Sarah's Jewish, so no Santa or Christmas stuff for December, but she luuurves her some polar bears, so I got a new Whipper Snapper stamp for this layout.  Not entirely sure about the patterned paper that I used, I had a lot of trouble coming up with a pattern for this layout for some reason.  I like the mittens though.

There's a closeup of Mike and Ike. I love the Whipper Snapper bears : )  I wish I'd done a better job sponging the sky in the background.  Well, hopefully Sarah will like it just fine as-is (if not, then maybe I'll color up a new one and send it to her).

The Nursery Times stamp set from SU was on my first order when the new catalog came out, specifically to use in baby books.  The photo mats look black in the picture but they're really dark, dark purple (Concord Crush).

There's Little Bo Peep and Humpty Dumpty in the lower left corner...

Mother Goose on the journaling block (the goose is colored in too, the shading doesn't show up so much in the picture).

And the dish running away with the spoon.  Next time I use this stamp set, I'll color in the dish a darker color, she's practically white with a bit of blue shading on this one.  And why can't the girl by the skinny spoon, anyway?

The Parisian layout for February was one of Sarah's favorites when I first posted it.

March's St. Patrick's Day layout...I wanna go to Ireland and kiss the Blarney Stone, have I mentioned that before?  Lee just talks about how germy it probably is when I tell him I want to kiss the Blarney Stone.  I don't care, I'm going to do it anyway (like I need the gift of gab).

April showers with more Whipper Snapper animals.  Maybe next time I'll do flowers peeking out from behind the image block...always looking for ways to tweak my layouts and make them better.

Many thanks again to my momma who lent me the retired SU stamp set I used for the sun and moon on here.  I also fixed the punched stars below the moon after I took the photo.

It took me a long time to decide what to do for June; this was actually the last layout I did.  For the last couple of months, I've been working on unmounting my wood-mounted stamps, so I've gotten to really look through a lot of my older retired stamp sets and that's how I came upon the one I used here, Just Beakause.

This layout makes me want to sing "In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room" from the (you guessed it) Tiki Room in Disneyland.  I'm hoping my birds look like fun colorblocked birds and not freaky Frankenstein birds.  They do kinda stare.

July, with another bear from Whipper Snapper.  I need a cute patriotic stamp set from SU, the ones I have aren't necessarily great for baby books.  Well, the WS bear works well : )

At first I wanted to do flamingos for August, but Sarah vetoed that idea (so did Tiana, for that no matter what, next baby book is gonna get flamingo-fied!  'Cause I wanna do some flamingo pages!) and then I thought pirates since she's in North Carolina now (they had pirates, there are pirate wrecks all off the coast of the Carolinas).  Then I (finally) found Fintastic on the Buy/Sell/Trade boards on Splitcoast and that settled what to do for August.

At first this was going to be Tiana's September layout, but I swapped them because Sarah's first book and the teal September in it and I wanted it to look different for the second book.

And October, which probably was the most time-intensive layout in this book what with coloring in Agnes, Frankie and Drac (detail shots on this post).

I figured that since Sarah is a Halloween nut, she'd have Halloween-themed birthday parties for Leora, so I wanted Halloween-ish colors but birthday stamps.  I like how it turned out.  Once again, the letters aren't black, they're dark purple.

And there you have it, one major item knocked off my to-do list, which is now on a small dry-erase board that I carry around the house with me, because I'm a nerd like that.  I can't seem to get anything done unless it's on the list, so I'm just going to go with it.  I have a separate list of things we need to do before people arrive for Thanksgiving...not just my parental units either, Bennet and Missy are coming out here too!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wahoo!!!  So, um, yeah...lots to do to prepare.

But I have to take tomorrow off from the lists because it's our anniversary.  Eight years ago tomorrow, I got married to my sweetie pie and I love him more every year.  Don't know what we're doing yet but hey, we'll play it by ear.  For now, I think my Peanut M&Ms high has worn off, so I'm gonna go to bed.  Nighty night!


Giffysk8s said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the book! You know what that means, don't you? It means you will be seeing some of your own pages (done less well by me) on my blog in the not too distant future, 'cause I can't make any baby books without imitating my scrapbooking Jedi Master. :) I especially like the October pages. I am working up the courage to color those images.

What do you know: I tilted my head and not only did it work, but my one remaining marble didn't roll out of my ear. LOL

Happy anniversary! Hope you two young'uns get to do something fun.

Oh, I earned the bonus points. :)

CCsMom said...

Woo hoo! Yes, I GOT the title. Hey, "The Three Muskateers" (Wow, that doesn't look right) comes out THIS weekend here. So you've already seen it, which means it was released earlier there.

Nice Boss's Day here. I think they enjoyed it. I know I did.

Going over to Cindy's in a minute. Her sister gave her a bunch of baby yarn for Barbara, but Barb doesn't want it . . . so I'll check it out. My baby blankets cost $40 to make now -- used to be $25. Quite a chunk of change and that doesn't even count the time spent.

Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. Do something FUN.

Love ya! And now it's 32 days.

Tanya said...

This book is ah-mazing!! I should totally do this for my friend who is not crafty but loves my books....! :)

Amber Hight said...

Wow, you are amazing! You're like a machine or something, lol! Love all these pages, I'm sure Tiana will too!

Happy anniversary to you and Ree! I hope you have a fabulous day;)

Anonymous said...

Now Christy, I didn't mean what I said as a "personal affront", I only meant that you had a lot on your plate to get accomplished in a short amount of time. I know you can get it done if you put your mind to it. I'm just giving you a little encouragement!

We are getting very excited about seeing you and Ree in less than a month!


Melissa A said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Lee!!