Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Flashback: Petal Prints

I know I've mentioned this before, but for the last several months I've been working on unmounting my SU wood-mounted rubber stamp collection, so I've spent a lot of time looking at my older stamp sets and kinda getting reacquainted with them.  There's a tendency to always want to play with the latest and greatest stamp stuff, but it's fun to go back to some older favorites, ya know?  So I thought I might occasionally do a Friday Flashback post and share some projects.  Not an every week thing, 'cause I still have a ridiculous number of things to do on my list, just when I feel like it.  And today's stamp set is Petal Prints, which I still love and it totally deserved another chance in the spotlight.

How about a couple girly birthday cards?  I used this week's color and sketch challenges on Splitcoast for these two cards.  I'm gonna use my Friday Flashback cards to replenish my card stash.

I saw this sketch on someone's blog, I think it's this month's Sketch For You To Try.  So I paired it with an older SCS color challenge for a cute little fall birthday card.  The main image panel seemed a little bare so I added in the brad.

And here's a couple of thinking of you/sympathy cards, again with older color and sketch challenges from Splitcoast.  I love the way the leaves look stamped in Sahara Sand on the same color cardstock.

So those are the cards I've done this week with Petal Prints.  Let's open the vault and take a look at some older cards, shall we?

The left side of this card is done using the mulberry batik technique.  I did this card in a couple different color combinations.

I like the pretty blue and pink color combo on this one.  And the white swirls.

I used shimmery white cardstock on this one so it looked cuter IRL than it does in the picture.

And here's the last one from the vault.  Kind of fun to see several different layouts and color combinations with the same stamp set, right?

Still, I felt like I needed some more pictures on this post, so I'll share some of the other things I've made recently.

I made a couple of name frames last month, and this one was totally inspired by a card I saw on this post on Renee's blog.  I totally like how this one turned out.

I wanted to do more on this one but I ran out of time before I had to get out the door and give this to Emmaline's mommy.  Not that I think it's bad or anything, just not quite as cute as it could have been.  Ehh.

I made this for our nephew's second birthday.  When I show Lee cards, he always checks out the inside, so I finally started putting something to look at on the inside:

 I noticed that Sparkle stamps the same image on the inside of her cards without coloring it in, so I did that.

This was last week's Fall-To Layout, and this card was really easy to put together.  Next time though I think I'd color in the sprinkles with colored pencils before sponging on the icing color so they'd show up better.

Another birthday card, this time for our brother-in-law.  I need to play with that leaf stamp set some more too : )

And the inside, so Lee would have something to look at.

Now that I'm caught up on the birthday cards (for the moment, at any rate), I need to work on designing my Christmas cards.  It's next up on my list : )


Giffysk8s said...

I totally love Friday Flashback! What a cool idea! The bummer is that I am going to fall in love with all of these old stamp sets and won't be able to find them. :(

I love the pink and green in the first photo. What happy colors! I've never seen the mulberry batik technique before, so I printed out the whole tutorial. Thank you for providing the link. I bet you knew that I would love the card with the fall colors!

Too funny that Lee looks for something inside the cards. I sometimes stamp the inside, but I am usually in a hurry and forget. My card cache is completely empty, so I need to replenish it as soon as I finish these baby books and holiday cards. Yup, it could be awhile.

Know what I did? We have a new bread machine (our 22-year-old one died a few weeks ago) and I just made dough for cinnamon rolls. They smell soooooooo good and they aren't even baked yet!

Giffysk8s said...

So I went to look for Petal Prints. Bought that and four other SU sets, all brand new. Rick says "Thank you, Christy," ha ha! I seriously don't get how anyone can have an SU stamp they've never used! LOL

CCsMom said...

Well, let me tell you how you can have an SU stamp you haven't used . . . I'm what you call a "gatherer". So I'm great at gathering all these scrapbook supplies and never getting down to using them. Oh, I have grand plans, just never enough time. I have several books I want to conquer in my lifetime, especially my Okinawa scrapbook, which will be embellished with not only stamps, punches and the like, but small cross stitch designs as well.

Christy, LOVED the name frames! And that 2nd one -- the name SO TOTALLY GOES with the design. So, so cute. You definitely have the eye.

Speaking of "eye" or "eyes" in this case -- getting ready to go to the eye doctor so if we have to get new glasses, they'll be back before we "see" you. Ha! I think I need a prescription change -- so the better to see you, my dear! Hee Hee! Yes, I'm in rare form today. Gorgeous day out, by the way.

AND just heard them introducing the OSU Cowboys on TV before the game saying this "You'll probably be witnessing THE BEST college football team in the nation." Yeah, they were talking about the OSU Cowboys!!! Woo hoo! No wonder Dad and Adam want to get another look at them in person next weekend! Should be an excellent game.

Love you and can't wait to "see" you and Lee!!!!

Amber Hight said...

SISTAH! Oh my goodness you've been busy! THese are all so gorgeous, love your flashback friday idea! I hope you can do lots of them:) The name frames are awesome too, I want to make one! I think I even have a few frames sitting around:)