Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Glastonbury Abbey Again

People, I have to admit I'm feeling a little lonely on the Interwebs of late.  Sadie and Vader don't read the blog, Lee's still out of town, and it's all quiet on the comment front (except for Mom).  So yeah, bit lonely here.

Regardless, I have some more pics to share from Glastonbury Abbey.

Kind of neat how there are just large bits of wall still standing in random places.

Again, leaning to the left!!  Right in front of where I was standing when I took this picture is a little trap door you can lift up to see some medieval tiles, still in place from when they were the floor in the church.  But I didn't take a picture of them, don't know why not.

More stone carving, 'cause I thought it was interesting.

Here you can see a big portion of the ruins in a single shot.  The lady chapel is on the left.

I really liked the looks of this bit of the ruins so I took several shots of it.  I forget what that is in the foreground, I don't think it was Arthur's grave.

In the foreground of this picture, only the foundations of the building remain.  I think it was the monks' kitchen.  They had an exhibit that we walked through before we went out into the ruins and it listed the monks' typical daily diet, which included a pound of bread, a few other things like fruit and nuts, and something alcoholic like mead or ale or something.  They did the alcoholic drinks because the drinking water had so much gunk in it, it wasn't safe to drink--the distilling process killed all the critters.  But not a whole lot of food, and they were mostly vegetarian if you don't count fish.

I know I've done pictures like this before, but I can't help it, I think it looks neat to have the new church framed in the window of the ruined one.

Lady chapel seen from the side.

Past the monks' kitchen is an orchard where they had lots and lots of apple trees.  The people who run the abbey still harvest the apples each year and make cider, which they sell to tourists.

I liked all the colors in this shot.  The building is the abbot's kitchen.

One more shot of the ruins...

And here's the abbot's kitchen a little closer to.  The abbot had his own kitchen because important people like kings and dukes and earls and such would make pilgrimages to the abbey, and they couldn't be expected to eat the same food as the monks, so the abbot had a much more elaborate kitchen and a lot more meal choices.

Lee took this picture while he was waiting for me to come out of the gift shop.  He was sitting on a bench under the flower planter and took this facing straight up to t he sky.  Kind of an interesting angle.

After we wandered all over the abbey grounds, we decided to go out in town to find something for lunch and discovered that Glastonbury is full of New Agey types.  We passed at least a dozen shops where we could have had tarot readings (we didn't do it though) and I lost count of how many places sold crystals and incense and magic items.  Kind of weird, and not helpful for us in that we wanted to find some gift things for several family members with fall birthdays.  Hmph. 

So we left there and drove a couple more hours towards Warwick, which was where we stayed for the second half of our road trip.  We had a little bit of trouble finding our hotel because the GPS didn't seem to know where the post code was (a lot of times here you can navigate to something just by the post code, it's a much smaller area than a ZIP code in the States would be) so it took us probably an extra hour before we found it.  But on the way we saw this:

The GPS took us up this hill on a narrow windy road and we had a nice view of the village we'd just driven through.

Warwick is in an area of England called the Midlands, and it's pretty but for our money Cornwall is cooler.  More pics later.  I have to work on the last of my three goals while Lee is gone:  finish Sarah's baby book.  I already unmounted all my stamp sets and watched all of the Superman movies (I've been on a Superman kick lately, not only did I watch all the movies, I started watching the first seasons of both Smallville and Lois & Clark:  The New Adventures of Superman).  I have 10 pages left to do...well, I'm almost done with the December layout, so that means 8 pages left (4 layouts) and I'd better get my rear in gear if I want this done before Lee comes back.  TTFN!


Giffysk8s said...

Well, Miss C, I am truly sorry for letting you feel lonely on the Interweb. Shame on me! :( I always miss you when you don't post, so I am glad you're here even though you're by yourself.

The shot of the church framed in the window is beyond cool! You really have a good eye for photography. So does Lee. His photo facing up to the sky is great. I always get such strange looks from passersby when I take photos like that. But eh, who cares?! And I KNOW you took the photo of your pretty view of the village just for me 'cause it has tree branches in it! LOL

Hope you are a wee bit less lonely now. HUGS!

CCsMom said...


I always read your blog, but you are right that I am not very good at commenting. Mom is getting really excited about seeing things like this first hand, but she is just a wee bit more excited about seeing you and Lee! 45 days to go.


Alexis said...

I always read your blogs but rarely comment because I read it from my iPad and it's a little harder than replying from my computer! But I really look forward to coming on and seeing a new one!!

CCsMom said...

Hey, Lee's home! Yay!!! Heading off to Oklahoma this afternoon and looking forward to a good game, although we're expecting rain. Hope you have a fabulous weekend -- only 43 days now. Can you believe it?!!!
love you -- Mom