Monday, October 31, 2011

House of Haunts for Halloween

If you've been with my blog for over a year, you will be shocked (or at least surprised) to find out that I did not dress my dogs up today.

I even had costumes (got them last year at Target on November first for half off!) but I didn't do it.  I was working all day today on my crazy list of things to do, and "dress up the dogs" somehow didn't make the list.  Sadie is grateful...or she would be grateful, if she knew that she had avoided her Halloween costume this year.  She hates to dress up.  Vader, on the other could pretty much do anything to Vader and he'd let you as long as you pet him and tell him he's a good boy, so he's cool with Halloween costumes.

But anyway, as I said on Friday, I do have eight different cards I made a couple years ago with House of Haunts, 'cause I had to post *something* Halloweenie on here.

I love the little creeping ghoulies in the background on this one.  It's a jumbo wheel called Haunting and is now on the SU clearance rack.  House of Haunts is in the current SU catalog.

Here you can see the trick-or-treaters a little bit better, although the wheel didn't come out quite as crisp as I might have wished.  I think I might unmount it and make it one giant flat stamp.

I made all these cards on the same day and just tried to do a bunch of different layouts, but I kept to only a few colors for the most part:  Pacific Point, Lovely Lilac (now retired with most of the other purples, harumph), Old Olive, Summer Sun (also retired) and of course Pumpkin Pie and Basic Black.

This is the one I posted last Friday so that's why it might look familiar.

For some reason I thought the sentiment part needed a little black flower.  The punch I used for the sentiment is now retired unfortunately, I really like that punch.  Oh well, I still have it : )

Haha, this one looked so similar to the one before it that I thought I accidentally posted the same card twice.

I'm running out of commentary for these cards.

Aaaaannnnd....that's it for those.  I only made ONE Halloween card this year, for my friend Jeng whose birthday is today:

Sadly he won't get it on time but that's pretty much standard for this year.  However, today I mailed off birthday presents to my brother and Lee's sister, and if they get to their destinations in the post office's standard one-week time frame, those will BOTH be there ON TIME for their birthdays.  I'm giving myself a high-five right now.

Something else arrived on time too....Sarah, my friend the Halloween nut, had her little girl early this morning so she has a Halloween birthday.  I'm so tickled it worked out that way!  And somehow I even managed to get the baby book out there before Leora made her debut, so I'm giving myself another high-five.

So I talk a lot about how I have a list of things to do, like, *all the time*, so you want to see what it looked like when I got up this morning?

Yes, it's on a dry erase board.  Easier for me to keep track of than a zillion slips of paper.  And it's color-coded with Tiana's baby book layouts on the top.  I usually have to take a picture of it about once a week and then re-write it with what's still left to do because I run out of room with the crossed-off stuff on there and the picture ensures I don't forget anything I still have left to do and I realize that this entire paragraph makes me sound entirely MENTAL but that's who I am so I'm going to post it anyway.  I should have taken another picture of the board now but I'm too lazy; the last eight items have been crossed off because I was busy today.  Lee is raising his eyebrows at the vast quantities of peanut M&Ms that have been consumed by me in recent weeks, but it seems to help me be more productive.  And peanuts are healthy, right?  Unless you're allergic to them, which I'm not.

Well, tomorrow Liz is coming over here to make Christmas cards, so I should get up early to design what I want to do so I can knock 'em all out tomorrow.  Wouldn't that be nice.  Hey, given enough peanut M&Ms, anything is possible, right?


Thoughts by B and M said...

you and your peanut M&M's. ;)

I love the orange cards - with the house and the green! Awesome! :)

Can't wait to do some "haunting" sites with you!!!!!!!!

CCsMom said...

Hey, Ladies, the woman at work whose daughter is going to college in Dublin said there is an awesome literary pub crawl. She was going to ask her daughter if she'd learned of anything else that might be interesting in Dublin that you might want to see. She said when she was there, they went to a prison and said it was an "eye opener". Guess I need to get her to elaborate -- BTW, she's a Baylor AF ROTC grad who left the AF after her kids arrived and she made Major. Small world, eh?

Missy, I'm afraid Ms. Christy will CRASH once we get there -- from the sugar high she's been on for WEEKS. We might have to do an intervention.

And I have Ms. Leora's picture up on my computer at work -- such a sweetie and the hat just tops it all off -- it SCREAMS Halloween baby!!! HOW CUTE!

Love you and see you SOON!!!

CCsMom said...

P.S. Did that Rover get on over to its new owner?