Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'd Like You To Meet My Mother

The mustache is a new development.

In case you're wondering, last week they had a Mad Fan dress-up day at her work (and oddly enough, she doesn't work at a school or daycare or anything of the sort) so she's dressed as the mascot for Oklahoma State University, Pistol Pete.  Here's what Pete looks like:

They (meaning my parents and my brother and sister-in-law) are going up to Stillwater this weekend for the OSU game, and since I pretty much ignore all things football related, I have no idea who they're playing.  I don't think Mom is wearing her costume to the game, but I could be wrong about that.  Wish she'd sent me a close-up of her necklace; she told me she made OSU necklaces for herself and Adrienne but I don't know what all is on them.

By the way, Mom, Missy and I think you should dress up as a Baylor Bear next year.


CCsMom said...

Adrienne saw this on her IPhone before we got together today and then her battery pooped out. So I had to wait to get home to see. Pretty funny. Yes, I was getting some backtalk about not going as a Baylor Bear since there are so many at work. Ha! By the way, the Bears won this weekend. And I'm not sure who they played. The Cowboys won BIG against Kansas. And the Sooners beat up on the Longhorns. BIG DEAL, though, is the RANGERS beat the Tigers in their first game on the road to the World Series.

We had the greatest time in Stillwater. Adam and Adrienne gave Dad his Christmas present early -- a BRICK with his name on it at the Alumni building. Adam has one, too -- Dad's says "1st Generation" and Adam's says "2nd Generation". Dad was absolutely thrilled.

Of course we talked about how much fun we all had at Adam's graduation, and Lee in his shirt that said, "I'm Adam's brother-in-law" that wrapped practically all the way around him. Ha! The weather was good until after the first half and we got rained on pretty hard. We had our orange panchos, though. I'll have to send you all these pictures through email. There are some great ones of Adam and Adrienne -- and the bricks. Dad and Adam even posed for a picture with PISTOL PETE!!! The student union is being expanded and updated. It is AWESOME. You know they have the largest student union building in the nation.

Anyway, we're back and it's RAINING here -- about time. We so needed it. Believe it or not, our completely bone-dry grass is starting to sprout again because of this rain. AWESOME.


Giffysk8s said...

Well, your mom looks fabulous! Now I know where you got your fun disposition. :)

Thoughts by B and M said...

Yes, Mom needs to be a Baylor Bear! :)