Friday, November 18, 2011

Getting Organized

I know I've been quiet of late, but we're getting ready for having everyone out here for Thanksgiving and I don't figure anyone wants to hear about me cleaning up the kitchen and doing laundry.  Heh.  Yesterday I spent most of the day getting my stamps organized...I finished getting them all unmounted and onto cling foam (except the alphabets, will have to do those later) and I finally got enough stamp cases to get them all put up.  Took me a lot longer than expected to get them organized how I wanted them.

I know, I know:  that's a lotta stamps.  But it's just half of 'em.

Hey Vader!  I had planned to squish in stamp sets to share cases as much as possible, but after I got started I figured that was just going to make it more difficult for me to find particular sets when I wanted them, so I only put stamp sets in together if it made sense to me, like two sets that I always use together.  I plan to make them all labels to go in the front that show what all the images look like, but that will be an ongoing project, so I just put a slip of paper in the spine of each that has the stamp set name(s) on it, and then put them in alphabetical order.  The retired stamps are in the back, and the current ones are in front of those; there's enough room for me to slide the current ones left or right when I want to get to the older ones behind them.  And the mini catalog sets are the ones that are stacked on top of the other ones in the photo above.  The only ones still wood-mounted are my backgrounds (which will stay that way) and the alphabets, which will eventually get switched over.

I'm so glad we have a house that has closets.  I need to get this one cleaned up a bit though...and as much stuff as I have, Amber has mooooooooooooooorrre!!

So, since I've peeled so many of my stamps off the blocks, wonder what I've done with the wood?

Yeah, I have two of these giant bins full of wood blocks.  Not sure what to do with them yet; they won't take them in the recycle bin and I hate to just toss 'em, you know?  Might see if I can find a place to deposit yard waste and put them in there, because they're just wood blocks.  I could even peel off the stickers if that would make them more recyclable.

The stamp cases are recyclable as they are now though, just haven't put them in the bins yet.  I think I'll hang onto them for a bit, maybe not all but a few that are in good condition, in case I think of a brilliant use for them.  After all, we've got a mostly-empty garage (and Lee is gonna roll his eyes when he reads that but hey!).  So that's what I've been up to; still have a little work ahead of me on Tiana's baby book and my Christmas cards, so I'd best hop to it.  Just don't be surprised if my blog posts are a little thin on the ground for a bit, k?  So if I don't stop in again before next Thursday, I wish all you American peeps a happy Thanksgiving!


Giffysk8s said...

Wow, girl, you have been BUSY! I still can't believe you unmounted all of those stamps. (Notice that the # of stamps doesn't surprise me a bit, just that you unmounted them. Hee hee.) Your organization is quite impressive. I HEART your punch storage. Are those shoe pockets? What a great idea!

Wishing you a wonderful TG!

Turkey hugs,

CCsMom said...

Well, I posted, but it didn't take it. Weird.

So anyway, this is something else, Kik. I cannot believe you have that much -- if you put yours and mine together, we'd really be in trouble. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THIS IN PERSON, which I am going to do shortly . . . VERY shortly. Can't wait to see you!!! Mom