Thursday, December 29, 2011

Edinburgh Castle, Part 1

Been slow with the blogging lately but I figure most people are still so busy with holiday stuff that they're not online as much as usual.  Which is good, because it means that they're spending time with other people face-to-face (at least, I hope so).  But I'm back today, partially because it's been a while but mostly because I'm procrastinating about doing my workout today.  I've started P90X (again) and today it's yoga--and I don't like yoga.  All those stinkin' push-ups hurt my wrists.  And my balance ain't the best.

But that's neither here nor there.  Let's get on with the pictures, shall we?  Another reason it's taken me a while to post more photos from my parents' and Missy and Bennet's visit is that there are so MANY to go through, it takes almost an hour to pick out pictures for one blog post.  And I don't even have Bennet and Missy's yet.  So today I decided to just share the pictures from my camera; that seemed easier to me than trying to put up pictures from my camera and Mom's and get them in chronological order.  So here we go, Edinburgh Castle!

We took a taxi to the castle right after we had breakfast at Sainsbury's, which is a British grocery store chain.  The stores usually have a cafe too, and breakfast there was cheaper than at our hotel and it was really good, too.  I've developed a real taste for English Breakfast tea and of course, what's not to love about scones?  Probably why I need to work out more often, but I digress.  We got to the castle right around the time it opened, so while there were some people already milling about it was nowhere near as crowded as it got a bit later in the day.

I took pictures of several monuments just outside the castle; Lee really liked this shot.  The sky in this one makes it look like we're about to get drenched, but surprisingly, I don't think we got rained on hardly at all that day.

Teehee, I took a butt picture!  Which is funny to me because MY butt isn't in it.

Still outside the castle; this is one of my favorite pictures from the day, is that weird?  I like the warm colors of the wall and the rust against the cool gray of the sky, and the juxtaposition of different textures and stuff.  I don't know, every once in a while I just get a picture that really appeals to me and this is one of them.

Those are the Scottish Royal Arms displayed over the main entrance to the castle; the red lion is on my address labels.  The Latin motto means "No one attacks me with impunity", or to put it another way, "Don't no one mess with me, dude!"

There was a statue on either side of the main entrance; this is the one to the right as you're facing the castle.

Kind of a view of the courtyard area once we entered the castle proper.  Skies are looking more blue, huh?

Mom, Dad, Missy and I did a short little battlement walk which had some great views of the city.  Edinburgh Castle is up on Castle Rock (obviously not the same Castle Rock as is in Nottingham) well above the elevation of the rest of the city.  The city used to be even lower than the castle, but the current buildings are built over the top of the older city; we did a tour of the underground city later on this same day.  More on that later.

Bennet and Missy are checking out the cannons; Bennet is pretty much in the center of the picture with the bright red hat and the blue jacket.

Another view of the city from the castle walls.  I took the pictures through an opening in the wall, so I was kind of surprised how well they turned out.

More city stuff.  The dome is the East Register House, according to the guide book.

Hey, I know those people!

I know them too : )  We waited for several minutes but the dude right behind Missy just would NOT move out of the picture.

This is inside St. Margaret's Chapel, built in the 12th century by her son, King David I.  It's the oldest building, not just within the precincts of Edinburgh Castle, but the entire city of Edinburgh.

The stained glass was added in the 1920s.

One of the windows depicts St. Margaret herself, although I didn't get a picture of it, and this one is William Wallace.  The picture is a little bit blurry; hard to get a good photo of stained glass especially without a tripod.

For the past few centuries, Edinburgh Castle has been used more as a garrisoned fortress.  This is the dog cemetery which holds the tombs of the dogs who were unit mascots or belonged to the officers living at the castle.

Kind of a cute picture of my parental units : )  I haven't read all the way through the guide book to know where we were when I took this though.

Another coat of arms from somewhere else in the castle...I wanted to read all through the guide book before posting but it took a long time just to get through the pictures so whatever.

How lucky are we, blue skies in Scotland!!

Mom and I walked around a corner to take pictures of this side of the building and the wind funneling down through there was just incredible.  I felt like I was going to fly off like all the nannies at the beginning of Mary Poppins.

The unicorn and the lion are on either side of the entrance to the Scottish National War Memorial.  The guide book says it's a unicorn anyway, though it looks like a horse to me; nevertheless it's always a lion and a unicorn in the coats of arms.  I first saw this one from the front side of it and it looked like the unicorn had its hoof up to its nose to stifle a sneeze or something, I didn't see the shield until I got to the other side of it : )

And here's the lion.

One last picture for today, this is the statue that's to the right of the entrance to the castle, this was the last picture I took as we were leaving.  So I'll be back at some unspecified date in the future with Mom's butt pictures from Edinburgh Castle.  Ta-ta for now, peeps!


Thoughts by B and M said...

Yup - you'll get a lot more photos (approximately 700) when we mail you a DVD! We called the guy behind us in that photo our "new brother in law" as I did print a few of those photos for our Christmas card because it truly is a great photo!

Hope you had a great Christmas, even with the little tree only!

Giffysk8s said...

Love the photos! The stained glass windows are sooooo pretty! And yes, that's a sweet photo of your parental units. :) Can't wait to see more photos!

CCsMom said...

Love that one of the statue outside of the castle -- the sky behind it. Cool! We had a good time that day, didn't we? LOOOOONG day.

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